Les Paul Faded DC review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 7
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (45 votes)
Gibson: Les Paul Faded DC

Price paid: $ 800

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 10
I normally play along the lines of progressive metal music (Opeth, Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation, etc), and I get an interesting sound for that type of music. There is no doubt that this guitar is made for the blues, but with the right settings, it plays metal perfectly well. I used to play through a Line 6 Spider III 30W amp, where the tone was heavily outmasked by the Spider. Currently though, I managed to score myself a Traynor Custom Valve YCV40WR all-tube amp, and through this, it sounds like a dream. The distortion really sticks to each string when I am playing with it on, and this is just perfect for the type of music I play. The guitar handles cleans very well, able to create both subdued tones, as well as rich cleans as well. All in all, it can create lots of different types of melodies, however, I am considering swapping out my bridge pickup for either some form of humbucker, or rewired P-90, just to get a more heavy sound.

Overall Impression — 9
All in all, this is an excellent guitar. While not being built with my style of music in mind, it still manages those crisp metal tones, and that excellent clean. I run this through my Traynor amp mentioned above, along with a Boss CH-1 Super Chorus, a Dunlop Crybaby Wah, and a Vintage Boss CS-2 Compression Sustainer. It works great with all the pedals, especially getting an excellent tone out of the chorus. I have been playing a little more than two years, and this guitar is excellent for me, and I can see myself using it for years to come. If it were stolen or lost, I would find it, not caring what it takes. There is no buying another one of these, only finding my original. I love most things about it, as I said before, my only gripe is with the paint. I tried about 20 guitars, from the likes of Fenders, Ibanezes, Jacksons, B.C. Riches, etcetera, and this is the guitar that I truly like the best. I kinda wish it had a Floyd, or at least some sort of tremolo arm, but, it still plays fine without it. All in all, this a great guitar, and everyone should at the very least try it out.

Reliability & Durability — 7
My one gripe with this guitar is the durability of it. I have owned this guitar for about a year, am fairly gently with it, it lives in a smoke free home, and has only been gigged once over the entire year. However, with all this said, a lot of the paint on the bottom and back of the guitar has worn away. It scratches extremely easily, and the paint comes off quite easily as well. Now, I personally like the "faded" look that it gives it, but most people probably wouldn't. The hardware seems nice, the tuners are great, the bridge is great, Pickups, etcetera. And it seems dependable- I have used it in a gig without a backup, mainly because I don't own a backup, but I do think that I would do it again. However, as I said before, the paint chips easily, and within a year of purchasing, almost needs to be redone.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The setup was excellent, no problems whatsoever when I got it. I bought it direct from guitar center, and literally watched the salesperson take it out of the box and hand it to me. The pickups were adjusted fine, however, for some odd reason, for the first couple months of playing, whenever I hit the 22nd fret on the high E string, it would scrape against the pickup. However, it seems like it has fixed itself, because that no longer happens, and I did nothing to fix it. Aside from that, there were no flaws with this guitar at all. The action was excellent, everything was well adjusted, and all the knobs worked fine. I would also like to mention that this guitar is extremely light. I'm giving a 9 only because of the problem with the pickup.

Features — 9
This guitar was made in 2007, by hand in Tennesee. It features a mahogany body and set neck, with a rosewood fretbord containing 22 Jumbo frets. It is a solid wood top, with no special finishing. It comes in TV yellow stain, or worn cherry stain, mine personally is a worn cherry. It boasts a traditional Gibson double cutaway shape. It includes a Tune-O-Matic bridge, with two P-90 pickups and a 3-way selector. This guitar comes with a gig bag featuring the Gibson logo. All in all, it has lot of impressive features, and is worth the money.

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    The double cut LP always reminds me of Pat Travers. This would make my wishlist.
    i have had the tv yellow for about a year and this guitar has changed my life, musically speaking... i play this guitar into a variety of tube amps and with a variety of pedals... the p90s are noisy, but the upside is unbelieveable tone... and i mean unbelieveable... roll the volume down and it gets stratish... up is girthy... and the tone controls are very much alive... at volume, set the amp a little bright and roll the tone down to match normal tone... for a solo, roll it up... wow... in fact, i gig regularly with this guitar, a cable, and a blues jr... talk about travelling light... plays everything from abba to zappa... but into my mesa blue angel/marshall 4x10 at about 2:30... WOW>> ... notes bloom and swell and constrict and the guitar's tone literally dances with your hands... for those of us who like to ride the volume control, this guitar will reward you well... pitch specific feedback... harmonic fountains... and glorious angelic sustain... righteous... as for the finish... i love mine... which has worn in an ever so beautiful "i have played this guitar for 50 years" kind of way... blood, sweat, tears, and beer... the back of the neck is especially pretty where the tv yellow has worn to white... but definitely get a hardcase...
    Its just not quite spiky enough. Its not a guitar until l it can be used as a greviuos weapon.
    Lets forget about the build quality of the guitar its the player that it suits lol its worth 800 dollars if you ask me, it can be refinished easily primer and paint 4 mo waiting time but yeah easy =P
    I have the TV yelo. I love it and can't wait for the paint to rub more. This is a total R&R guitar. However i did put Tone-zone (Bridge) and VV (neck) DiMarzios buckers in mine cause I can't stand the noise. The workmanship is great but I always like to improve on things... I shielded it throughout, put nice caps in it. But the neck and fit and action were beautiful off the wall. Plays like butter and has heavyweight tone. Mine weighs just under 6.5lbs and when I strum chords the whole damn thing vibrates, it's so resonant. Sustain is unreal, it sings!!!
    I want one of these...p90's are the shit for me, they come in 3rd only to noisless strat single coils and jazzmaster single coils...Coil junky!!!
    stevenpollock wrote: Tennessee....? Gibson only makes hollwbodies in Tennessee. The only exception is any guitar painted Alpine White.
    Actually, Gibson makes alot of its Les Pauls in TN
    Don't Panic Ok? wrote: I have one and quite enjoy it.
    i just would not wanna have one because i would want the single cutaway with humbuckers
    I have a 2006 LP Special Double Cut Faded in TV yellow. A quick search will let you know that these guitars were all made at Gibson's Nashville, USA shop between 2003-08.I'm a lifelong Fender man,feeling that their instruments play more like guitars than the super low-action, heavy-weight, rock'n'roll soul-killing humbucker-outfitted guitars of their rival Gibson.But repeated listening to Johnny Thunders and some Keith R. induced me to check out some P-90s. Original Les Paul Special double cuts are pretty rare, and generally very expensive. Even Gibson's Custom Shop versions of this guitar start at $2700, which means essentially you pay an extra two grand for a bound neck, no tune-o-matic, and an extra coat of paint. I don't buy instruments on-line or from "Guitar Supercenters" as I've no interest in being ripped off, so it took me awhile to find one of these reasonably priced. Paid $500 used from a local dealer who threw in an old Univox LP case, which beats hell out of a nylon bag. I've been playing this guitar for about three years now and I love the fast neck,sustain, light weight, and P-90 tone-not as twangy as a Strat or Tele,beefier but still bright. I like clean guitars,so I rarely use pedals other than a Crybaby or an old MXR, relying on over-heated tubes to provide gain. This Special sounds great thru my '67 Dual Showman Reverb once it gets hot. I also think it's the sexiest shaped guitar Gibson has ever made, a real blues-rock-punk machine. Things I'm not too crazy about: fretwire protruding from bottom of fingerboard had to be filed & sanded(I've since learned this is a common complaint); finish is grainy and flaky, lots of bare wood showing thru; tone pots are o.k.,expressive but not great range, tones get duller, not deeper at < 3-4; finally, action needs a lot of looking after, requiring me to do frequent string height and intonation adjustments-never much of a problem with the Strat, Tele, or even my old Dan Armstrong. God, do I love single coils. All in all, I like this guitar a lot and would buy it again. Despite some issues, I think it is a terrific value for the money: screaming assertive tone, playability, sustain for days and sheer R'n'R coolness more than make up for any minor defects.
    This is simply a great review of this guitar. Not because it says what I agree with, or because I happen to like double cutaways, or TV yellow. I can make my own mind up about that! But it clearly describes what the reviewer does and how this guitar suits him and does it in an engaging way. Congratulations and thanks for providing something quite rare - a readable informative review.
    I like the looks of the LP Spl DC (the cherry finish; not a big fan of the yellow), and I'm sure it sounds pretty nice through an amp; I've only ever played one once and didn't get to plug it in. The neck's too fat for me, though (or at least it was on the model I played) but minus that it sounded pretty nice unplugged and felt good.
    For all of you that are saying that it is ugly, or that it looks like a rip off: This guitar is the same thing as a Les Paul Special Double cut. The pickguard is meant that way, the guitar is derived from the Les Paul Special single cut, which had that pickguard. It was supposedly the Middle Priced Les Paul when it was introduced, below the Customs and Standards but above the Juniors. The finishes were mostly non-glossy (only exception was the sunburst). And it is more reminiscent of an old SG special than that of a Brian May guitar. It was irst introduced in 1960, and if you don't believe me go to: http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/produc... l_DC/1960SpecialDC.html so there you go a little piece of guitar knowledge fot those of you that posted stupid comments (the first 2 people)
    Its a gibson so erm its a over price guitar and it looks like a brian may rip off, but aslong as you like it who cares.
    i think that finish is awesome, got a les paul with it, but i dont like the look of DC
    Sikhart wrote: i think that finish is awesome, got a les paul with it, but i dont like the look of DC
    Yea, I know a lot of people don't. Look aside though, its an amazing guitar
    This really reminds me of the old version of Les Paul JR, just with a double cut-away and additional pickup. It would probably be nice second guitar for someone like me who likes LPs but wants one slightly diffrent.
    Kozlic wrote: double cutaway les pauls looks too big xD
    hahahah you could not be more wrong!!! this guitar is on the smaller side, very light, and very comfortable to play. i will agree when you say it's ugly, though. i have it in TV yellow and dear god it's obnoxious. I love it to death though. I have considered slapping a seymour duncan JB in the bridge, but we'll see. and yeah, the paint has rubbed off mine just from my guitar stand. so if you're into cosmetics... this is NOT for you. I LOVE it though. 10/10. perfect. perfect. perfect.
    I've has this guitar for about a year now. The p90's are great but don't try to play too much metal with this. You can't really get much heavy sound past AC/DC-esque. However, It's not terrible for pinch's and the sustain is ridiculous. I can't believe the guy didn't mention the sustain! The finish is decent, but you have to be very careful where you place it or what kind of stand you get, Rubber padding will react with the finish and make it smudge. I cover my pads with a sock or clean cloth. As far as the double cut goes, I like it a lot because I can get the gibson tone without the Gibson weight. It just feels a lot better down there. If you like to play classic Rock up to 80's prog, this is a great choice for under $1k. I got mine on Ebay for 600, (and gc has sales on them often) so it's not hard to acquire. As far as ugliness goes, I like the red one. Makes me think of cedar. The yellow one looks terrible.
    Tennessee....? Gibson only makes hollwbodies in Tennessee. The only exception is any guitar painted Alpine White.
    This guitar is awesome. I like that some guy said it was a Brian May rip off: These were being made in the 50s, dumbarse.
    Kevin Saale
    What's with the complaints about paint coming off? It nitro lacquer, what do you expect?
    I have an old 70's Madeira copy of the lps/dc, the only difference is mine has a badass bridge and its a bolt on. Looks(cherry finish), plays(solid mahogany, very slippery neck) and sounds(I frickin' love the p90s) the exact same (though I bought mine used with gfs p90s)as the Gibson(I compared them side to side on the same amp, mine actually has a lil more bite). I only paid $220 for mine and as far as I'm concerned its the best guitar deal I've ever got(besides free) and I go thru guitars like underwear! But this one's a special special, the only way I'd sell it would be to get the Gibson with the set neck and the name(higher resale value). I love the lp/s/dc's and think they're the foxiest guitars out there besides the old teisco's and Goya's, but those generally aren't players as I've learned the hard way. A studio, standard, traditions, etc are just a bit too thick for my heavy handed strumming tendencies so the special lets me use a gibson(Madeira) for my noisemaking habits.