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manufacturer: Gadow date: 08/16/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Gadow: Custom Set Neck
Pickups do not sound consistent. They were microphonic from the get go and the neck pickup sounded very bassy while the Bridge pickup was very bright, it was too drastic a difference and made the guitar tones very useless with the same amp settings.
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 Overall Impression: 1
 Reliability & Durability: 1
 Action, Fit & Finish: 1
 Features: 8
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overall: 2.8
Custom Set Neck Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 16, 2011
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Price paid: $ 1640

Purchased from: Direct From Manufacturer

Features: Made in Durham North Carolina in 2010. - 22 Frets (regular) 25" scale - Mahogany body with maple top, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. - Gotoh mini tuners. - Les Paul Double Cut body style. - Two volume one tone, three way toggle. - Gadow handwound pickups. - Gadow logo on TKl case. // 8

Sound: Pickups do not sound consistent. He hand winds them btw (claims they are superior to ESP, Duncan and DiMarzio LOL). They were microphonic from the get go and the neck pickup sounded very bassy while the Bridge pickup was very bright, it was too drastic a difference and made the guitar tones very useless with the same amp settings. The control cavity was poorly shielded and hummed all day long. After a new cavity shielding, new pickups the guitar sounded decent. Not what one would expect from a "American hand Made" guitar. // 3

Action, Fit & Finish: The fret slots were cut too deep. The nut was cut wrong, the bass strings were dancing on the edge of the fingerboard while the treble strings had acres of space on the other side, Bridge placement was the same. The nut slots pinched the strings and either buzzed or killed the tone. Control cavity was poorly shielded and the pickups were microphonic. I saw a silhouette of another Gadow logo under the finish. Was this neck taken from another guitar? The guitar body has divots from over sanding that are clearly visible. The tuning keys were not flush installed into the headstock, I took them out and there was finished over sawdust in the peghead holes. Caused tuning issues right off the bat. The case doesn't fit the guitar, it can slide from side to side. Take it on tour and slam. Cracked neck. // 1

Reliability & Durability: Sold the guitar as soon as I could since he insulted my expertise on guitars claiming he know exactly what he is doing (Ryan Gadow) rather than offering me a refund. I did not own it long enough to make a fair judgement, but compared to the quality out of the box I assume it doesn't hold up to the rigors of touring. // 1

Overall Impression: I chose Gadow out of literally hundreds of makers due to a handful of good reviews I could find online and pictures of the guitars. Email correspondence between me and Ryan Gadow (the owner) further solidified my purchase, as he seemed to listen and understand my needs and seemed to show the will to help me out and satisfy my needs. That changed after I got a guitar with many flaws however (Read Below). I got a discount. He promised me a 3 month build time. Took 10 months. Initially he was very helpful until I had sent him my money, after that he quit answering emails. I figured he'd work with me getting me what I needed and I pointed out various things prior to ordering that I wanted, he said that was no problem and he'd give me a guitar I'd love and not want to put down. Instead he insulted me, claimed I didn't know how to make guitars and he does (by his words Gibson, Schecter, ESP and other do not know how to make guitars either). Since he ignored all my requests I asked for a refund. He did not refund me. Which was very surprising to me, I figured with a small manufacturer like that they would go out of their way to make customers happy instead of insulting them, give the customer what they want to tell them what they should wan. Voila he gets a bad review in turn. I ended up selling the guitar at a huge loss. First off, resale value is horrible. If you can find anybody willing to take it in the first place. Highest offer I got was $700, that's right $700 usd, they are selling these new in some stores for $2,799. Needless to say I offloaded it and feel the need to warn other about my experience before they take the plunge with the company. Bottom line, go with a more established company, at least if you don't like it or end up facing a situation where the manufacturer will not refund you. At least you can get a lot of your money back. // 1

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