FEP-BL review by Freshman

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (16 votes)
Freshman: FEP-BL

Sound — 9
I play a range of music, ranging from Metal, to Very Clean, chilled, to effects-laden music. This guitar hasn't failed me in any style I want to play in, it's versatility is a very strong point. I use a Bugera 212 333XL, and the guitar and amp work perfectly together. When the 3 way selector is on the bottom 2 pickups, you get a very crunchy, more 'twangy' sound if you will. This is the best setting for distortion. The middle 2 pickups, when selected, dampen distortion, but sound magnificent when used for clean, chord work, the top 2 pickups are similar to the middle 2 in sound, very nice. I am always finding new sounds coming from the guitar, getting harmonic sounds frm it comes very easily, and I base some of my work with my band Solus, on harmonic work and strange sounds. Very bold sound all the time, and so far no technical faults.

Overall Impression — 9
I play a wide range of music, with influences being Primus, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, Fightstar, and more. The guitar handles any playing style you throw at it. I have been playing for near enough 5 years, and study music. I run the guitar through a Bugera 212 333XL, 120 watts valve amplifier. I also use a Line 6 Spider 3 for rehearsals with my band. The guitar sounds great through both, and pretty much any other amp I put it through. Before I bought the guitar, I spent time asking about it, making sure it would be the one for me, and a worthy buy, I found out everything I needed to know, and was happy. If it was stolen from me, I'd find it, use it to beat the bastard Who stole it, and then keep it, as the human would probably be more damaged than the guitar. I love the colour the most, and the playability. The versatility of the guitar means a lot, and this one is like a chameleon, blending in with anything. I would have liked a whammy bar on the guitar, but to be honest, I have had nothing but trouble from them in the past... so if I need whammy bars, I'll use my old Encore Strat which I can go crazy on. Before buying the guitar, I looked into getting many others, including an Epiphone, a Strat, and an Ibanez, but after playing each, I saw this one day, and after trying it out, I knew it was perfect. Should you come across this guitar in a shop one day, seriously consider buying it, I've not seen many, only 2 ever, and apparently it's one of the first electric guitars manufactured by Freshman. They did a damn fine job! Brilliant, Beautiful Guitar, Worth Every Penny.

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar is a beast. A month after I bought it, I picked my case up and the damn thing flew out and hit my keyboard, I stood, scared to pick it up as I feared all the finish would be broke, how wrong was I? Not a scratch, and I kid you not. The hardware is built to last, strap buttons are solid, although I am going to get wider ones fitted, just incase one of my straps should fly off. The guitar is my only one currently, It has played 5 gigs, and there have been no problems. I would use it for every gig without backup, I take it to college 3 days a week on the bus, and rehearsal monday and friday every week, along with my hard case, nothing can touch it. The finish is so stunning, that for a while I wouldn't take the guitar anywhere in fear or ruining it. After a year of constant use, there is one scratch from a gig, I am not sure how this happened but It's not noticeable. The Finish is very strong, and the only way to go about messing it up, would be to shoot it, set fire to it, or throw it on a hard floor. It takes a beating, but it doesn't show. Fingerprints are a nuisance, but aren't they with any guitar?

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The guitar is the same setup now as it was when I bought it this time last year, The strings have been changed four or five times, but that's all. The action is Standard, not too high and not too low. As I mentioned, the guitar is a pleasure to play, and friends Who have played it also agree. The guitar had 100 knocked off when I bought it, as there was a tiny scratch near the tone knob, this was an eyelash sized scratch, which even close to the guitar, required a bit of searching for. Over time, my Lead socket washer has become loose, but this is not irregular, and with just a bit of tightening, all is well. I'm sure this does not affect all models. Everything else about the guitar is perfect. The colour, sound, playability, everything. I find it hard to find a bad word to say about it.

Features — 9
This guitar, apparently first manufactured in 2006, is an absolute beauty. Whilst looking for new guitars, I came across this in a local music store, at first I thought it was a real PRS, but upon closer inspection of the label and guitar, I realised it was a copy. Still, I had to have it. The first thing I noticed when I picked it up was how easy the guitar is to play, It is truly a joy to play anytime. The guitar is a beautiful Sapphire Blue colour, very shiny, the finish is mesmerising, with Grover tuners, and a tune-o-matic bridge. There is one volume knob, and one tone knob, with a 3 way selector, which makes the difference when playing with distortion or clean. The two humbucker pickups that were fitted are beautiful sounding, although I am not sure what make they are. The body is Mahogany, with a Canadian Maple Arched Top. There are 24 frets, which gives more space to solo and generally play around with. I got the guitar with a hard Tribal Planet case all for 300.

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    I really want one if these, although not in blue. Please mail me details
    I am currently servicing one of these guitars. I struggled to find any info, until I stumbled on this site.My initial reaction, this is a quality guitar. Why the "Made jn China" sticker?Strings? What to choose? Your feedback appreciated.
    MuSiCrAzY wrote: Very Pretty, does it come in Other Colours? -Listen to The Flower People-
    A few months ago online, I saw a Red one, a Green one and a Black one, the only ever time i saw different colours. Looking for them now I can't find any at all sadly, but yes they do come in different colours.
    I've got one of these for sale in mint condition if anyone is interested .
    hi have just got one for a sawp and it has seymour duncan jazz and custom in it -finish is top notch ,the binding goes all round the guitar and it seems to be real timber,i may change to dallen pickups which i have five sets in different guitar and this will make it really shine-these seem very rare and hard to get-sean
    hi did mods on mine new schaller tuners -dallen 51 mustangs but will not stay in tune,would the nut be the problem, will a prs nut fit these-for
    hi sold the duncans and put in dallen 51 mustangs-also changed the tuners which were grovers but was going out of tune -they are hard to find now---sean