Les Paul Studio Deluxe '60s Review

manufacturer: Gibson date: 11/09/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Gibson: Les Paul Studio Deluxe '60s
The Les Paul Studio Deluxe is dependable and affordable - and is built without any compromises.
 Sound: 8.6
 Overall Impression: 9.2
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.8
 Features: 9.8
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overall: 9.6
Les Paul Studio Deluxe '60s Reviewed by: SilverRock113, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 1399

Purchased from: Guitarcenter

Features: -Made in the USA in 2010 -22 Frets with a 24.75 Neck Scale -Rosewood Fretboard (Ebony on Silverburst Model) -60's Neck Profile -Mahogany Neck and Body with a Maple Top -Carved Top -Set Neck -Corian Nut -Grover Non-Locking Tuners -Neck Pickup: 490R with Coil Tap -Bridge Pickup: Burstbucker Pro with Coil Tap -Chrome Hardware -TOM Bridge -Case Included // 10

Sound: I play anything from Children of Bodom to the Big 4 (Metallica Anthrax Slayer Megadeth) to Led Zeppelin and this fits my style very well. Even though I'm using a Marshall MG15FX I can still get a solid tone for my playing style. The guitar can be noisy with feedback at high volume. It has a great sound with a coil tap. This guitar is versatile with the addition of coil tap. The coil tap however can be as twangy as a tele, that to me is awesome. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set-up well at the factory. The action was really low which is great for me. The neck is really comfortable for me but can be sticky at times. The pickup height was a little higher than I like so that was taken care of. No loose controls, the pickup selector is a little noisy but not noticeable. The finish can be a bit sticky at times but thats what a soft cloth is for. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I've actually never played this live yet but the hardware seems like it'll last. The problem is the strap buttons which are as small as a thumb tack but I'll get them changed for some Schaller Straplocks. I could use it in a gig without a backup as long as I get straplocks but I play in different tunings so I would bring a backup just for that. The finish and hardware seems like it'll last a lifetime. // 9

Overall Impression: I play anything from classic rock to full on death metal and this fits so very well. I've actually been playing for more than 2 years. If it was stolen I would find the thief, and torture him and his family. If it happened to be lost however, I would save up money to buy another one. I saw this at a guitarcenter begging to be played and I just loved it and I couldn't let go. I wish it had a Floyd Rose though... but thats no problem. // 10

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overall: 9.6
Les Paul Studio Deluxe '60s Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 1399.99

Purchased from: Musician's Friend

Features: Made in the USA, this 22-fret lower-end Les Paul does not look, feel or more importantly sound like a lower-end Paul. Rosewood Fretboard with trapezoidal inlays just scream Les Paul, and the iconic single cutaway body shape is weight-relieved, not solid, but the mahogany body and maple top makes it sound nice and rich besides. I have mine in the Vintage Sunburst and while the plain top does make you wish for more if you're a fan of the flame top, the color and finish grows on you quite quickly. No binding on the Studio models, but for $500 less under the Traditional, that's not a big deal and I think it makes the guitar look a bit cleaner in general. Pickups are a 490R in the Neck (as identical to the regular Studio models) but with the higher end Burstbucker Pro in the bridge. Both pickups are tappable. Grover Tuners, Tune-o-matic Stopbar Tailpiece. Mine came with a Gibson USA hard shell case that happened to have a humidifier in it, even though my buddy who bought one a couple months later did not get one with a humidifier. Weird. // 10

Sound: I play just about every type of rock on this guitar from Mumford And Sons to AC/DC and Iron Maiden and Metallica. I am using it with only a Marshall JVM210C 2x12 amp. Very nice amp, and I prefer the combo setup as opposed to a half stack. Noise-wise, I have only noticed a slight hum at higher volumes, but that is to be expected. I even noticed it on the Les Paul Supreme I played once at the local music shop with the same amp. Honestly you can get almost any sound out of this. The clean is what people usually care about most, and while it still sounds very Les Paul/Marshall and sounds like it is holding back, when you tinker with a nice amp you can get a very pure clean sound out of this thing. Took me about 5 minutes with the new amp to get the clean I liked. Sounds both bright and rich on all channels, and I tried hitting all legendary Les Paul tones from Guns And Roses, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, Maiden, Ozzy, AC/DC, etc... And was amazed I was able to get EXTREMELY close if not exactly with this guitar. My buddy's dad is a big Les Paul freak and owns about 20 over the years, and after we both played this, while some Les Pauls he has are unbelievable, this he would reluctantly admit was the most versatile. Consider it a "Jack of all trades, master of none." You can make this sound like just about anything, but if a higher end Les Paul can make the same sound, it will do it all the better. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Guitar came really well set up from the factory. Action was medium-low, which is nice for me since I pick, finger pick and thumbpick. Pickups were a little high for my liking, but that is an easy fix. The top didn't even look like more than one piece. Perfectly bookmatched. Although, I did get to choose between three at the warehouse, so that might not just me being lucky. Very well matched. I didn't notice any flaws over the last month at at all, I noticed the nut was pinching my B string when I first changed strings of the same guage, but that too is a reasonably easy fix with some know-how. Controls were solid and pickup selector felt very high grade and precise. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have played live at charity concerts with this and it has zero problems in a larger sound system like a large PA, etc. No hum or anything. I have gotten many compliments for my guitar. The hardware feels very solid. No sinking or wiggling. Strap buttons are solid, but it's my first "expensive-ish" guitar, so I installed strap locks to be double sure. Felt good before but I'm just being careful. You can depend on this guitar. Doesn't detune at all once set up correctly. Would I use it without a backup? No chance. But then again I wouldn't use a Gibson Les Paul Supreme without a backup. That's a stupid question. Always have a backup. Thus far I have had yet to Switch to my backup Strat. Finish feels really good. Without binding the edge might chip with age, but it's been six months and nothing for me. But then again I'm more careful than most. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar has yet to fail me for tone. I can get almost anything out of this. A few harder tones were some early Pink Floyd, late AC/DC and Red Hot Chili Peppers. But with a few minutes tinkering it hasn't failed me yet. I've been playing for about 14 years now. I don't take it as serious as most other guys I know with that experience, so I don't practice as much as I should but I can play pretty well. I know guys who have been playing longer who play worse. I'm kind of in the middle of the pack. If this were ever stolen or lost, I would buy it again immediately, and then hunt down the low-life who stole this beauty. I love everything about this guitar. Lack of tremolo has halted me a couple times, but it's a Les Paul. You shouldn't be expecting one and it's not that big of a deal. It's nicely weighted and hasn't failed me yet. I compared this to the Les Paul Studio, Fender American Standard Stratocaster, a few PRS Guitars and honestly, Les is More. Bottom line, if you are looking for: Unparalleled versatility, sexy finishes, great AMERICAN Les Paul quality and feel and you don't want to spend $2000+ to get a high end Les Paul, this will do just nicely. 60's neck got me to spend an extra $80 on this over the 50's neck in the regular Les Paul Studio. Nice, thinner and more responsive in my opinion. Don't go any further, this is the guitar you want if you are a player looking for a REAL, UNDENIABLE and UNBEATABLE guitar at this price range. Best Guitar I have EVER played under $1500. Just make sure you have at least an $800 amp or so. I played this over a cheapy Marshall and Fender and it sounds no better than my first Squier Strat. I would recommend a Vox Valvetronix or Fender Super Sonic if you wanna go cheaper than a Marshall MA50C. // 10

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overall: 8.6
Les Paul Studio Deluxe '60s Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 1399

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This model was made on March 24th 2011 in the U.S.A. I actually walked into the store looking for a Standard and was surprised when they had this one and it was the only one which they had just gotten. It has 22 frets 60's style neck (which is thinner and lighter than the standards) It's your Standard Les Paul Studio with a Vintage sunburst but the kicker on these is the Burstbucker 3 Pro and 490R pickups in the Bridge and neck respectfully. It comes with a hardshell case which fits it so snug and looks retro with the white interior. // 10

Sound: Alright well this is the Killer for most guitars right? In the store I played it through a Marshall stack and it sounded great then I played it through a solid state and even an A/B amp I couldnt find one thing I didn't like about the sound. BUT... I took it home and I have a Mesa Boogie all tube combo amp along with an Orange solid state and a few others and at low volumes a.k.a studio volumes this thing breaks up on that burstbucker pro which I'm guessing is what its supposed to do, unfortunately I cranked the tubes and at high volumes it broke up way too much. I'm not a huge fan of the 490R in the neck I've always seen it as a Bridge pickup and it has a lot of crunch to it which is what I was expecting although its not what I completely want out of a neck pickup. It also has coil taps which give you that single coil sound, unfortunately once you get used to the humbuckers on this thing even if you want to use it it just sounds too tinny and weak although up to a Strat it probably sounds just as good but after diluting my ears with massive humbucker power its kind of hard to pull that knob up and get a weaker sound. In the end I went with this because I know longer tour and I mostly do soundtracks and backing tracks to various projects around here so its PERFECT for me in the studio but live I think it breaks up way too easy and that neck pickup has way to much mid and bass for me but I can make it work at low volumes and messing with the EQ. For me it's a 10, but overall taking everything I can in to account and it being a Gibson which is rated on such a high Standard I would have to rate it a little lower. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: This thing was perfectly set up and the intonation was spot on but I did find a few flaws on the fret where glue had built up on the fretboard. This happened with frets 20-22 but for me it was an easy fix as I serve as my own guitar tech but STILL it's friggin Gibson and if your going to charge 1000 and up for even your lower models they better be perfect well in my opinion anyway but against every other guitar I've bought its definitely a great finsih, stunning actually, great electronics and the build was fantastic just some glue residue so I can't be too picky. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Live, it would definitely hold up except for my personal sound issues as above, it's lighter than a Standard and to me the perfect weight for a guitar about 7ish pounds adds Killer sustain and tone without a broken vertabrae. I would get great strap locks and a heavy well supporting strap to go along with it. And all I can say about durablility is its a Gibson these things are meant to last forever and unless something to the contrary shows me otherwise I will stand by that. // 9

Overall Impression: I play blues, rock, alternative, classical, and some metal (nothing crazy) and with the pickups and thinner neck and weight I can play all these and really just about anything that I wanted but to me the sound is all about EQ and the right amp, atmosphere, and player. Keith Richards once said he could take ANY guitar and amp and make it just how he wanted to sound in about 30 minutes and I believe this but Gibson definitely makes it a lot easier to get great sound and playability with this thing, you won't be dissapointed if you but it and after all it is a studio version, the humbuckers are fantastic at low volumes which is what they are designed to be and they leave limitless customazation with the coil-splits and tone knobs which actually have a great effect on the tone of the guitar. I plan to have this the rest of my life and plan on it being a workhorse and maybe one day I'll get a Standard as well but for now and this price and where I'm at it fits ME perfectly its up to you to decide if it what do the same. I hope this helped. Rock on. // 8

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overall: 9.4
Les Paul Studio Deluxe '60s Reviewed by: p0ultry, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 1125

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: This is a 2011 model, made in the USA. It has the 22 fret 60's style neck with rosewood fingerboard. Maple cap over mahogany body. Mahogany neck as well. I got mine in Iced Teaburst. Tune-o-matic bridge. 490R pickup in the neck, burstbucker pro in the bridge. It has the upgraded pots. Grover locking tuners as well. Came with a very snug case. // 10

Sound: Very good tone when using my Carvin Valvemaster 100 with a tube screamer. Almost SRV-ish. Doesn't sound as well through my 5150 II head, but I can't really see myself playing metal on this anyway, that's what Ibanez is for, but still a 9 for that lack of versatility. For blues and classic rock, its spot-on. Lots of "bite" in the pickups. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Action was perfect for me. No issues with pickup height. Beautifully bookmatched top. There is a flaw in the wood on the top of the cap. 9 for that because its super obvious. Not a dealbreaker though. All the hardware is very well attached and fitted. The lack of binding on these models is made up for with the "natural binding" of the maple cap which gives it a unique look over the other lower end LP models like the faded. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Have not gigged with it, but I don't believe that I would have any issues doing so. It is good and heavy and very solid feeling in all aspects. Excellent quality. I use the Dunlop straplock system and haven't had any issues. The original buttons seemed really small. Gave it a 9 for that fact. These things are notorious for broken necks to begin with, they should just come with straplocks from the get-go. Finish is great. // 9

Overall Impression: I play blues, classic rock and metal mostly. I have been playing about 17 years. I also own: - Ibanez S520EX - Ibanez RG320DXQM - custom semi-hollowbody Tele - Fender MIM Strat - Epiphone Les Paul Jr along with a few no name or home made Strat copies. Amps consist of: - Carvin Valvemaster 100 with matching cabinet, containing Carvin V12 speakers. - Peavey 5150 II head with bias mod - Fender Princeton chorus combo - Line 6 HD150 Spider III head - acoustic B200 (for bass). The only thing that I wish I had done differently was gotten a different color, but iced teaburst is not unsexy. If it were lost or stolen, I would definitely get another one. I can't think of a feature it has that I don't like. I do wish it had come with the pick guard and pickup covers though. Fairly easily remedied though. I played a few other Les Pauls when I went in to get one and this one, for the price, was right on par with the more expensive models. Of course I was playing it through a $1300 Mesa tube combo amp, but it sounds awesome on my stuff too. // 10

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overall: 8.2
Les Paul Studio Deluxe '60s Reviewed by: dsl201, on november 09, 2012
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Price paid: $ 1399

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Features: - USA Made - 22 Frets - Mahogany Body - Maple Top - Vintage Sunburst Finish - Burstbucker Pro in the Bridge - 490R in the Neck - Coil Splitters for Both Pickups - 12" Neck Radius with 60's Profile - Grover Tuners (nice touch) - Hardshell Case Included (expected for this price range) I was drawn to this particular Les Paul due to the 60's neck, pickups, and price. The coil tapping was an important feature for me since I sold a custom G&L Strat to buy this and I wanted the ability to get some single coil tones. One of my other guitars is a '96 Les Paul Studio with the 50's neck and I wanted something slimmer so this fit the bill. Since I swapped out the stock tuners for Grovers on any Les Pauls I own/have owned, I thought this was a nice touch. Basically I get the tuners that I would have installed anyways without the extra set of holes they leave behind. I do like that it does not weigh as much as my '96 since I have a smaller frame and it is much easier on my shoulder. Overall, this is a tough category to rate since I wouldn't have bought this guitar if it didn't have the features that I wanted - although I would have personally liked a pickguard. // 9

Sound: The sound of this guitar seems most suitable for classic rock/blues due to the Burstbucker, but depending on your own amp/effects setup it could cover a lot of ground. I purposely wanted the Burstbucker Pro in the bridge since it was "airy" and more "open" than the 498T in my '96 Studio. I play through a Marshall DSL201 tube amp which gets a fairly nice clean for a Marshall and channel two is as dirty as I need it to be. With the gain channel, I get decent articulation from the Burstbucker and nice bite. It seems to like a Plexi tone more than sonic saturation so the harder genres of metal may not be the best fit. The 490R in the neck does its job and when played clean it gets a nice jazz vibe. As I mentioned in the features section, I sold a Strat and wanted a Les Paul with coil splits for added versatility. By no means does it equate to a Strat, but it does help with the clean tones and adds some "snap". When playing dirty, I prefer to go with all of the coils since that is part of the magic of a Les Paul through a tube driven Marshall. I do like the sound of running the full humbucker in the bridge with the neck split for some tonal variety. For the record, I set out to play the two Studio Deluxes that GC had in stock and a Silverburst Studio (Same basic features, but the 498T in the bridge for the Silverburst) with the winner of the shootout coming home with me. I always start out playing unplugged to get the acoustic tone of the guitar prior to plugging it in. While I loved the look of the Silverburst, the tone just didn't hold up in my opinion. I believe that the main difference is that this model is "weight relieved" while the Silverburst is "chambered". The other Studio Deluxe was a Cherry Sunbburst which I did not like as much(sound and cosmetic issues listed below). In summary, I like the capabilities this has to offer, try different guitars even if they are the same model, and no guitar will do it all. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was playable off of the shelf and I understand that a guitar goes through a lot from the manufacturer to the showroom. I don't want to make excuses for Gibson, but I would have liked it set up better from the factory so that playing each of there guitars at the store would be more "apples for apples". Also, I know that the higher end models are Plek'd and it would be nice touch to have it on all of their models given the cost (G&L does it for all of their USA models and the price points are about the same as this one). GC knew that I was coming in and they had their tech do a minor setup on the three Les Pauls that I was going to play - kudos to them. Ultimately, I take my guitars to my own guy and he sets them up for me so I am not too picky when playing in the store. The finish on this guitar was solid with the top bookmatched nicely. It had light figuring which was nice, but I would have liked a little more for the price. I really thought that I would like the Heritage Cherry Sunburst better judging from internet images, but it left a lot to be desired in person (at least this particular in-stock model). The Vintage Sunburst that I walked out with was sharp and I was never really a fan before. Regarding the Cherry Sunburst model, I was really disappointed that the pickup rings were warped which immediately turned me off. If I were GC, I wouldn't have put it on the floor like that and if it came that way from Gibson, shame on them. I will shave a few points for that even though I was satisfied with the one I purchased. There should be some consistency. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I can't comment yet on durability since I have only had it for a month. My '96 Studio is still going strong and recently survived a tumble when leaned against a chair at a gig (dumb move on my part) without snapping the neck. I have no reason to doubt that with care and attention this Les Paul will be fine as well. With two young sons and a blind dog that knocks over everything in his path, time will tell. I would never gig without a backup so that is not an issue. The only thing I will do at this point is install straplocks. It only makes sense to spend $30 to protect a $1399 purchase. In other words, I don't trust any standard strap buttons. While this may be subjective, I will knock off some points since I wish they would come standard with the locks. Overall, I am really not sure how to rate this category since we will have to see what the future holds so I will spin the wheel and see what number we land on for the final number. // 8

Overall Impression: I have been playing for 30 years and have played, or still own, the following: '96 Studio (still own), 2011 Les Paul 60's Tribute (sold to buy my Marshall), Kramer American Pacer and Kramer Focus (both in the 80's - wish I still had the Pacer), Schecter Damien Elite FR (never used the Floyd), G&L ASAT Tribute (still own -love the bite), custom made G&L S500 Strat (sold to buy this Les Paul), Charvel San Dimas 2-2H (sold), Jackson Dinky (import model - gave it to a nephew). There is no dominant style that I play and I love all types of music so this is a decent match for me. Would I buy another one? Probably, but I would look around first. I think they did a great job of packaging some nice features into a Relatively decent price. If I could find a similar guitar with these features in this price range, it would be silly not to at least pursue it as well. // 8

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