Standard Stratocaster review by Fender

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (460 votes)
Fender: Standard Stratocaster

Price paid: $ 750

Sound — 10
Style: Anything but super-heavey metal, and some heavy rock. Amp/Effects: Fender Cyber Twin, DOD VGS50 multi effects pedal Noise: None Sound: Shrap and punchy

Overall Impression — 10
Played: 5 years Questions: None Replace: I'd probably buy it again

Reliability & Durability — 10
Live Play: Yes, and then some Hardware: Will last a lifetime Finish: It's just as good as the day I got it. Strap buttons: May need occational tightning Dependability: With out a doubt Gig w/o backup: For sure

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Factory set-up: Great! Pickups adj.: Minor manual adjustment needed Flaws: Absolutly none

Features — 8
Year made: 1991 Made in: USA Number of Frets: 21 Controls: 5-position blade, 1 volume, 2 tone Pickup Config.: S/S/S Model of pickup: Strat Pickups (Ceramic Magnets) Body : Alder Neck : Maple Finish: (Polyurethane Finish) Body Style: Stratocaster Bridge Style: Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo Neck/Scale: Medi`um Jumbo Frets

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    how can you jerks compare a Fender and a Gibson? It doesn't even make sense. They are both great guitars but you wouldn't want to use them for the same thing
    Review by aaronmcm99: "with the standard number of frets on a normal Fender Stratocaster" "I like rock or any guitar oriented music" "I use a standard amp" "I've been playing a good while"
    One of the worst reviews ever. C'mon, this doesn't sound that you even play the guitar. "With the standard number of frets on a normal Fender Stratocaster" which is what? 21 or 22 frets? "Standard amp," what does that mean? "Rock or any guitar oriented music" which can mean anything. "I've been playing a good while." Doesn't sound like it.
    While Hendrix did use a Flying V in his later career for his more bluesy stuff, his defining moments; Purple Haze, Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and Star Spangled Banner (not to name all of them) were played on Strats, and things like his wild whammy stuff would have been impossible on a V. For him Strats were almost always more fitting for his style. You wouldn't catch him saying dumb stuff like "Fender>Gibson" because he new that the "best" guitar was the one that suited the song you were playing at that very moment. Simple as.
    strats are mainly used in music like red hot chili peppers or blues, eric clapton things like that. id NEVER use my strat in metal because the tone SUCKS in distortion. id use my ibanez ar250 which KICK SOME MAJOR ASS!!!!
    Standard strats are great! Why all the hate? If you don't like them , just buy something more suited to your style of music and be done with it. Peace.
    Teen Spirit
    this is ridiculous. Fender Stratocasters having lower ratings than other Squier or Starcaster guitars? wtf.
    am I the only one who thinks the decal on the headstock of standards is freaking ugly?
    people hat say you need humbuckers for heavy stuff are jackasses...maybe its because people that play heavy stuff suck ass and they need the humbuckers to cover their newbie-esque mistakes i dunno...or maybe they just wanna sound like they know something...
    i find it absolutely hysterical that people are comparing ibanez to fender. why dont you go ask eric clapton if ibanez is better than fender. he will laugh in your face. if you're playing heavy metal, of course you're going to see more ibanez's and think that they are better. there is no way in hell that the ibanez could hang with fender on blues music. I had an ibanez as my first guitar, and I would say that that one was a good begginer guitar. i haven't heard a good clean tone out of an ibanez, and the clean tone on the fender is badass.
    bluesblaster wrote: I cant believe half the shit im hearing about how the clean tone sucks. Do the following: 1. Put some heavier gauge strings on it (the more steel over the pickups, the better the clean tone. I use 14-60). 2. Use some of the Samarian Cobalt Noiseless pickups, which are stock on all of the Standard Stratocasters now, in the American series anyway. 3. It doesn't matter what f__king amp you use, your problems are over.
    Damn those are some heavy strings...but anyway the guy that reviewed it and said the clean tone sucks obviously has a squier...i mean c'mon he got it at bestbuy...last i checked fender didnt sell their flagship products at discount stores...
    Ozeshin wrote: I own a strat AND a Les of both worlds
    SAME! lol i've been playing the strat more though.
    i've been told that fenders are really good quality and i'm actually about to look at buying a standard stratocaster tomorrow.
    I have ****ed Ibanez GRG270B. i bought it 4or 5 month ago. It's shit... All frets are buzzing... problems are everywhere on this guitar... I want to buy this stratocaster. is it worth to buy?
    in all honesty my philophophy on Strats arre you can either buy on in mexico made by mexicans or one from california made by mexicans but srsly swap out the pups and you have an awesome guitar for ass loads of money less
    "Even the strings it came with were pretty great, I mean we only changed them once in 18 years, and that was about five months ago. " LOL what the hell is wrong with you? Changing strings every 18 years is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard about a guitar! Don't trust those "unregistered" reviews, they are utter bull crap.
    if you wanna get a good sounnd and dont wanna spend loads get a second hand mexican strat off like ebay the biggest change you can make to a guitar is the pickups so change the pickups to some good quality Seymor Duncans or some American 72' or 64' fender strat pickups that il' cost about 400 and if you dont like the design go to axe and get anew cover on it that will only cost about 23. If you do this it will sound great trust me !
    going back to that guy that was wondering whaty kind of dimarzios to get... i would go witht he dimarzio evolutions not only does steve vai use them but the sound is supposed to be godly ( i would know im using em lol )
    I loves my strat to death. It's nothing fancy, just a 03 MIM, but damn does it have a great sounding blues tone.
    the strat has quite a thin, light body normally i prefer guitars slightly thicker, it is fun and really easy to play though
    i have an ibanez rg which is a great strat copy guitar... last week i trie fout ine of these for the first time and it was amazing..... i am now saving my money so that i can get it in the arctic white finish
    All I read in the comments was flame flame flame flame. Here's an idea, buy a guitar that you LIKE play it and stay the **** off forums bitching about guitars you don't like. Why are you reading a review on a strat if you hate fender?
    strats are the shiz. I can only imagine what a Gibson is like considering how dear they are. And they did make that guitar which tunes itself which is pretty lame. Fender all the way!
    What a deliberately paid advertisement from Fender. Good job with the bias crap.
    Im thinking of getting a strat i play primaralily rock/blues do u thinki should get th HSS?
    I would love to have a strat and a les paul...but since I'm a poor guy, I think I'll stick with my Cort KX5...
    I doubt the reviewer that purchased it from BJ's for $120 has a MIM strat. His is probably a bullet.....
    I've got an American Strat, and I've replaced the factory-fitted single-coils with the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails (Bridge), Vintage Rails (Middle) and Cool Rails (Neck) set. The sound is unbelievable, and I believe I'll never own a better guitar, possibly unless I buy a Gibson... one day.
    ChopSuey19 wrote: First Act > Gibson or Fender. ^.^
    ok man, what did i just say? ( scroll up a lil bit)
    I got fender standard strat its been with me for.....7 or 8 years now....still like new but sounds better year by year. 1st people that dont own one should not say they suck 2nd people how soy they suck cause metallica does not use one should no make comment 3rd Not for metal? tell that to: mrs malmsteen, jhon 5 (who uses them live), R Blackmore, Maiden Dudes and Mr Iommy (for those who dont know, he started using gibson cause he could not find pick ups for his broken strat back in the days)
    By the way Gibson, Fender; PRS, Ibanez. It all dependes on what you want. Try them all before saying something stupid like "FENDER SUCKS CAUSE TALLICA DOES NOT USE THEM" Bah!
    FENDER ROCKS CUS I SAID SO Let's see how many "YOU SUCKS" or "FENDER SUCKS YOU TARD" I can get