Les Paul Studio Gothic review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.1 (30 votes)
Gibson: Les Paul Studio Gothic

Price paid: $ 1700

Purchased from: Local Shop

Sound — 9
This guitar is above anything else a Metal/Hard Rock guitar. It sounds great no matter what guitar you compare it to. The guitar have a fat sound that is excellent for playing heavy riffs and solos. You can play any style on this guitar and it will do well, but if you don't play hard rock or metal mainly you should consider buying something else. The clean sound on this guitar is to my surprise excellent compared to other and more expensive Les Paul models. You get a really warm and nice tone and it works very well for playing ballads. An excellent guitarists that like to play Hard Rock/Metal and ballads.

Overall Impression — 8
I have played a lot of guitars. Everything from the best Gibson guitars, to the best Fenders to the best Ibanez, Jackson, Dean PRS etc. Of course you cannot compare the Gibson Les Paul Studio Gothic model to the top models in quality, but when it comes to sound this guitar is not as good as the very best, but it sounds good enough to make anyone Who tries it say: Hold S***, this guitar sounds awesome". Don`t you dare compare this guitar to any Epiphone Les Paul, This is another level of guitar. There is no Epiphone Les Paul I have played that is even close to this guitar. It is also one of the most comfortable guitars I have ever played (That goes for Les Paul generally). Personally I like everything about this guitar. It sounds great to any style of music (I mostly play metal and blues though), and it is comfortable to play. If it were lost or stolen I would probably buy something more expensive. If you can save up 1700 dollars you can probably save up 1000 more ;)

Reliability & Durability — 9
It is a solid guitar that you can trust, and it will do the job. I will probably have this guitar for ever (at least I hope) There is no problems preforming to a Live audience with this guitar. You should ALWAYS have a backup guitar when you play a gig, it doesn't matter if you have a guitar that costs a million dollars. Playing a gig without backup is just dumb. Anything can happen.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
It is a very comfortable guitar to play, Your fingers wont get tired and the neck is really fast. I have nothing negative to say in this area. It is what you should expect from something you have payed 1700 dollars for. No flaws.

Features — 9
Made in 2001. The Black Satin finish is a very minimalistic one. Ordinary Les Paul features. 22 fret, ebony fretboard. It's heavy. Mahogany neck and back, with a maple top. Has the 59 rounded LP neck, which is a really comfortable neck to play on. EMG 81 in bridge and 85 in neck. 2 volume and 2 tone knobs. 3 way selector. Tune-O-Matic bridge.

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    the picture is an epiphone... these guitars are crap... you could buy an ibanez with equal quality at something close to half the price. Gibsons are overrated unless you're good/famous enough to be given one free '
    I own an eclipse, and I thought it was a better sound for a while... But as we all know the first time we heard a boss metal zone we thought it was awesome too! A most highly underrated weapon and my favorite! All the links in the chain make a difference. I have forged mine. The original "Gibson les Paul gothic" is number 1 as standard in my kit, with the ESP eclipse/Jackson sl1soloist sitting on reserve.
    Had one since 2002, my favorite guitar! Play Eflat in my band, trad/power/riff metal. Though messa dual rec, is quite simply pure gold. Been a while since I played with the wiring trying various things to find the elusive perfect sound, from disconnecting the caps from the pots, new pots def has switch trouble but no biggy
    I own one of these myself and it sure as hell kicks @SS! I bought mine used but mint, in 2008 at about 750,- I've gone through a lot of different guitars (Ibanez (2 different RGs and a JS), Jackson RR, Another LP studio, An SG and a couple of Epiphones and this one is by far my favorite. The biggest plusses are the ebony fretboard and of course THE SOUND!!! I dont think i've heard a guitar that matches a solidbody les in warmth and sustain. It's heavy as hell, but hey - More wood means more sound and more sound gives me more wood The downsides are: All controls on an LP are placed so far away from the hand. Which I find kinda weird. And another thing: The PU-selector appears to be a common weakness in Gibsons and Epiphones. I've had to replace them on three different models including this one. I'd like to know though; Where did you hear that it comes with EMGs? I had an Epiphone "Scroll" fittet with EMGs and they sound nothing like this guitar (They where boring so I re-replaced them) But I allways thought they where standard 490R-498Ts!? I know it's an old post, but if somebody out there knows anyting about this, I'd like to know as it sounds pretty weird...
    The 1700$ are worth ! One of the heavyest sounds i`ve evere heard. I play it for about 3 years now and it`s a killer ! Cheers
    Warheart1188 wrote: Why on earth did that guitar cost $1700? It's a $400 guitar!
    Because it has a 1300$ Gibson-sticker on it.
    Oh, they don't make the Gibson model anymore and all there is are the Epi's. That explains it.
    filthylittleboy wrote: the picture is an epiphone... these guitars are crap... you could buy an ibanez with equal quality at something close to half the price. Gibsons are overrated unless you're good/famous enough to be given one free '
    Boy, you don't do a lot of research, do you? Gibsons (standards, customs, etc.) are expensive because of all the inlay and binding (which is done by hand) and paint jobs. The studio and faded versions are, aside from pickups and ocassionally tuners, the exact same as any other guitar from the Gibson USA factory. They don't look as pretty, but the parts that contribute to the sound are identical, for 1/3rd to 2/3rds the price. I have a Les Paul faded and a Les Paul Doublecut Standard. Both are amazing guitars, and were worth every penny. Neither have tuning or intonation issues when I play someplace hotter or colder than my apartment either, unlike the Epiphones and Ibanezes I used to own. A good product is a good product, plain and simple. I always use car analogies, and here's another one. I would rather own a used, no-option BMW or Volvo than a brand-new, optioned-out Honda or Taurus. Sure the newer cars look better, have more features, and probably have more horsepower. But the older cars are built like tanks and are reliable as all hell. A couple years ago I had a late-80s BMW 3-series that stuck to winter roads just as well as my friends' new econoboxes with their traction control. It started as reliably (or moreso) in subzero temperatures than most newer cars too. There are a LOT of people in this world that put reliability before any other selling point. This is why people like myself buy Gibsons and American Fenders. Sure you can get a guitar that sounds just as good off the rack for much less - I won't argue that. But will it still be as good after you've beaten the crap out of it and dropped it a few times after several years? Hell no.
    just get an eclipse. has the EMGs already there and sound way better. and they look better.
    look, if youre gonna spend the money for a studio, then why not go standard, they sound so much better, and they are just better guitars
    gibson is going way down. The CEO is a dick and guess what they are in court right now because of ilegal wood transaction from madagascar( guilty or not we will see).
    Wiintruder wrote: yeah, for that price u could have got the epi les paul goth and change the hardware...u would get "almost" the same guitar for much less
    Umm ... for the same price you could have got a worse guitar for much less ...???
    Isn't the point of a studio guitar to cut back on the aesthetics to cut down on the price?? Then what's the point of making an aesthetically pleasing studio guitar? Maybe I just don't quite get it.
    Chozodragon wrote: 81 and 85 exist in passive versions ? *noob*
    It doesn't say so anywhere. The pickups just don't have the smooth caps they usually do. Noob
    yeah, for that price u could have got the epi les paul goth and change the hardware...u would get "almost" the same guitar for much less
    I actually bought new (On sale) for 10 000Kr (Norwegian). That is 1700 American dollars. Normal price for a Gibson Les Paul Studio in Norway is over 2000 Dollars ( Everything is expensive in Norway). If you want the guitar cheaper than 1700 dollars you have to buy it used or export it from another country.
    Cionnaith MacRi
    I have a Gothic SG. It's a great axe. However I wonder about the price you paid. The Gothic series are available used for from 400 to 1200. It seems to me like you paid a premium price. I paid 400 for my SG and I like it better than either of my LP's, primarily on account of the weight.
    death eater
    Looks very nice and sounds pretty sweet. Like Everything I buy, I would probably put in either EMG 85 or Seymore Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge position. If I do the dimebucker, EMG 85 in the neck as well.
    Just in case someone like me looks this string up, they come stock with 496R and 500T pups. That's HOT!!!