ME506 review by First Act

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 1
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 1
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 5.2 Decent
  • Users' score: 4.2 (25 votes)
First Act: ME506

Sound — 7
Right now, I'm using D'Arddio XL gauge strings, and I get a solid crunch. I'm using a bottom-of-the-line Dart 10 Kustom amplifier, and with the limited overdrive settings, I got a nice tone, but it doesn't have a good deep sound. Also, on 1st fret, E string, on all the strings I've tried, I've always had this sound coming from the string vib-ing on the fret metal. For that reason, I just avoid the F5 chord. Overall though, you'll need a good deep bass if you want to play rich sounding metal and/or punk, which is where I want to be. It's as basic as you can get!

Overall Impression — 10
This can only crunch chords, and is perfect for a beginner. It is a $100 guitar, and that's precisely what you're buying for $150. This thing has no value unless you need something to learn on. Chords, open, power, even bar chords are a synch on this. I wish this thing had all-aluminum tuning knobs and half-decent wire sodderings, but it got me playing guitar fairly well for a 12 year old's standards, and I'll be getting a new 'tar tomorrow. What would you reccomend for less than $300?

Reliability & Durability — 1
This guitar is the kind of guitar you buy only to smash during a Live performance, as two Live shows would wreck this thing. Wires come undone, jack get screwed (lol), and the paint can't take a bump or it will die! However, pick-scrapes won't and will never harm it, it's just blunt trauma, or maybe it's my harmful handling? But this thing will die quicker than you want it to.

Action, Fit & Finish — 1
I got it in a state of crisis: completely out of tune, and I don't even care about setup, but new strings tend to make everything better, and I re-stringed this thing twice so far. I abused this guitar, so the fact of having no stand desimated the finish with dots of natural wood. However, the wires connecting the 9mm jack and the electronics were horrendously welded, and I had to bring out which holds it for all of 5 minutes. Also, I have to constantly be pick-tightening phillips head screws or else the 9mm port will fall out!

Features — 7
This guitar is junk, but it has fairly good sound, but high-notes could give a hummingbird a heart attack. I'm not sure when it was made, but I got it 9 months ago when I started playing. I never got lessons but it wasn't too hard to start playing. 22 frets, maple fretboard, natural neck, and a high gloss black finish. The volume knob needs tyo be at max or you don't get any good sound out of it. Not many accessories, and I only got a one-knob amp with it (it's a miracle I didn't pay for it). Also, keep in mind that I got it second-hand. Guitar good, amp terrible.

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    You could get a much better quality guitar for around the same price-- an epiphone special or a squier
    never buy a guitar from wal-mart. biggest mistake ever. nuclearbomb8900, for under $300, you can get an epiphone g-310 for like $240 at guitar center. i have it. trust me, its a trustworthy guitar
    Angel Gonzales
    I have the exact same guitar.I've had it for about four years and it has made me happy.the pickup is ok but i switched it out for a Dimarzio PAF may look like crap but i love it.
    Angel Gonzales
    I have the exact same guitar.I've had it for about five years and it has really been helpfull.The pickup was ok but i exchanged it for a Dimarzio PAF Pro.I'm in a band and i play with that guitar.
    My kid neighbor has one of these, and i have to say I wasn't that impressed. Compared to my Ibanez GAX, which is only about $100 more, it's nowhere near as good of an axe. What this guitar is good for is if you don't know how to play guitar and don't really want to learn beyond the power chords, you just goof off with the gain all the way up. That's the only thing this guitar's good for.
    Mr_Rawr_Rawr II wrote: oh btw, i would recommend an epiphone sg special. really good guitar!
    if i want to buy an SG ill suck it up and go for the $2,000 Gibsons; XD
    keavader wrote: Aren't these the guitars you get at target or wal mart?
    Okay we get the point dude. On every product review firstact has ever had atleast 5 people ask that "isn't this a wallmart/target/toys r us guitar?"
    GuitaroAle wrote: never buy a guitar from wal-mart. biggest mistake ever. nuclearbomb8900, for under $300, you can get an epiphone g-310 for like $240 at guitar center. i have it. trust me, its a trustworthy guitar
    i got a new guitar, and i never bought the first act. My neighbor didnt want it and just gave it to me. i got a cort x-2 for about $225.00
    im gonna let you all know one thing....first act brand for ANYTHING sux...especially guitars everything i bought from first act is a pice of have no sound quality...the tuners dont work....ya the works basically honestly...if that guitar was 300 got ripped off so bad, they should only be about high double digits, low 100 dollars for theyre quality i used to have an ibanez icx120....paul stanley iceman...list price is 180....i regret selling it but i have a xiphos right now... you lookin for good guitar for cheaper prices i reccomend ibanez
    My first guitar, still in tact lol btw 300 dollars isn't going to buy anything great either.
    lol that was my first guitar... i still have it, the imput jacks broken. its mainly just a decorative piece now.
    The best beginner guitar that will take you in and through the intermediate stages is the Epiphone Sg310. I very highly recommend you spend a little more to get a quality axe instead of this first act junk..
    I have this guitar and it doesnt seem to bad for a beginer. I got it for x-mas and nothing hapened, pickup hasnt fallen out or anything. But Mine doesnt have the pick gaurd
    I have two First Acts(Overload acoustic and Strat replica) and they aren't that bad. My Electric has a little volume problem which I never got around to fixing and my acoustic has buzzing at the tenth fret which I also need to get fixed. Overall they aren't as bad as that. Check my profile for pics if you're curious on what they look like.
    y is this even considered a real guitar?? i mean cmon, u can find them at WAL-MART! if u wanna get a cheap starter guitar, buy an epiphone special sg or les paul. it's like $70 more for a guitar that is 5 times as good as this wal-mart piece of shit
    Vrstone87 wrote: They really aren't even that great for a beginners guitar. I'd recommend an Ibanez GAX model for a starter..
    price? Ibanez is usually too expensive for a starter. Ive played for 10 years on a yamaha pacifica and am just as good as my mate who started off with a Jackson and an LTD
    NEVER buy a guitar from wal-mart or any other non-music store because you'll get something like this
    i bought this guitar when i was like 7. a couple weeks ago i took it all apart just for the hell of it lol then a couple days later i had a garage sale so i had to put it all back together... i sold it for 40 bucks.
    my friend's neighbor has a first act and it went out tune pretty easy. But my acoustic is a first act and that is a love/hate relationship for me.
    I got this guitar from a friend who never used it and the first thing i did was take it to my wood shop and change the way the thing looked, man those are ugly guitars! Anywas I changed the shape to my liking (a les Paul) and fine tuned the setup, and to my suprise the guitar plays just as good if not better than any other i have played! With all the cheap stock hardware this guitar can really play!