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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (166 votes)
Gibson: SG Classic

Price paid: $ 1281

Purchased from: Hawker And Howarth

Sound — 10
This guitar is way more versitile than I thoght, it can do all forms of rock and punk, from twang up to heavy rock. The guitar handles heavy distortion very well (I wouldn't recomend it for a heavy metel player for obviouse reasons, i.e. no humbuckers) and any fan of true rock tone should buy a guitar with P-90 pickups. They are pure rock tone. Personaly I play punk/rock/brit pop. I write my own stuff in a heavyier punk-rock tone but with a more technical playing style than the majority of punks and this guitar is amazing for. I play through a Marshall 100MGDFX, Dane-Electro Chorus pedal, Marshall Guv'ner overdrive pedal, Boss DS-1 (to which this guitar loves), Jim Dunlop Wah-Wah (original model) and in honesty I can play all types of music with this set up, I know a jazz guitarist wouldn't play with an SG, but that's not the point. It's puchy, its powerful and it's a (I don't know if I can swear in these reviews so its a word that starts in "f" and ends in clucking minus the 'cl') amazing and is a brilliant find, they were discontinued in 1999 I think as they were a limited edition re-make of the classic '60s model.

Overall Impression — 10
For punk I can't fault it at all, in rock it's the rock guitar in my opinion heavier stuff does not give it any problems. I've been playing 16 months (day one bought guitar day two went for lesson) and practice 1-2'n'1/2 hours a day. I traded in a Ibanez NDM1 for this guitar which I do not regret at all. My other guitar is a Ibanez Gio 170, which is about to recive a Seymore Duncan Invader pickup upgrade, for the metal moments. I tried this guitar against Gibson Les Paul Studios, Les Paul 'Light', and a PRS Soap Bar. This won hands down. My only dislike about his guitar is the machine head buttons, but I can live with them. If stolen or lost I would claim this exact model back off the insurance. My only wish is that this guitar had a locking trem but thats asking alot. Hope this helped and sorry about the frankly awaful spelling.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I have practiced this guitar at gig-volume, but have yet to play it live, but in prcatice its amazing, very little feedback, and (unless you have active EMG's) this was expected the hardwear looks solid, if the P-90's die I would deffonetly buy another pair as I addore their tone (possible emg active P-90's to commbat the feedback, but this isn't nessasory as it really isnt that bad). I use Jim Dunlop strap buttons anyway so yeah the strap buttons are as good as they come, but I would never ever risk not having strap buttons on any guitar. I wouldn't ever gig without a back up (purly incase of strings snaping and having to take a 5 minuit brake from the gig) but this guitar is perfectly capable of, unless human mistake always working. As for finish, time will wait and see but I doubt anything will go wrong (touch wood).

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
The action is very good, as good as any guitar I have played other than a shreading machine built and owned by a friend of a freind (an coustom built guitar amazing) the paint work on the guitar is flawless. My other pro is that, despite hearing of the views of some people that SG's don't stay in tune, I have had mine a week and it hasnt been even slightly out of tune and I have bent, pulled. hammered, slided and riffed like crazy and still perfectly in tune. On slight problem is that, on my model the bridge pick up is a tad hig, so on harder struming the low E string bangs against pick up, and whilst this makes no diffrence to the sound through an amp, acousticly its a touch disconcerning and took about 5 minutes to solove at no sacrafice to the sound. I would give this 4.5 for this minor flaw, but that cannot be done so 5 it is.

Features — 10
The technical stuff: - Body: beveled mahogany - Neck/profile: mahogany/rounded SG - Fingerboard/inlay: 22 fret rosewood/pearloid dot - Scale/nut width: 243/4"/111/16" - Binding: white fingerboard - Bridge/tailpiece: Tune-O-Matic/ABR - Hardware: chrome/vintage white button tuners - Pickups: dual P-90 - Controls: two volume, two tone, 3-way Switch - Finish: cherry - Came with soft Gibson bag (very good quality). Unfortunetly it suffers from ugly machine heads and as all Les Pauls and SG's do. Only thing I may concider changing at this point.

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    How do you solve the issue where the low e string buzzes as it hits the pickup? Cuz I'm facing that as well
    AsherKetchum wrote: Can it handle chords better than the standard?
    It can handle whatever you want. The main difference is the pickups and the dots. The tuners might be different too. And I think the neck is different, this has a 60s neck (I think) and the standard has a bigger neck. They should sound similar except for the pickups, but they will feel different. And for anyone saying that this guitar can't do metal, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) played an SG with P90s.
    im either getting this or the 61 reissue which one should i buy???
    i have an sg just like this one and i love it,it is about the only guitar i play and i have over 20 guitars so that should tell you something,i like the look & feel of the guitar cuz it looks like it will kick A** and it is light and handles very well
    Philly C
    i got an SG from 1963, it has a tailpiece for a whammy bar along with the tune-o-matic bridge, this thing got the crap beat out of it before i got my hands on it, the headstock was even broken off. but now, with a little work, it has some of the better tone of my collection of instruments.
    very true, except for the bridge there almost identical, except the pete t models costs way more
    blink 182 is gay and stupid and so is simple plan, theyre like the same thing
    I tried this out last night, I couldn't but it down! lol I spent a good hour and a half jamming on it. It was perfect! The neck felt like a glove and the sound is great (think Live at Leeds)