SG Supreme review by Gibson

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.7 (210 votes)
Gibson: SG Supreme

Price paid: $ 2000

Purchased from: axe in hand

Sound — 10
I play anything from folk to deathmetal and this does it all I use a Boss DS-1, dan-o-wah,and milkshake chorus No i repeat No noise when distorted, get feedback when you want it. Neck is rich and full while the Bridge is Bright and killer. It produces sounds from jimmy page to slash to kerry king and back with a flik of a Switch or two. I love it, i cant quit playing it.

Overall Impression — 10
I love this guitar, great for all styles of music (even that punk emo crap). Ive been playin since 1998 and play through a Kustom and Crate amp. I played this thing in the shop for about 4 hours before i bought it so i learned it all. If it were stolen id find the a$$ wipe and work him over with a baseball bat. Ive played strats and teles before this and while the Fender customs are good Gibson is God. Cant wish for nuthin else. If ya can afford the high price it would be well worth it to get one, never have to buy another guitar again.

Reliability & Durability — 10
Gold Hardwear is durable and beautiful. Straps are solid as the day i bought them, i can pull all the tricks and i walk around on stage with it hangin off my back and they still hold up. Ive been using it for 3 years with out a backup and its never failed me.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I bought it from Axe in hand which is a high end dealer so the action was good when i first played it and they set it up even better. Pickups were perfect, everthing was perfectly done Cudos to the dude kevin at Gibson that built that body.

Features — 10
2001-Hand made in the USA, 24 Jumbo frets, Solid AAAA Maple Top, 2 Volume 2 Tone 3 Way Switch, Gibson Burstbucker 2(bridge) 3(Neck), Passive hum, Mahogany with Maple top, Maple Neck with Ebony Fingerboard, Transpartent Burst Flame top, SG Body, Tune O Matic, Grover Kidney Tuners, Medium Neck Jumbo Frets, Hard Case.

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    That first review is ****ing dreadful. How do they even get published?
    Price paid: $ 100 Sound: This guitar sounds like crap my friend bought it for $1500 from eBay and hated it he sold it to me for $500
    So which is it, $100 or $500? Either way I call bullshit... and had your
    had any common sense, he would have flipped it himself. By the way, P-90s kick ass, you're the one that sucks. Fuck you bitch. Liar...
    You guys honestly play this expensive as shit guitar through Marshall MGs and Line 6 Spiders? Christ...
    to me a gibson seems to be more of a status symbol than the amazing guitar it is supposed to be. to each his own i guess.
    2 of the people that reviewed the guitar don't even have Supreme's they have standards!!!!!
    Some of the worst punctuation ever. Hard to read that latest review.
    just another junk gibson status symbol, if you dont buy a custom shop model then your gettin garbage, i guess it takes 4 grand to get a decent gibson these days
    Stunning finishes come with this guitar, 24 frets with excellent fret access, and the tone to match. Think I'm in love.
    geetarguy92 wrote: iv got an sg and it kiks ass but wen u hav it on the strap it jus leans 2 the left way to much n thats basically the only flaw
    ive got the same problem. i thought its cuz im short (im 14) but i guess not
    I think this might be a great sounding axe , but not 4 me folks , its way 2 angus 4 me & i think he is a complete retard , paint it all black & maybe cuz Tommy I is a great 1
    Ahhhhh this guitar is soooo frickin hot! sweet paint job, and ripping tone, oo my I tried it and deffinatly want to buy it!
    Gaz Franklin
    Personally, I prefer the Les Paul. They just seem to have both a better tone, and better action. The Black Beauty (with 3 pickups) is even more versatile. Great instrument. The SG can be fun, and I do own one, but I just prefer the Black Beauty. Sorry. /
    My God, that's a beautiful guitar. The sound on those babies just kicks the shit out of anything else. I've always loved SGs, and hope to someday own one.
    MddleAged Gtrst
    THIS IS MY NEXT GUITAR.....Ever since I bought my Epiphone SG Ive been drowling over a BLUE SG SUPREME. I just have one question....Would you scuff the finish if you scuff your pickguard on a epiphone SG with pickguard????? ? Thanks
    Dont get me wrong. The sg is a beautiful guitar. But neither of the 3 articles can be that acurate as you all have such little experience to judge an instrument of such quality.
    I ordered my Supreme yesterday I'll get it monday and I'll try to write a review as soon as I'll have had the time to really try it.
    Jesus on Crack
    Thats a damn sexy guitar. Who's seen the John Lowery Signature Fender Telecaster. NOw that is true beauty. Like this one.
    Any sg deserves props, its an iconic rock guitar, playable, ancient, well made and somewhat reasonably priced. This one just tops the cake for me.
    Bob wright, there is a midnight burst paint job on these with chrome hardware and its so sexy id go down just to touch it
    fire within
    looks mega-probably sounds as good as it looks i would rather get the SG GT though, but that will come at the time i replace/step up from my epiphone G-400(which is still great)
    How come they say the replaced the pups with 57 classics?, on the gibson website it says it comes from the factory with '57's.
    Bob Wright
    hey every 1 =]. i just bought a new epiphone sg custom... my dad sed to mee that wen im very good 1 day he will buy me a sg supreme... wat colour do u people prefer sunburst or emerald??
    The first thing I buy after my graduaction is a blue SG Supreme, forgot a car, a big screen TV, whatever, a mother ****ing blue Gibson SG Supreme, I'd be in heaven.
    mine sucks dont get it unless you want a expensive peace of crap
    I have to agree with a previous poster, people pay for a Gibson but play them through a Crate/Line 6. They deserve the ass screwing they give themselves when they get rid of one. You don't feed a tiger cereal and popcorn, you feed it steak.
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    excelent guitar I definetly love the sunburst color and It's sound is crystal clear!!! I LOVE IT
    This SG has to have one of the nicest paintjobs ever, in emeraldburst it looks really good too, nice playablitlity also!!!
    I agree w/ you ^. I've played the transparent black and the flame colored one. They're awesome guitars. I want the transparent black too. It'll be a LONG time before I get one.