Les Paul BFG review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8 (78 votes)
Gibson: Les Paul BFG

Price paid: $ 790

Sound — 10
I like to play pretty much everything, from blues, to metal, to classic rock, to rap/rock (ex. RATM). This guitar can get me any sound I want. When it's plugged into my Fender De Ville amp, I can get amazing blues and classic rock sounds. The P-90 is great for both of these styles. If I plug it into my Line 6 Spider III, it is amazing for metal. The burstbucker sounds incredible with a lot of dirt thrown on top of it. It definitely has that Les Paul sound to it. No matter what your style is, this guitar will fit it.

Overall Impression — 9
I play pretty much every type of music, and this thing can help me with it. I have been playing for about 6 years, and own a but of cheap guitars that aren't worth listing, and an Epiphone G-400. I often play my dad's guitars, which are a Gibson SG (Not sure about the year) and a Fender Stratocaster VG, and this guitar can compete with both of them. If this were lost or stolen, I would most likely replace it with another Les Paul BFG, as it is an amazing guitar. What I love about this guitar is it's unique. No one I know has anything similar to this. My favourite feature is the killswitch. I do a lot of Tom Morello style stuff, and now I can do that, and be able to switch my pickups, too. When buying this guitar, I compared it to a Fender Highway One Telecaster, Gibson SG Faded, and a few Ibanez RGs, but this just felt right. The only thing I could ask for would be some inlays, and a double cut-away for better access.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I don't worry about this guitar when I play Live. When I drop it (I have a few times), the marks aren't noticeable, since the guitar already looks beaten. You won't need to worry about scratches, dents, etc. with this guitar. I haven't had any problems with the hardware, and I don't think I will in the future. I had to get some strap locks for this, as I jump around a lot when I play, and I don't wanna be dropping my guitar while I'm playing.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
The finish on the guitar is very different from any other guitar. The maple top on the guitar is not sanded, but it is still smooth. It doesn't look like it was painted, maybe just stained, or something like that. Some people may not like the finish on it, but I personally love my guitars looking like they've been beaten to hell. When I received the guitar, the action was perfect, and the frets felt great. The only thing that was wrong with it was the bridge pickup needed to be re-positioned. It was very crooked, and the sound coming from it was off. I got a person at the music store to fix that, and it sounded great. I don't think this problem is on all of these guitars, though.

Features — 10
Mine was made in 2007, and made in the USA. This guitar has a P-90 pickup in the neck, and a "Zebra" Burstbucker 3 in the bridge position. Each pickup has its own volume and tone controls, and there is a 3-way toggle switch to choose between the pickups. It also comes with Grover tuners, which stay in tune well. Unlike most Les Pauls, this one has a killswitch installed on it. The body is unfinished, as well as the neck. The headstock on it is very rough, and does not have a truss rod cover. It is very unique from most Les Pauls.

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    guitaruboy wrote: its sooooo ugly though, who would buy this?
    gay? it's one of the greatest i've ever seen
    Big Friendly Giant more like. (The BFG was a famous childrens book by British author Roald Dahl.)
    Flying Couch
    [quote]Pingis_Or_Death wrote: I wonder if the name was inspired by the BFG in Doom... [\quote]Haha, that's exactly what I thought.
    I own this guitar. Sounds great, looks badass just how I like it. Mines the black one.
    any1 can tell me what they think about the colours? dunno between trans black or the goldtop
    can any1 tell what the nicest colour is in there opinion, buying it soon, i went for the trans black at first but think the goldtop might be nicer
    i dont like the beaten up look as much as i just like the pickups, gibson needs another guitar in this config (sg perhaps?)
    Winifred wrote: Big Friendly Giant more like. (The BFG was a famous childrens book by British author Roald Dahl.)
    He was actually Norwegian :p:
    i dont c y ppl are complainin about this guitat... its a beat and sounds like 1 too
    Guitar Sushi wrote: I bought this one and it was terrible and way overpriced for the sound quality, I wish I had bought the Jackson...
    Dumb. This is one of the nicest Les Pauls I have played, and would have paid a lot more for it.
    I love the finish on Les Pauls, but there is something raw about the BFG which makes it extremely alluring. It's a raw Les Paul which does the job, isn't pretentious and you don't feel as bad about making mods to it. I can see myself putting my own personal touches to this and really making it my guitar.
    [x]Huffy[x] wrote: Does BFG stand for Barely Finished Gibson?
    haha +1
    this is my dream guitar, just discovered it last night and thought 'i gotsta get me one of them'
    i don't think the quality of the new Gibsons. It would just be better to save your money and get a nicer oldder ones.
    I just bought one as I had to use up a store credit and it was the best of a bad bunch. It's the lemonburst one, 2009. The wood has a great natural feel and I love the 50s style neck. If you are interested in buying a bfg make sure you directly compare it to a standard because these bfgs have VERY LITTLE WARMTH. A standard has a mellow smoothness to it with some definition from the maple, but the bfg is extremely midrange-heavy. I really like the guitar, but consider this if you are after a classic warm, fat les paul sound. Sure, the meat and potatoes are there, but no gravy. And sorry to disappoint some, but these pickups sound too thin in conjunction with this body in my view. Later
    I bought a BFG in gold about two years ago now. Cost me 635. I love it. The lack of finish just adds to its appeal to me. My mates love it too. I usually play through a Tiny Terror and the range of sounds this guitar can produce is amazing. I've really posted as I wanted to add my comments to others bemoaning the lack of quality in recently made Gibsons. A friend bought a beautiful looking standard in tobacco burst direct from the USA. I was amazed when I picked it up as his guitar must weigh half that of the BFG. I don't know if they're using cheaper, less dense wood but the BFG is a big lump of mahogany and as such has a lovely tone and sustain that his guitar cannot match, despite costing three times as much. Anyone else found this?
    davethe70sfan wrote: i bought this guitar in the trans black, unfortunately the build quality of it was poor. the p-90 and the burstbucker continually rise up and eventually hit the strings, my p-90 has actually fallen out before also i have had problems with fret buzz that even my local guitar shop can's fix, i managed to get it so that i only get buzz on the d string all this said, the tone of the guitar is amazing for the price, however i wish i had waited longer to get a gibson that would be perhaps more worthy of the name
    I've had the same problem. I fixed it by automotive nut lock. it just fixes em in place no worries. BFG - Big Fuckoff Guitar
    HeartRaz0r wrote: guitaruboy wrote: its sooooo ugly though, who would buy this? gay? it's one of the greatest i've ever seen
    "seen" not played , it is a waste, only custom models are the real deal
    HeartRaz0r wrote: guitaruboy wrote: its sooooo ugly though, who would buy this? gay? it's one of the greatest i've ever seen
    "seen" not played , this is a piece of shit, it's not worth , dude look at this , looks like cheap finish, instead of wasting money on a cheap les paul , you must buy a fender am std strat for $ 200 more, only gibson custom is good enough
    I have owned hundreds of guitars... yes name them I've owned them. This is the best bang for the buck guitar out there. An American Strat (still made by Mexicans no matter what the stamp say) is okay... but you can't compare it this guitar. Sure it's raw and doesn't have all fancy finish... do you have the $3k to risk on a gigging guitar? This plays it all and compared to the crappy 490 series pickups placed in low end Les Pauls, these pickups rock! Simply put... don't take some bitches opinion... if you can really play... plug one of these up to a tube amp... see if your pants don't shrink! Rock on Gibson!
    Either you hate it, or love it. I've always like the look of this guitar. It's just that the promo video is impossible to watch; Gibson can't be hardcore, not now or ever.
    BFG stands for big fat gay naa only jokin i love this guitar im hopefully gettin 1 within the next month
    jushteenie wrote: BFG = BIG FUCKING GIANT
    Its Bad Fucking Guitar
    I bought one of these and there was a crack from fret 2 all the way into the headstock. There was no dammage to the case or the box it came in, so it must've happened at the factory, and gibson didn't spot it. After reading on a few forums and owning a few other Gibsons it seems the general public arn't happy with the quality of the finish of modern Gibsons, so rather than them sort these issues out, they bring out the BFG.. I had my BFG replaced under warranty, no problems there. The next guitar arrived hadn't had the frets finished off, so the ends were basicly jagged metal, razor sharp! instead fo sending it back my guitar tech had it for a day. The guitar plays well and sounds good, a tad thinner than a regular Paul. A good guitar for the money, but play it before you buy it, or be prepared for a warranty claim or a trip to the local repair guy.
    Guitar Sushi
    I bought this one and it was terrible and way overpriced for the sound quality, I wish I had bought the Jackson...
    BFG = Bad Fucking Guitar, I think. Anyway, I think it's a pretty good guitar. It's good value for a Les Paul, but considering all the stuff that they didn't do on it, the price may be a little high. The pickups are great, high output humbucker and a sweet P-90, although it's got 60-cycle hum. Downisdes: The strap buttons HAVE to be replaced. They are like pinheads, I couldn't play it for five minutes without the strap coming off at the neck end. Also, the neck is huge. But still quite shred-friendly in an odd way. But you do have, like on all Pauls, very bad fret access.
    You are wrong... because it is a stripped down guitar the BFG stands for Badly Finished Guitar.
    Btw, the finish isn't regular flamed maple, it's actually scalloped, dyed and sanded over. And it only has one master tone, the pickup switch is where the other tone knob used to be. A very dumb placement in my opinion, and it didn't even have a knob on the switch.
    Strat = Love
    I can't say I like its aesthetics either, but whatever floats your boat I guess. I dont like how it is unfinished.
    kinda ugly tho. sounds like a cheap way to make an expensive guitar. idk it might sound good tho.
    i like the guitar but the only problem is the pickups...the zebra pickup bugs the sh*t outta me cause all the colors dont match xD
    if there is any guitar i want, its this one. im doing everything i can to raise $800 - $900 for this. i played it, and i absolutley loved it. it looks cool, it plays great and it feels great. i want the black one.
    with any gibson you've gotta try before you buy, Yamaha Pacifica's are made better these days... i do think Gibson is relying on it's name more than ever. Saying that after i put my BFG right it's an awesome guitar!
    Shredder Guitar
    i love it... its so sweet to dink around with the killswitch. and the pickup combo is so weird but it sounds amazing
    i have this guitar and its amazing. i personally think the unfinished look is pretty cool. it just feels right too. my dad says its ugly up close, but is really cool from a distance. i think it sounds really good too. now all i need is a marshall.