Modern Player Telecaster Plus review by Fender

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  • Features: 9
  • Sound: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (55 votes)
Fender: Modern Player Telecaster Plus

Purchased from: Musicland

Features — 9

- 2013 Telecaster Modern Player Plus
- Made in China
- 22 medium jumbo frets
- 9.5 radus c shape neck
-25.5 scale
- Solid pine body
- SSH pickup config
-Transparent black

The guitar has a hardtail strat bridge with 6 individual fender stamped saddles. It also has nice vintage style tuners and a vintage tint on the neck. It has three pickups, a tele pickup in the neck pos, strat pickup in the middle and a humbucker in the bridge position that can be split to a single coil. It has a 5 way selector 1. Neck 2. Neck/middle (hum cancel) 3. Middle 4. Middle/humbucker 5. Humbucker. The humbucker can also be split to a single coil in both position 4 and 5.

Sound — 8
I am using this guitar with a fender mustang 2 amp for fussing about at home, I like overdriven blues, rock, a bit of heavy rock, clean funk and some metal... All of which it can do. The guitar sounds great, the three pickup configuration is super. Neck pickup is very tele and I am happy with it, I am also happy with the middle pickup and the humbucker in full mode. It has the usual single coil hum in single coil positions. Its when the humbucker is split that the guitar has its main flaw, that said when in the middle/spkit humbucker position the strat'ish sound is not bad! Its just a bit too thin. That said, if it did not have this split option I would not have a problem with the guitar... So its a bit silly to rubbish it from that alone, on the plus side it opens up some options to wire the guitar up differently using the split switch. In all, the guitar sounds good in all positions but its nothing revolutionary, just competent, very competent.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The guitar came set up perfect from the shop, seriously I did not touch a thing! The guy at the store might have had a play with it as he took it home the night it came in, but I don't think he did. Even the strings were fine, I was looking for an excuse to change em and play around but the thing was good from go. Only cosmetic problem was that some of the screws around the pickguard were a little crooked but I realy had to look for that and I have seen worse on higher speck guitars.  The finish of the stain over the solid pine body looked nothing like the pics I have seen, which is good as it looks awful in pictures. I would say that it is black to glance at, its when you look at it in the light that you can see the grain of the timber, quite nice... Almost looks a bit "flashy" which is not what I am all about, but its nice.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I think the build quality of this guitar is up there with any other fender I was playing at the time I was looking for a guitar. The guitar just has that solid feel, like you are holding something that is designed and put together well. As far as the finish goes it is prone to finger prints and because the finish is a bit flashy all of the pick marks and little scratches are showing up... I would say the honeyburst is the better option, I don't think it would wear off but deff looks grubby easy, but seriously the fit of the guitar is so good I'm a give it a 10 anyway.

Overall Impression — 9
As well as this I have a squire vintage modified Tele Custom II (total machine!) and a partscaster with pups/electrics from an 84-85 Jap e series strat. Been playing 4 years in all. My fave feature on the MPP is the versatility of it, its like strange franken-tele-strat... I feel this guitar meets my humbucker needs and I don't need to get anything else, prob just a nice amp! The thing I hate about the guitar is that people think its going to be sub standard quality because its made in China, Fender did a good job with this guitar, its kind of odd, but that's kind of cool. If it were stolen I would get another one, but I would get it in honeyburst.

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    It's a $400 guitar with pretty good pickups. Not Fralins, but pretty good and clear pickups (I play into a '73 Silverface Princeton Reverb with Celestion speaker). Do not assume the setup at a big music store will be optimal. I found the neck pickup needs to be about 1/16" from strings when you fret the strings at the body. And the saddle screws chafing your hand mean that the neck pocket needs a shim of about a coated business card thickness. That lets you raise the saddles until the screws are flush or slightly below flush. check intonation afterward. The nuts slots need just a touch for .010-.046 strings to barely deepen and smooth them. Leave it to a setup guy unless you have nut slot files. I find the guitar once adjusted, and especially by adding the ability to demand on the neck pickup at any time, is a big help. The neck pickup is a good one. Middle is pretty good and the bridge splittable HB is fairly good, but a stronger and twangier one would be nice. Any 4-wire HB would be a drop in. At $400, pine body, good burst paint scheme, and pretty well finished fret ends (I didn't need to touch up any!), it's a nice guitar and versatile.
    This was my first review... I know that saying such controversial things, or suggesting that it might not be a hard rule that China will never make a good guitar, ever! But I'm glad I did! I know its a bold statement, and those firmly against my suggestion made some worthy points ans compelling arguments. But at the end of the day it was the overwhelming amount of guys who have been "playing American Fenders for 20 years" and went into the music store and picked one up and immediately concluded it was crap! The guy who hated the Modern Player and suggested that a Squier Classic Vibe was amazing and "is three times better" made an interesting point! He made no sense... But it was interesting. However he also suggested I am not very knowlegable and as far as I can tell he dedicates a lot of time and energy into reviewing our reviews and contradicting everything we say before contradicting himself. So who am I to argue! Anyway the verdict seems to be that people who don't have one, hate them and everything about them, and those who own one like them as an entry level Fender.
    I wanted a Tele. I had a budget under $1000. Tried maybe 10 different ones before settling on the MPP. The Nashville Tele was a close second, but the MPP has 22 jumbo frets instead of 21 medium-jumbo. After a year I swapped the middle pickup for a Fast-track I. Dimarzio dual blade. I do my own setup. This is a fine guitar.
    I was looking for a tele for around 400€, and i tried 2 of this China fender in different shops(the price for that one in Europe is 499€). both disappointed me.i spent more than 3 months trying many guitars and i've to tell that ,in my opinion, is not a good deal.(many friends and even liuthers told me to go to this guitar but i totally disagree) the pickups just sounds ugly, the electronics and the tuners also seemed to be replaced. the hardware is cheap like epiphone and squier. so if you want make it sounds good, you have to spend like at least 200€ more for the upgrades, and you'll have a 500€ value guitar for 700€ .(for less than 700€ you can have the mexico classic 50 tele that sounds and feels much much much better and just don't need upgrades or the "Baja" that sounds amazing for 800€) the finish is better than the MIM standard and many squier but, more lacquer on the neck doesn't mean more value for me. my impression was like you don't get a good tele sound, you don't get a pushing humbucker sound, you get stuck in the middle.. my personal opinion is that this tele has no 'personality', like we say in Italy "neither fish nor fowl". my advice is to get a MIM Classic 50 if you are searching more a tele sound (for 600€) and go to Epiphone or Gibson SGJ if you want something with humbuckers (i cannot try Schecter and ESP here..) when i say "has no personality" i'm obviously considering the "value for the money" cheers and sorry if my english in a little weird