ME316 review by First Act

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.8 Good
  • Users' score: 5.9 (13 votes)

Sound — 8
The style can range from punk to hardcore. I have the black one so it looks really hardcore especially if you take off the white pickguard. It works really good with distortion especially because I use it with the amp it came with. The guitar can get really loud and it sounds really good. with the amp it came with you can put on a lot of bass which makes some really good rap-metal sounds. Overall the sound is really good. Although it is not near a pro guitar it definately does not sound like a beginner guitar.

Overall Impression — 9
I like to play punk and metal and this guitar is great for it. it is a good match. The guitar sounds amazing acoustic which is a great advantage. I have been playing this guitar with lessons for about 2 months and I can play songs with this guitar. I write songs with this guitar to. I wish that the company would have been a more proffesional company but this is a really really great guitar. I love the sound it is great and I love the way it looks. It looks really professional and pretty hardcore. I wish it had more knobs but even without that it is a great guitar. I wish it had a whammy bar. Overall this is a great guitar. I love it and playing it is awesome. This is such a good guitar. Even with a name like First Act you will love this guitar. It is a great price and it is worth it!

Reliability & Durability — 8
The guitar will definatley withstand live playing. You can use this guitar for Live performances although it is not professional it will still work great. The strap buttons are pretty solid so you do not have to worry about them falling out. The hardware will last. You may want a backup but you can use it at a gig. The guitar is pretty durable the only thing is that the strings are not as easy to strum as a Stratocaster but they still work great.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
Unfortunately this area is not as good as the rest. The frets were cut really really well. The only misligned bracing was minor on the high e string.The tuning pegs were on fine. The wood was good quality. The guitar took a lot of falls and it only has minor chipping. the pickup is a little uneven but it does not affect the sound it still sounds great. The output jack does not have really good screws. Be careful because mine keeps falling out because I lost the screws. I electrical taped it back on and it still works perfectly fine.

Features — 7
This guitar comes with a 10 watt amp that is not the greatest but the distortion on it is awesome. It also comes with a guitar strap. It is not all leather so it is not as durable but it is great because you can easily put studs on it by yourself. The body style is a Stratocaster style so it looks really cool. The neck is very durable.I am not sure but I think that the bridge style is tune-a-matic. Unfortunately is only has one pickup but it works really well. there is only 1 tone and 1 volume knob. The guitar has no whammy bar. This guitar does not come with a gig bag. It came with a cable which has a convenient bend on the end so that when it is plugged into the guitar it does not send the cord straight to your feet. It came with guitar picks and allen keys. The best thing about this guitar is that you can act insanely hardcore with it because it is so so so light that you can jump around with it easily and not be weighed down by it. You can swing it and spin with it easily because the weight it so light it is awesome.

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    I own an ME 501 that I bought new in the box at a garage sale for 40 bucks. The tuners are cheap, but the finish is seriously nice for a budget guitar. The intonation was right on the money and it sustains like crazy. It stays in tune really well although the original strings were garbage. I own 42 guitars total and I will not sell the 501. I may have gotten lucky with this guitar. The string though body and large brass block on the back of the body give it more sustain than any other inexpensive guitar I have ever owned. If they changed their name they would most likely sell a lot more guitars. It plays as easily as my MIM telecaster with low action. Much better than a low end Squire or low end Epiphone. I would not hesitate to buy another just to keep one in an open tuning or alternative tuning. The only 2 things they could do to improve it without jacking the price much, is add some radius to the fret board and maybe upgrade the tuners to a quicker ratio. I have been playing for 48 years and would advise anyone to at least try an ME501 for yourself before passing judgement. Its a solid value for the money.
    Wow, i dont know if you have played anything with a brand name but, im very sold on the fact that first act is bottom of the bucket, mabe you got a good one cuz any i have ever played was like playing a log with pickups, whatever works with you, but i know that first act is very shotty brand, good for beginers but im sure you'll outgrow it very quickly.
    I am punk "BF"
    There is some first act guitars selling on the internet for over $2,000. There is two different types of first act guitars. first there is first act "discoery" which is the really little beginner guitars and then there is just the regular first act guitar which is the normal size real electric guitars.
    The screws for my output jack plate came off also! I Taped it up and it's perfect! plus, the blue tape looks great with the black and white body
    I've got a first act ME431 and it sounds pretty much exactactly like yours except for no pick guard. It plays pretty much the same variety of music and has really good distortion.