Les Paul Standard 2008 review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (145 votes)
Gibson: Les Paul Standard 2008

Price paid: $ 2050

Purchased from: Rainbow Guitars

Sound — 9
What I don't like first- everything at 10 the pickups are not equal in volume, despite variables like pickup height. Whatever. There are some tone spots that are "shrill" - tone 10 vol 10 on Bridge pickup, of course. There are some too mid rangy spots too, and mud when you're on neck alone with tone below 3. Chances are you will coax a sound you love with a single dial turn. Versatile, responsive, complex. It bites and grinds so pleasingly with gain, in fact I don't even touch my amp anymore, I control gain and volume with the guitar alone. Clean the Bridge sounds OK to PRETTY GOOD at best alone, but it's not really meant for that anyway. Middle or neck is where clean is meant to be experienced, absolutely smooth and buttery.

Overall Impression — 9
I play anything guitar intensive, all original material, 10 years playing. It would have been nice knowing I had to buy strap locks when I've read everywhere it comes with them, but I had a feeling looking at the little Gibson strap buttons in the shop, they didn't look like Dunlops so my bad again. If she were stolen, yes absolutely I would replace it. I spent six months playing through different guitars to find mine- 2 months in I settled on a LP, a month before my purchase I settles on the 08 standard. For me she is perfect, I would replace her if she were stolen 10 times, everytime. It's love man. If the 08 Standard isn't for you, great. If it is- find a good one. There are probably more less-than-great LP's out there than most of us would like to accept, so do your homework or end up like the knuckle dragers complaining online about how they were duped by GC online for being sent a dog of a guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've been beating the tar out of this thing. Gigging, hours of play a day at home or at practice. I'm active with it, just plain mean sometimes. I play the hell out of her and she seems to love it. The only thing I've noticed is without a pickguard I do scratch the finish occasionally, that's my bad. It's aquired a few nicks and bangs and it's only seemed to sound better as the days go by. Absolute gold standard.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
DON'T DO NOT DO NOT buy a guitar online and then complain when it isn't set up, it's psychotic and it misrepresents the guitar. Go find a good one in person, with your own hands and ears. She was set up OK when I got her, but like 99.9% of guitars it needed tweaking to my liking. I personally set her up, not hard. I don't know what a longer neck tenon is responsible for, but usually I have to completely loosen my truss rods here in the AZ heat to acquire proper relief, not so with the 08 Standard. It's close, the truss rod, to being loosened to the point where no more is possible (like my other Gibsons) but it's not there; about another full rotation to loose city. I had to scrape of some loose (incredibly loose) little paint smudges on the binding; I did it with my fingernail in less than a few seconds. The Fingerboard was a little dry as well but some fretboard honey cured that perfectly (it's been 2 months since, still no dryness). There were a few of these I played where the flaming just didn't look right. It didn't match up as well as I'd like to see, but that's the reason I DIDN'T BUT IT ONLINE like an inexperienced half-stack. Other than that, everything is ship shape. I noticed on a few of these the controls have a little resistive play. What I mean by this is that the tone and volume knobs do not want to stay at absolute 0 or 10: turn your tone to 0 and when you release the knob it turns to 0.02. Turn to 10 and it pulls back a little to 9.95. Nothing at all of a concern, but it's worth mentioning.

Features — 8
2010 Iced Tea plus top, absolutely flawless flaming but I had to go through four or five of these to find one that I felt was "perfect", didn't come with strap locks which was a little confusing. Came with everything else needed, pick guard not installed (I appreciate the option of leaving it off). Within 2 months of ownership I've specifically used and been appreciative of every "locking" part, all great. Locking jack- does not rotate and need constant tightening. Tuning heads feel much tighter than any others I've used, due to the "improved ratio", I can't explain what exactly that means but for me it's a big improvement in the fine tuning department. You can get it in tune to within cents and, although after a couple days it will be off by about 5-10 cents, all the strings will still be in tune with each other. Fantastic. The neck, well that's the reason why I settled on this model, just go pick one up and play it. Do an AB comparison, like it or hate it there is a noticeable difference in feel; I find it incredibly comfortable.

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