Les Paul Studio review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (942 votes)
Gibson: Les Paul Studio

Price paid: £ 999

Purchased from: Guitarguitar Newcastle

Sound — 8
My musical style is changing constantly and evolving sometimes I might want to play classic rock some times I might want to play jazz or fusion or strum chords to a pop songs etc. Anyway I digress! The guitar is very versatile. It does a great job playing pretty much everything. For blues you can turn the volume down and really get a great crunchy tone and pull the volume up the the screaming leads. You can get a great rock tone using the bridge pick up and having everything maxed out. Jazz the neck pick up is very warm. But make sure you turn the volume down a little I think having a chambered body has really warmed the neck pick up. With a massive bottom end. Which is great for fusion etc but sometimes when playing chords you can loose a little clarity. I am running a Vox Vtronix in my room for practice and for gigs I'm using a VHT 5 watt amp mic'd up. I really think the guitar shows its true colours when its cranked up and live. It had given me a new life live as it has a very strong feel which I like and the sustain has really made me hang on notes that little bit extra making me a hell of alot more melodic. But and this is a big one for me. Funky stuff etc just isn't the same as it is on a strat. Feel and sound. For funk stuff I use the neck pickup on a Strat and that is a very revealing sound. And you just can't get the clarity and the thin bright sound you can in a strat. However I have beeing playing strats for a long time which has probably why I formed this opinion.

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar has really been a great addition to my guitars. It is now one of my main guitars which I love dearly. I have been playing for 5 years and I am currently studying in London and gigging quite often. I love the personality of the guitar and the way it really screams and sing. I don't hate anything about this guitar its faults are small and its a Les Paul so you can't really complain about not having a whammy bar or coil taps etc. (2012 studio has coil taps). Compared to my Strat is it a beautiful guitar and I love it the same as my Strat but I do go through phases of playing one more than the other. I wish the tuners where made out of steel and not plastic but hey ho. If I lost it I would try and get another. But the way I buy thing I leave it up to what FEELS right in my hands and wahte resonates well with my ears. So I might not buy it again. But if I could get the exact guitar again. I would. And I don't plan on selling it. Remember every guitar is different and you need to find out what feels great in your hands and ears. But I do hope I have given you some insight to how this guitars sums up.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This guitar has survived live playing and feels strong and feels road worth. I think the chambered bit scares me about getting rough. Not that it feels weak because it feels very strong but I think the thought of the word hollow makes me cautious but I'm sure the mape top will not break. I think the finish will wear like a normal Les Paul. And if you get white its gonna go a yellowy colour which I don't mind and I don't keep it in the case all time as I want it to breathe. But I'm sure if you wash it and keep it in the case when its not being used you will have a lovely white guitar, but for me sa guitar is an instrument not an ART piece.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
the set up was good. It seemed to be how most guitars are these days. Fairly low action and the pickups close to the strings. Which isn't my taste however it just my taste. So when I got home a put the action up too a medium action I would say. And lowered the pickups which was a big thing because it really filled out the sound and the strings could breathe. The guitar was really well made everything feels really nice and solid. There was a little bit of a sloppy paint jon where the tail piece goes into the body just on one side. That really doesn't bother me. My guitars are well cared for but if I bump then I don't mind because they are meant to be played and that usually means they get some war wounds. But for the functionality nothing was wrong.

Features — 10
This was made in 2011 and licenced on the 19th on December 2011 in the American factory. The scale is just a normal Les Paul, 22frets and the shorter scale length a usual (nothing new). The guitar had the be-dreaded chambered body! (I shall get to that a little later). The Fretboard is Granadillo which is a newish wood for Les Pauls which had come about in the last year or so. The body is mahogany with a maple top. The finish is white with silver hardware. The tuners are the Kluson Deluxe Vintage style tuners. And comes with a generic Gibson hardcase. I have given this a 10 as its a Gibson Les Paul... I think everyone who. Knows anything about guitars knows what they will pull out of the box.

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