Les Paul Custom Shop 1989 review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (15 votes)
Gibson: Les Paul Custom Shop 1989

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Sound — 9
First of all, its my dad's, and he gave me also his Showcase/Custom SG to me about 4.5 years ago (They both have the same features). I usually play through a Randall RX120DHS, and a DigiTech RP500 processor. Soundwise, it is your typical, high quality Gibson, and is very powerful, and heavy (Heavy weightwise too). For my style, it kind of suits me, but it doesn't fill out in the ares that I would like it to. It is a little TOO sensitive, and anything gets picked up. Also, its fullness sounds kind of dull if on any volume except 5 and above (Trust me, you don't wanna go past 5). I play mostly Alternative metal (Staind, Tool, Limp Bizkit, Mudvayne, etc.) and Alternative Rock in the band I'm with right now, and rarely do I EVER play it. Following things are WICKED: Sustain, Tone, Volume, Gain, Harmonics, Dynamics. Not noisy at all, any sound you want can come out of this monster (minus jangle), and it sings on clean.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, this guitar isn't for me... But it is so damn magnificent, that It isn't worth selling. It was a gift so I have no second thoughts about it, and I wont give it back to dad, even if I did have any second thoughts. I've been playing for awhile now, and I don't think I've ever played another Gibson that compares to this one. Or even that SG. They are both amazing guitars. However, I'm an Ibanez lover, and I occasionally play Schecters/Fenders. And I have no interest in playing it, what'soever. Unless I really needed to fatten something up. If it were stolen or lost, or anything... I would try and find out what happened to it, and literally find whoever stole it, and steal it back. It isn't worth losing, after all, there are only 500 of them I think, and this is a special one, it has features that only a few of them have.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Reliability and Durability is absolutely amazing. Never had a single problem, and even my dad says, that he has never had a problem with this guitar in any kind of reliability way. However, ALWAYS bring a backup no matter the quality of your equipment.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Any factory related questions, I have no clue about. Finish is beautiful, action is great, stays in tune for eternity, never had to adjust anything what'soever. Its a $2000+ Gibson... You should already know the answers to almost anything relating to this instrument.

Features — 9
The Gibson is a 1989 Custom Shop Les Paul, Showcase Model. USA, 22 frets, 25.5 scale, medium frets, Solid Top. Solid body arched mahogany w/ ivory binding all over the body. It has some kind of weird tomato soup colored finish, not sure the name. Set neck made of mahogany and ivory fretboard. Block inlays. Tune-pros locking bridge, and locking tuners from Grover. Volume knob for each pickup, tone knob for each pickup, 3 way selector knob. Active EMGs and very high output. Neck is a Wider Gibson neck. Other than that, its a nice Les Paul.

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    Controlpanel wrote: Active EMGs,locking tuners from Grover,Tune-pros locking bridge Non original..sounds like somthing Zakk Wylde might play.
    true, please never put EMGs in a nice Les Paul. The Grover tuners are becoming more common however, which is good.
    Active EMGs,locking tuners from Grover,Tune-pros locking bridge
    Non original..sounds like somthing Zakk Wylde might play.
    Dont turn the guitar volume up over 5
    idk what i was talking about there lol and i didnt put the EMG's in them myself, they came with them. i prefer medium-high gain Dark passives