Reverse Flying V review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.4 (167 votes)
Gibson: Reverse Flying V

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Sound — 10
The Reverse Flying V Completely suites my style of music witch is classic rock and metal styles. I prefer to use Vox amps, because it allows you to create sounds and save them on it. I don't, however, use any add-on effects because the amp supplies all the effects you could need in it. it is deffenitly noisey on the "nu-metal" setting but not to distorted.

Overall Impression — 10
My playing style is mostly metal. Metal music and Reverse Flying V are agreat match. I, myself, have been playing for 8 years and counting. If it were stolen I wouldn't and couldn't because it was a lot of money (not saying I didn't love it) and I can't beacause there are none left anywhere, there were only 400 of them made and I was lucky enough to get one. What I love about this guitar is everything. There is nothing the hate about, just some things that I thought would've been better. The one thing I wish it had was tone knobs.

Reliability & Durability — 8
It would deffenitly withstand Live performances. All the hardware seems like it would last a very long time. The strap buttons are solid, but there not wide enough. Strap holders fix that problem easily. It is deffenitly dependable and trustworthy enough that you wouldn't need a backup ir you were playing a gig.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
In my opinion, I think the Reverse Flying V is Perfect. Eccept the pickup selector clicks when you change it. The cord input jack sometimes comes loose but that's easy enough to fix. The bridge pickup is just slightly croked. Overall the guitar is great I'm lucky to have one.

Features — 10
This stunningly beautiful guitar was made in 2007, due to major requests from a lot of people. It was made in the USA. It has 22 frets on a rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck. The body is made with mahogany. The finish is trans amber. The bridge style is the Tune-O-Matic. The controls for it are one volume and a 3-way toggle switch. The nack and bridge pickups are both 1957 classic. The machine heads are Green Keys. Sadly, there are no accessories that come with the guitar.

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    PoP N FresH
    it looks like (insert your most hated guitarist or crappy punk group) got violent diaorrhea from some poor qulity spicy seafood curry and crapped a tornado in a guitar store and this monstrosity was the result. i hate it.
    I can't believe people buy these guitars. It just screams "ooh, look at me and my fancy guitar!"
    this really is the ugliest guitar ever made. and when they released this on their guitar of the week campaign, they had the audacity to release another version of it later on! not only is it ugly but i'm willing to bet that its extremely uncomfortable to play. F minus gibson, go back to the drawing board. PS- i think this is the first time that everyone who's posted has actually agreed on something.
    Very comfortable to play sitting down, a bit of a challenge standing up but incredible sound!
    traumetal wrote: When will UG be reviewing the Gibson Robot guitar ??
    when someone from UG buys one and plays it enough to have an opinion
    y'know, i read a study suggesting that the price paid generally affects the users view of the product. for instance, you enjoy a glass of wine more if you know it costs $100 a bottle. sounds like the same scenario right here.
    I can't believe how many people just seem to really hate this guitar with a passion. I think it's rather smashing just for the sheer bizarreness of it.
    Weybl Himself
    led_zep_1789, in case you didn;t know, Dick is short for Richard. And as for the guitar, it probably sound's great, but it's gotta be about the dumbest looking thing on the planet
    OH F**K this thing is so ugly! Must be the ugliest guitar ever made by Gibson
    dinkyfendersg wrote: Horrible...horrible fret access, uncomfortable design, probably sounds ok, but just looks terrible overall.
    yet you've never played one
    regardless of is sound and durability etc, i personally think this is one of the ugliest guitar shapes. it seems to me, along with the robot guitar, that gibson are 'pushing the boundries' in the wrong direction
    Given the fact he bought it from, I wonder if he was paid to write this. As for the guitar itself, I would buy it on sheer novelty to play "Breakin the Law".
    i'm sure none of the sixty people saying it's ugly would accept it if someone came to their door and offered them a free one. because it is so ugly. the letter v is hideous. the music machine makes me want to puke.
    They made this because they know that there are many crazy fans, who buy anything that is Gibson.
    Wow. This thing is uglier than that retarded guy from the Goonies. And I can't imagine it being comfortable at all to play, either. Maybe if it would play by itself and get you a beer during a gig and you planned on destroying it on stage and then using the broken remains to beat emo kids with after the show, then it MIGHT (most extreme use of that word, by the way) be cool... Nope. Nevermind. It would still suck.
    metalsincebirth wrote: wow we all agree on something. theres a ****in first for UG.
    Yay for unity!!! *holds up UG flag*
    Crooked pickups Noisy on high gain Bad pickup selector Ass-ugly TERRIBLE upper fret access $1000+ This seems like THE worst guitar, dollar for dollar, that has ever come out.
    MetalMilitia212 wrote: Crooked pickups Noisy on high gain Bad pickup selector Ass-ugly TERRIBLE upper fret access $1000+ This seems like THE worst guitar, dollar for dollar, that has ever come out.
    Not to mention the ugliest.
    Sorry for double posting but It would make a really nice thing to throw at people! Think, it's the next best murder weapon! The Arrow guitar!!! MUHAHAHA!
    Mrtomtwo wrote: personally i like them (wait's for atomic blast of abuse) i like the weird shapes that gibson come out with and if you look at the past the flying V was almost stopped because of it being unpopular with 'Refined' Guitarists, the same with the explorer
    yes but i liek the v and the explorer is my favorite guitar of all time but this is hideous
    Horrible...horrible fret access, uncomfortable design, probably sounds ok, but just looks terrible overall.
    i have to say it does not look that nice *cuddles proper V and protects it from seeing the picture*.
    AnimatedHand wrote: lol in the review it ses its "stunnigly beatiful"
    perhaps he likes it i dont think its as bad as everyone says. people are alowwed there own opinions
    Actually i think this guitar has more benefit for being named the V. It looks like one for sure so not to much on that part. Must be hard to actually play it too.
    when someone from UG buys one and plays it enough to have an opinion
    whats the point? most people give there guitars a 10 anyway
    9.99999 not a 10 but very close. Takes a while to learn how to play it.
    that is officially the most repulsive thing i have seen, i wouldnt be caught dead with that thing
    Very neck heavy guitar. Looks ridiculous. Why would anyone want to play one of these?
    i agree it looks retarded. i generally like gibsons although i could never afford them but thats a step backwards...
    That's gotta be about the weirdest idea for a guitar ever. Yeah, I can see probably where they got the idea from, and it probably has good upper fret access, but it's definately gonna have some balance issues. Plus it looks strange.
    Stunningly beautiful? I started laughing there and gave up on this review