Les Paul Standard 2008 Review

manufacturer: Gibson date: 11/09/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Gibson: Les Paul Standard 2008
22 frets, tune-o-matic bridge, 2 volume and 2 tone controls, 3 way pick up selector and burst bucker pros. Guitar comes with full plek set up, a computer set up measuring fret length and string distance, minimising fret buzz.
 Sound: 7.5
 Overall Impression: 8
 Reliability & Durability: 8.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.3
 Features: 7.7
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overall: 8.8
Les Paul Standard 2008 Reviewed by: beanhead, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: £ 1600

Purchased from: dawsons

Features: 22 frets, tune-o-matic bridge, 2 volume and 2 tone controls, 3 way pick up selector and burst bucker pros. Guitar comes with full plek set up, a computer set up measuring fret length and string distance, minimising fret buzz. The 2008 model is so light and the neck is thicker on the bass side, so it fits the hand better than previous models. case and strap locks included. // 9

Sound: The enlarged neck tenon gives god-like sustain (the longest of any Gibson models) and the burstbuckers can cope with plenty of gain for metal heads. It really shines when you drop the effects aswell, warm and colourful sounds resonate - this thing is versatile. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Set up too low for gauge 10 strings. the strings grind on the frets, limiting bending, but nothing a little bridge heightening will not resolve. The tone and volume controls and put on wonky (not what you expect for 1600) and the volume pots are unresponsive. turning them down from 10 to 3 makes no difference what'soever. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Solid build quality. Flawless binding. all round a quality crafted product. hardware should last (hopefully longer than epiphones), shouldn't need back up for a gig. being lighter than previous models, it does seem more fragile so be careful! fret wire is massive in height, should be years before a redressing or stoning is necessary. // 9

Overall Impression: The most comfortable neck yet, wheter you play blues or heavy metal, this guitar will suit most your needs. would definately buy it again if lost or stolen. the build quality of the pots and electronics seem rushed but fortunately, it is made up by beautiful aesthetics and ground breaking ergonomics. Top guitar. // 9

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overall: 9.6
Les Paul Standard 2008 Reviewed by: joey_dallas10, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 2500

Purchased from: long&maquede

Features: It's got 22 frets, 2 volume 2 tone, busrt bucker pro pickups and a 3 way pickup selector. the guitar comes with a Gibson hardcase, instuction book and tools for adjusting hadware. The guitar was made in 2008 in nashvile(I think). It also came with stock Gibson tuners with the greenish plastic covers that aren't that great for such an expensive guitar. // 9

Sound: This guitar kicks ass when it comes to sound and sound variety because it can play any style. Right now I'm usuing it out of a Line 6 spider 3 and it sounds great with a clean blues sound but Switch it to some heavy distortion and get ready to be blown away I play everything and I mean everything from classic rock led zepplin to the beautiful clean sound of the chilli peppers to the metal of the 80's and even lots of metalcore this guitar suits everything perfecty and comfortably. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: This guitar was finished beautifully everything was proper, although factory set up wasn't to my standards the action was a little high the pickups were to low one of the strap buttons was loose but don't let that down you because most factory sey ups are shitty anyways. just take the guitar into your local guitar shop and have them set it up for you that's what I did and it's perfect. // 9

Reliability & Durability: everything about this guitar is built to last. ive played it Live many times without a backup unless its a big show ive played the guitar wen i was completly drunk Live and it withstands every kind of beating i give , but dont get me wrong i take care of this guitar like it was my kid // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar is really worth the price, if you can't get a Gibson get a Epiphone in the 500 dollar price range those guitars are amazing I've been paying for since I was 9 and I'm now 19 so ten years if this thing gets stolen I'll kill someone and if I have the money I'll go get another 1 right away awesome guitar. // 10

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overall: 2.8
Les Paul Standard 2008 Reviewed by: Maldihr, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 9000

Purchased from: Musicians Friend

Features: This is a Standard Gibson guitar, with the Standard features. Mahogany body and neck, flamed maple top, rosewood fretboard, two Gibson humbuckers, Gibson custom tuners, tune O matic bridge, 22 jumbo frets, and two tone and two volume knobs. This guitar was made in 2009 in the States. I got no accessories or anything, which I had to buy seperatly. // 3

Sound: I have played many Gibsons over the years, and at last I decided to try out the new Standard Les Paul. I've played it many times in my local music store, and I really liked it, but when I got my own, my feelings for Gibson and their guitars fell like a rock thrown out of a building. The sound was very week, and very muddy. Way too much middle and bass, hardly any treble. I took the guitar to the store and asked them if they could see if it were any errors on my guitar, but they didn't find anything. It was not the sound I was looking for at all. Very dissapointed. // 2

Action, Fit & Finish: Yet again the rummors about Gibson was wrong. The guitar was packed at the factory, and not opened by anyone but me. So I expected it to be well set up by the Gibson staff. But no. The action was way too high. You could hardly hear and notes. The pickups were so low I couldn't see them from the side (I did raise them before testing the sound). When it comes to the finish it isn't much to say. It's just lovely. It's so awesome looking, yet so crappy to play. // 4

Reliability & Durability: I had this guitar about 6 months before I send it back to the store saying it was way to much wrong. They were kind enought to give me my money back. Thank you. Over the time period spend with this guitar, I can't say I'm impressed. The strapbuttons didn't manage to hold the guitar, so they snapped off several times. I had to use a screwdriver and put them back on. The finish started to wore of after some weeks, still my other guitars (some with flamed maple tops) didn't suffer at all. The rosewood fretboard seemd to last, but That was about the only part on this guitar who was. The guitar didn't stay in tune, and the pickups were disconnecting very often, due to bad wiring from the factory. I had never taken the chance of giging with this. Which I think is very bad, since Gibson has a reputation of making good instruments with high quality. // 2

Overall Impression: I'm not happy about this guitar! I play some blues and rock, but mostly metal, and with those pickups, the guitar coundn't even handle the riff in Smoke On The Water. I've been playing guitar about 5-6 years now, and I own several Jackson USA and Ibanez Prestige. I love to shred, and even though I know the Gibson's ain't famous for their slim necks, I still had hope. But even after a good, long set up, I could hardly play regular chords. If this guitar was stolen, I would problably not care so much. I would pitty the poor guy who stole it. I bet he'd give it back after some days. I'm not saying every Gibson guitar is this bad, I think Gibson is making some wonderful instruments, but this guitar was crap. I've played Epiphone's who were like heaven compared to this, both in sound and feel. And to all of you thinking this was a Gibson copy made somewhere in the middle-east: It wasn't. It had only two screws on the thuss rod cover, and I even asked the Gibson service of the serial number on my guitar was valid, and it was. I'm sorry Gibson, you didn't deliver. // 3

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overall: 8.6
Les Paul Standard 2008 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 2050

Purchased from: Rainbow Guitars

Features: 2010 Iced Tea plus top, absolutely flawless flaming but I had to go through four or five of these to find one that I felt was "perfect", didn't come with strap locks which was a little confusing. Came with everything else needed, pick guard not installed (I appreciate the option of leaving it off). Within 2 months of ownership I've specifically used and been appreciative of every "locking" part, all great. Locking jack- does not rotate and need constant tightening. Tuning heads feel much tighter than any others I've used, due to the "improved ratio", I can't explain what exactly that means but for me it's a big improvement in the fine tuning department. You can get it in tune to within cents and, although after a couple days it will be off by about 5-10 cents, all the strings will still be in tune with each other. Fantastic. The neck, well that's the reason why I settled on this model, just go pick one up and play it. Do an AB comparison, like it or hate it there is a noticeable difference in feel; I find it incredibly comfortable. // 8

Sound: What I don't like first- everything at 10 the pickups are not equal in volume, despite variables like pickup height. Whatever. There are some tone spots that are "shrill" - tone 10 vol 10 on Bridge pickup, of course. There are some too mid rangy spots too, and mud when you're on neck alone with tone below 3. Chances are you will coax a sound you love with a single dial turn. Versatile, responsive, complex. It bites and grinds so pleasingly with gain, in fact I don't even touch my amp anymore, I control gain and volume with the guitar alone. Clean the Bridge sounds OK to PRETTY GOOD at best alone, but it's not really meant for that anyway. Middle or neck is where clean is meant to be experienced, absolutely smooth and buttery. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: DON'T DO NOT DO NOT buy a guitar online and then complain when it isn't set up, it's psychotic and it misrepresents the guitar. Go find a good one in person, with your own hands and ears. She was set up OK when I got her, but like 99.9% of guitars it needed tweaking to my liking. I personally set her up, not hard. I don't know what a longer neck tenon is responsible for, but usually I have to completely loosen my truss rods here in the AZ heat to acquire proper relief, not so with the 08 Standard. It's close, the truss rod, to being loosened to the point where no more is possible (like my other Gibsons) but it's not there; about another full rotation to loose city. I had to scrape of some loose (incredibly loose) little paint smudges on the binding; I did it with my fingernail in less than a few seconds. The Fingerboard was a little dry as well but some fretboard honey cured that perfectly (it's been 2 months since, still no dryness). There were a few of these I played where the flaming just didn't look right. It didn't match up as well as I'd like to see, but that's the reason I DIDN'T BUT IT ONLINE like an inexperienced half-stack. Other than that, everything is ship shape. I noticed on a few of these the controls have a little resistive play. What I mean by this is that the tone and volume knobs do not want to stay at absolute 0 or 10: turn your tone to 0 and when you release the knob it turns to 0.02. Turn to 10 and it pulls back a little to 9.95. Nothing at all of a concern, but it's worth mentioning. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I've been beating the tar out of this thing. Gigging, hours of play a day at home or at practice. I'm active with it, just plain mean sometimes. I play the hell out of her and she seems to love it. The only thing I've noticed is without a pickguard I do scratch the finish occasionally, that's my bad. It's aquired a few nicks and bangs and it's only seemed to sound better as the days go by. Absolute gold standard. // 10

Overall Impression: I play anything guitar intensive, all original material, 10 years playing. It would have been nice knowing I had to buy strap locks when I've read everywhere it comes with them, but I had a feeling looking at the little Gibson strap buttons in the shop, they didn't look like Dunlops so my bad again. If she were stolen, yes absolutely I would replace it. I spent six months playing through different guitars to find mine- 2 months in I settled on a LP, a month before my purchase I settles on the 08 standard. For me she is perfect, I would replace her if she were stolen 10 times, everytime. It's love man. If the 08 Standard isn't for you, great. If it is- find a good one. There are probably more less-than-great LP's out there than most of us would like to accept, so do your homework or end up like the knuckle dragers complaining online about how they were duped by GC online for being sent a dog of a guitar. // 9

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overall: 10
Les Paul Standard 2008 Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: £ 1899

Purchased from: Andertons - Guildford

Features: USA made, this year. Tonepros tune o matic bridge and stop, 22 frets, two burstbucker pickups, flamed maple top, wine red finish, locking tuners, body binding, neck binding, scratch plate is included but you have to drill the holes (nice touch - i didn't want the scratchplate on so win win there!) two volume, 2 tones, 3 way pickups toggle, solderless pickup install, locking neutrik jack socket, hardcase that smells of vanilla...another nice touch. // 10

Sound: I think it sounds great hence the purchase. it's full and rich, plent of soul if you back of the volume and loads of bite if you don't. Setup is quite simple - straight into the amp which is a Bugera 333 head with 4x12 cab. Ok, not the best amp out there but turn down the treble quite alot and bring in the midrange and you've got a decent enough rock rig. I only use the lead channel and I use the volume on the guitar to vary the gain. There is a MXR Micro Amp in the FX loop to give a volume boost when needed. The Gibson sounds great though this. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Honestly setup is a metter of preference and unles you've got a custom instrument expect to do some adjustment. I normally have a very low action and the Gibson came out of the case with an action slightly higher than I might like but it's really comfortable and more playable than any guitar I've ever played so I've left it alone and lets be realistic it's not exactly hard to re-adjust. Pickup balance was fine. The finish is execptional, flawless. I played a couple in the shop and there were some that were beautiful to look at but take a closer look and there a little niggles here and there and bookmatching that wasn't spot on. There is the advantage of going to the store and picking your instrument, if you buy online and get something you are not quite happy with you know where you went wrong. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have no doubt that this guitar will give me no trouble at all. I'm curious to see how the electronics fair in the longer term. Instead of being soldered by hand with good quality wire there is a printed cicruit board and the components including the pick ups plug in to it. I'm fine with this but at the first sign of trouble I'll whip it out and re-wire it. I suspect I won't have to do this. Strap buttons were the non-locking type. I changed them straight away for the locking type. Over all the hardware is excellent. Happily use this without backup. // 10

Overall Impression: I went and choose this one myself and made sure I was happy with it and I am. There is nothing I'm dissapointed about. The sound is first rate, plays great, looks great, it's a quality instrument. Gibson like everyone else let a few bad apples out of the orchard and people buy them, mainly online or they don't pay attention when in the shop. Take a good look at it before handing over the best part of 2 grand. I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Custom that I bought second hand a few months back and it in no way compares to the Gibson. I have a Fender Squier Telecaster which is totally different and a Parker PM20 which is kinda like a Les Paul but without the frill and thick body. This is an excellent guitar. // 10

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overall: 6.6
Les Paul Standard 2008 Reviewed by: BornToLooze, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 2000

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This has the usual Les Paul stuff, mahogany body, neck, flamed maple top, Grover tuners, 22 frets, 2 volume and 2 tones, an extra $1000 tacked on because of the name on the head stock. The neck is thick and kind of tear drop shaped so it fits your hand better. The pickups are Burstbuckers and instead of being soldered to the pots they have some kind of circuit board. The only bad thing is its chambered like all Les Pauls since I believe the early 80s, so it could be fuller sounding. And I'll go ahead and say I'm sorry if I upset anybody since I didn't rate it all 10s like your supposed to, but I don't think anything like that exists other than maybe some thing by that one guy that posts on here, Orsby or something (I'm bad with names). // 7

Sound: I play this through a 6505 and play all kinds of stuff like Metallica, Sabbath, Maiden, Assjack, Social Distortion, Deluhi, and I used to be in a church band. The bridge pickup sounds good for the most of the stuff I play, the neck pick up, not so good. It's really shrill sounding, but that might be because of my amp settings, I tweaked them a little and it started to sound better. Also when I'm on the clean channel its really thin sounding. I don't really care so much about the pickups though because I was planning on replacing them with a Phat Cat in the neck and a Bill Lawrence XL 500 in the bridge. But its an all mahogany guitar, so it has a darker sound which is what I'm going for. So for sound I would rate the bridge pickup as a 6 because its a good pickup just not what I want and the neck as a 2 because its complete shit. So for sound from the factory I would give it a 5, or with a pickup change an 8. // 5

Action, Fit & Finish: Honestly, I got this guitar 3 years ago, so I don't remember how it was set up when I got it, other than the neck was warped a little bit, but it was hanging on the wall in Guitar Center being played by God knows how many people so what do you expect? Unlike what somebody else said, my volume pots work fine, I guess the tone pots do, I never use them. The Grovers stay in tune good, its been a few weeks since I tuned it last and its still in tune. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I played in a church band for a couple years and it did fine. The hardware will last, the only problem it the locking tuner on the low E won't lock, but that's not the end of the world. I don't know about the strap buttons because I put Schallers on it when I got it. It is dependable and you could gig fine without a backup, but I wouldn't because the one time I didn't have a backup was the one time I broke a string. The finish is good and should last because even though its a nitro finish I think they have stuff in it to keep it from aging. I've been playing it nearly every day since I got it and the only damage is scratches on the back from my belt and a chip where I hit it on something. Since it asks if the finish is good enough to last I'm going to rate it an 8 since the finish is pretty tough, but I would probably rate it a 5 or 6 since I like the look of beat up guitars. // 8

Overall Impression: I play a bunch of different kinds of metal, some rock, a little punk, and some church music every now and then. Its a good match for all of them. I've been playing like 7 or 8 years, so I have a pretty good idea of the sound I want. My other gear is my 6505, a Ltd Gus G Random Star, an Ltd F-50, a Washburn Idol and an Epiphone acoustic. Because unlike everybody else that does reviews on here, I would rather have a kicka-s amp and cheap guitars. I got this as a Christmas present from my dad because I wanted a Les Paul since I started playing and hates my "goofy a-s looking guitars". If it was stolen I wouldn't buy one again because there's no way in hell I could afford it. The best thing about this is the way the neck feels because of the teardrop shape, especially now that its getting worn in. When I was in Guitar Center trying them out, I played one just like it, same model same color, everything and it played like complete shit; the neck pickup sounded better though. The only thing I wish it had was new pickups. Once I get those this would probably be a 9, but I'm going to rate it a 7 because the only major flaw is the neck pickup. // 7

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