Les Paul Traditional Pro review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (95 votes)
Gibson: Les Paul Traditional Pro

Price paid: $ 1799

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 9
Oh, the sustaaaaiiinnnnnnn! Great sounding pick ups. Alot like expensive aftermarkets. Coil tapping changes everything. Get Jimmy Page, Slash, BB King, modern Country, great clean sounds along with everything a Lester should be! My personal fav is selector in mid position, bridge humbucker vol. full up and dial in about 6 on coil tapped neck pick up vol. Great all around clean and distorted rhythm sound!

Overall Impression — 10
This guitar was ment to fill a Les Paul void for a long time Fender man. Now after using it alot (constantly), I'm seeing the great flexability the coil tapped pickups can have. I play rock, blues, jazz, some country, and praise and worship. This is a great one guitar fits all guitar. It is fist and foremost a Les Paul, but can imitate a Strat and tele pretty good in a pinch.

Reliability & Durability — 9
Lester's are famous for neck cracks so I always watch how it is stored. I recommend putting locking strap buttons on also. The top one slips off of straps alot. The binding around the body and neck are great for protecting against those little bumps. The wiring and push/pull pots are a good quality. Should be very reliable and hold up well in the long run. It's a solid feeling instrument. I expect it to hold up to constant playing and traveling.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This was the big suprise for me. After years of dropping down two grand only to go home and spend 3 hours setting a big name guitar up to play descent, this Les Paul neede nothing. And still after a month of steady playing, I still can't find anything to tweak! Just check yours out real good at the store, pick the best one of the rack and you won't be sorry.

Features — 10
I got this 2010 Trad Pro on Black Fri. Benn reading about them for a year. I'm mostly a Fender man, but needed that Lester sound in my arsenal. This is by far the best Les Paul model available for the money! I've been playing for 27yrs now and am a Berklee alumni, I'v been around the block(twice, ha). The Plek fret job is for real. This sounded suspect to me in the ads, but it really plays great all over the neck. This is a lighter Paul but not chambered. Very comfortable with a good paded strap. Pick ups sound great for most styles and coil tapping helps get a quick Fenderish sound on the fly. Locking tuners are a plus. Over all I would recomend this to those who always buy the stock guitar and then have to spend $300 more bucks to hot rod it up. Gibson has already done that here. This thing is ready to go from the store to the stage, no joke.

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    Just picked one up and I agree with everything the original reviewer said. As regards price, My local GC was listing it at $1,799. But they run specials all the time....I got 15% off for a final price of $1,530. I agree that 2k would be pricey. But you really don't have to pay that.
    why does people who complaint about the price of the Gibsons only bash the two beggest brand .fender and gibson ?? if gibson arent worth the money , than neither are PRS ,or any hand made guitar ... gibson are for form bing the most expensive on the market . but people who bash gibson or fender custom etc .. saying they arent worth 2000 $ seem to think a 2700 $ PRS is worth it . if a gibson isnt worth 2000 $ .. than many other arent either . simple as that. If you cant recognize that american profesionnal luthier cost more than korean workers .. well thats your problem . no guitar is worth 3000-4000 when you count how much $$$ its really worth .
    I found a brand new 2011 (built in Oct 2011) LP TRAD PRO on the top shelf at GC for $1799. This baby Purrrs like a content cat, and SCREEMS when you get her all riled up. None of the other guitars I compared her to resonated quite as nice to me, she has that beautiful LP sound. I like the variety of tones I get from the different pickups and coil tapping. I put her on layaway in early May and picked her up on Thursday. Every time I went in to make a payment I brought her out and played. OH she turned some heads every time. She doesnt have a scratch; shes one of those rare solid (no burst) Heritage Cherry translucent red Maple tops with sweet wood grain. The color is eye popping, brilliant, almost translucent metallic looking. The rest is a beautiful darker satin Mahogany. I got a lot of comments WOW thats Beautiful is it yours? Soon I said, or That guitar really sounds great and its gorgeous. As you can see Im all warm and fuzzy about my decision to pay the doe, cuz this LP was defiantly the way to go! OH,, and with that GC 15% off it only set me back $1633 after taxes. Ya you critics can spend less, then nickel and dime the difference on some BS and end up with WHAT!,, YA WHAT EVER!
    I got mine in September of 2011 - it was a 2011 model. Went to the store looking for an SG with P90s, and then picked this up - i was just blown away (sorry that is overused on this page but it is true) I put a b5 bigsby on it but later took it off because there is a reason why TOM bridges are made the way they are. I can live without any whammy or tremolo because this guitar si so good.. I played a gig where we did ramblin man by the ABB. I plugged played the solos with no boost, no effects, nothing. Just played through my Vox ac30 on the normal channel - i was amamzed at the response of the pickups and how solid the guitar felt. I came from playing strats and they need so much - compressors boosters, and overdrives. this guitar played in clean tone is just monsterous to me. a thing of beauty. how does it get any better than this?
    Great guitar once you put a bone nut on it and get a proper setup, I don't know how Gibson can let guitars out the door the way I got mine. The Plek'd thing is just a way for them to save money. I prefer a human to set mine up. Just my opinion.
    I own a PRS Tremonti SE (2014). I upgraded it with Tone Rider Pick Ups and added the LP selector washer because I always wanted a LP. I bought it because I love the look of a LP and couldn't justify the Gibson price. Last month I was in GC trying an Epi Plus top pro. Hated the way it felt and it didn't sound all that good. I picked up Les Paul Traditional Pro II (2013) and fell in love. Tonal wise it sounds close to the PRS. Fit and finish are the same. Feels like my PRS, but the Gibson Pick Ups rip. After running it through a VOX AC30 I was plucking down 1500 for a new/old stock LP Trad. Pro. I have to say I absolutely love it.
    I own 13 guitars.. 4 of them are Epi's, 2 of those are Les Pauls... about 3 months a go, I got my Traditional Pro... to try to compare my Epi Les Pauls to the Gibson is like comparing a Pickup Truck to a Van... Yep.. they'll both carry the load, but one does it differently. Are Gibsons worth the money.. Yep.. If you can't afford one, don't buy one...
    The best thing that ever happened to me was the Traditional Pro II and here's why... I played 2 TRAD PRO II's at my local GC and didn't care for them. Played just about everything else in the store worth playing and wasn't very impressed (even with a nice used PRS they had). I found a beautiful red LP in the "high end" room and jammed it a bit through a Fender Twin Reverb. It sounded awesome. I played it for quite a while and it grew more and more on me... I just couldn't put it down. Finally the guy comes back and says oh you're back on those... I say back on what? I had no idea it was an orig. Trad Pro with Push/Pull pots. I had been playing it humbucking the whole time and could care less about the extra split coil feature (although it's fun to play around with). So I checked the price tag... $1199 on clearance!!!!! The salesman even looked surprised. So although I wasn't impressed by the Trad Pro II, I love it. If it didn't exist, I couldn't have gotten such a steal on this Trad Pro that I love so much. Every guitar is different.. you can have 10 examples of the same damn thing whether Made in USA, MIM, MIJ, whatever... some of them are winners and some just aren't. This particular guitar is a beast with beautiful clean tones (no BS) and very sick ran hot... not to mention a gorgeous color. It's my favorite guitar already. No offense to the Guitar Center Salesman guy on here, but being a salesman doesn't make you a guitar connoisseur. For all we know you're tone deaf, but at least take into consideration that the individual guitar is what matters. I have an upgraded MIM tele that I wouldn't trade for any factory Fender tele. It's hard for some people to grasp but that's their problem.