ME300 review by First Act

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  • Sound: 2
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 2
  • Features: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 1.8 Junky
  • Users' score: 3.1 (71 votes)
First Act: ME300

Price paid: $ 98.88

Purchased from: Walmart

Sound — 2
Pretty lousy since you can either have the tone knob on 10 or 1 or in between if you prefer; with no Switch basically making it sound the same. It sounds bad through a 10-watt portable amp and even through a 30-watt Dinatouch 300 DSP Champion Fender amp, it still sounds like crap. The G string is horribly out of tune at all times and this may be due to poor worksmanship. It is very noisy with distortion on and no matter how hard you palm-mute, the high strings can always be heard. Don't expect to woo anyone with this.

Overall Impression — 1
You basically get what you pay for and my advice to anybody would be to steer clear of this guitar. Get a guitar worth your while because I am sure that this guitar has caused many people to hate playing guitar and even discouraged others. I have been playing for 4+ years now and wish I had tried this guitar out before buying it, althoug it did come in a case, so that was out of the question. No wonder this can't be found in any reliable guitar shop. If this were stolen or lost, I wouldn't really care, good riddance. There is nothing to love and a lot to hate.

Reliability & Durability — 1
This guitar will probably be able to play live but it will not produce a great sound at all. The hardware will probably not last but the strap buttons are on solid. It isn't really dependable due to its inability to stay in tune and would definately not be used as a backup.

Action, Fit & Finish — 2
It was tuned and that's about it. After a week, it wasn't tuned anymore. There is a significant flaw, the third fret is misplaced and slightly hanging over the edge of the neck, therefore the high e string sometimes gets caught behind this fret, not very good at all. The knobs are not loose but the pickups move around.

Features — 3
A 21 fret bolt-on guitar. Strat-look-a-like and Tele-style bridge. One volume knob and one tone knob. A single humbucker pickup and no Switch. Okay for a beginner but bad if you actually want something worthwile. Not only is this guitar excessively poor performance-wise but it can't stay tuned for longer than a week. Surprisingly, the strings provided with the instrument have still not snapped and it has been over two years now! This guitar is played on a regular basis. Comes with a 10-watt portable amp, gig bag, cord, and that's it! No strap and the cord died out on me after a month.

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