Stratacoustic review by Fender

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (30 votes)
Fender: Stratacoustic

Price paid: $ 129

Purchased from: Sam Ash Music nyc

Sound — 8
This is a very thin guitar, but the sound carries on very well. There is slight buzzing but nothing stand out annoying. The back of the guitar is ceramic so it does not pick up all the bumps and hit sounds an Acoustic would normally take. The electrics in this guitar are very very impressive. It has an amazing preamp so hooking this guitar to a PA system would still sound good. It really has a good sound but the strings it come with I would tell you to change you're strings soon after purchase.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this is a great guitar. Fun and easy to play. Nice sound, sturdy build, and great looks. It could be built to be a little louder, but the volume is definately good for playing by yourself, around friends, or even a small show. I haven't noticed too much that I dislike about the guitar. I have noticed that the tuner on it could be a little more sturdy but it will last. Overall I recommend this guitar to anyone looking for an Acoustic. I played it in the store and compared it to a Ibanez and a Washburn and I prefer this over those two models I tried. They did just stop making this guitar so it may become slightly harder to get in like 5 years, but now is a good time to get them.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar is a very sturdy Acoustic. I feel like it will last through shows and rough playing. It is built with a very sturdy feeling which is very good. Nothing seems to be wearing off, no sharp frets, no loose electrics, and it is not easily dented. It can definately be used at gigs. The hardware on this will last. And the strap buttons are extremely solid. The ceramic back on this guitar also protects it and the electrics inside. It is very well put together.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
This guitar was perfect straight from the box. It did feature a rather high action towards the body of the guitar, but I prefer that. I personally have not noticed any flaws and I have been playing this guitar for over a week. Nothing is misaligned and it is built great. Nothing had to be adjusted on mine. If you do happen to prefer low action on Acoustic guitars, it is an easy fix on this one.

Features — 8
This is a standard 22 fret, Fender Stratacoustic. It has many likeable features. It is all electric style and shape. It of course resembles a Stratocaster shape and design. This guitar does have an electric neck which makes playing very comfortable and easy. It is also a bolt on neck which is good so that you can switch necks at ease. It is an Acoustic-electric so it did come with a cable, but that is no big deal. This guitar does have a built in tuner and it works perfect and is easy to use. Unfortunately it did not come with a gig bag, but I fit it into another Fender gig bag That I had. It is a think guitar so it fits into some electric guitar gig bags which is very useful.

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    sleepyredmoose wrote: that guitar's flippin ugly
    honestly i can't see why it would sound that great either.
    This guitar is easily worth more money then it is going for. The guitar does not feel like a toy... It has a crisper sound then most acoustics, but that is because it is made of fiberglass. I personally like the sound.
    wait.... this got an 8.6? I played it in guitar center, yes it was around the $150 mark and sounded like a complete toy. seriously I would rather bring an elmo guitar with blinking lights than this on a stage with me. Im speaking purely acoustically, I didnt get a chance to plug it in but i wouldn't expect much.
    Chimpwn wrote: "Features: This is a standard 22 fret, Fender Stratacoustic." only 21 frets.
    I am punk "BF"
    Haustinj wrote: only 129.00 way its any good
    list price is like 350, i got it for 66% off for a reason
    I am punk "BF"
    hey guys i have a better way of recording so im gonna put up another review video of this guitar with actual recording so everyone can get a clearer view on it because my other review video doesnt say too much and the sound quality isnt to good so be sure to check it out, it will be on my youtube channel. My channel is called peskater101
    "Features: This is a standard 22 fret, Fender Stratacoustic." only 21 frets.
    Bought one at GC a couple of weeks ago and it does exactly what I want it to, lets me play unplugged on a neck I am comfortable with. Well worth the money spent. Perhaps it helps that I'm not an acoustic snob?
    Hey I seen at youtube where you went on to Thumbs Down this guitar. Too bad it's electronics went out.
    I am punk "BF"
    This review is fairly old. The guitar was great to begin with but it was manufactured poorly and everything went quickly.
    I think the guitar looks great my example needed fret dressing to get rid of buzzes. The built-in tuner is inaccurate tuning sounds bad I use my clip-on Seiko tuner instead. It is normally considered impossible to choose a set of strings that works with both magnetic and piezo pickups - my guitar has a Martin bronze 10 47 set on at the moment, these sound good amplified with the pickup bias on full magnetic (neck pickup). Go towards the piezo (bridge) pickup and the sound is very harsh and scratchy. Dont know what materials the guitar is made of I think the back is fiberglass. I shall be selling this guitar soon, its just not rewarding to play.
    I own this guitar and once it was setup it sounds great but when it sounds best is plugged in that's why there's a pickup and also it'll never sound like a full sized acoustic because it's not. for the price it's a great guitar once setup
    I just got one. I been looking for one for a while. I picked up an older China built unit on craigslist with a stripped truss rod. I swapped out the neck with the Squire Strat I usually play. This is now my go to guitar, I love it. It plays and sounds awesome.
    yea dont like the paint job but wold be cool 2 have a fender neck on an acoustic. 22 frets 4 soloing?
    its a decent guitar but its not close to as loud as an acoustic. there are better guitars similar to this one from other brands.
    just got one of these the other day on ebay. It comes in a range of colours, black, sunburst etc Oh yeah...i love it!!!
    nice to see a new shaped acoustic, not the best looking guitar in the world, but the review has convinced me its a decent piece of kit
    I'd love to play a higher-quality and bigger-bodied version of this sort of guitar. At that price, I wouldn't expect much, but I still want to try it.
    JBailey23 wrote: If you want a good acoustic tone, this is not the answer
    +1 I had one of these and it sounded like strings over a piece of plastic... which is basically what it is. It sounds absolutely terrible, and having an electric neck on an acoustic is more awkward than convenient.
    this looks ugly. I wonder if it sounds like a real good acoustic guitar, as it is so thin... It might be just flat, and weak?
    I am punk "BF"
    no it actually sounds pretty good, I will put a video up on my youtube of me reviewing the sound
    FTR720 wrote: sleepyredmoose wrote: that guitar's flippin ugly honestly i can't see why it would sound that great either.
    I was thinking the same. I imagine it would just sound like an unplugged electric guitar only louder.
    I am punk "BF"
    Hey if u wanna hear how it sounds click on my profile. There is a song i wrote using this stratacoustic, and yes my singing sux, but it is there. listen to it
    I'd rather have a normal acoustic with an acoustic neck and a proper acoustic sound... Isn't that what an acoustic guitar is all about?
    Philly080 wrote: I was thinking the same. I imagine it would just sound like an unplugged electric guitar only louder.
    I checked out the song on his profile, that's pretty much what it sounds like, it definitely sounds too thin for an acoustic. It has a very crisp, treble-heavy kind of sound, so it'd probably be good for some things, though.