Cherryburst review by Glen Burton

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.4 (7 votes)
Glen Burton: Cherryburst

Price paid: $ 215

Purchased from: The Music Box, Hamilton NJ

Sound — 6
Alright, so to begin with, I paid for what I got in terms of the quality of sound. The pickups were something of a joke; I love to play with a lot of distortion and even at the 2 mark for most amps I would get crazy amounts of feedback. Fortunately, if I kept the distortion down or off, the tone was great. The clean tone was perfect for blues or any lighter music style I tried. This is the guitar I grew up as a musician playing, so as I moved from style to style, I found that the versatility was pretty large, despite the pickups' shortcomings. This year I put an EMG 60 and 81 in it, and dear sweet Lord this this is a Beast now. I'm currently running it through a Line 6 Spider IV 150 watt half stack, and I can crank the distortion to ridiculous levels and turn the volume up to half without getting feedback. Honestly I got scared I was going to bring the roof down before I hit that point where the pickups started not not work well. Basically, once this was fixed, it was a match made in heaven. I play primarily metal now, and this thing's perfect. With the amp presets I have, I can pretty much match the sound from any artist, from As I Lay Dying to Whitechapel. The tone on this guitar is great when combined with the EMG's; despite the volume and distortion, all the sound comes through very clear. As a Les Paul, its much heavier than say a Strat or an Ibanez, so if that's your style like it is mine, take my word that it works.

Overall Impression — 8
For my type of music, this guitar is great. Swap out the pickups and you've got a machine for heavy music that only costs around 450 total. I've played Gibsons that were 6 times as much as this that didn't sound half as good as mine does now, or play as easy. I've been playing for around 5 years and this thing was my first electric, and I have no need for another. It works perfectly with my Line 6 Spider IV half stack; that's all I use, and honestly all you really need to get crazy sounds out of this thing. So to sum up; swap out the pickups if you like heavy music, or need to use it live. However, everything else is absolutely mind blowing for the price. If it were stolen, I would find the guy who did it and seek horrible retribution.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This thing's reliable for sure. Whenever I played live I always used this thing and it's never had a problem, especially since the upgrade. The tuners still keep it very in tune, even when left alone for a week or more. Strap buttons are solid, everything's tight and stays that way. I'm pretty active on this, playing about an hour or two a day, any it shows little to no wear. As I said, the finish is so good I can still see my face in it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Because I got it used, there were some things wrong with it when I bought it. I had to get the nut replaced because the previous owner must've been playing in an octave above E Standard or something. I've never had a problem with wear since I bought it. Also it needed setting up and a few adjustments here and there, but really I imagine the factory settings for this to be good, since I haven't had any problems since. The action on this thing is awesome after the first set up. Speed is strange to see working with a Les Paul, but this thing pulls it off. Everything else has been working great, and I've had no problems since I bought it.

Features — 6
This guitar was a find I made about four years ago at a local music shop, bought used. For the life of me I cannot find evidence of this guitar being made, I've searched online countless times. But since the company hasn't been reviewed yet on the site, I figured I should put a review up. The guitar was incredibly cheap for what I got. Asian ash body, rosewood fingerboard, rectangular inlays on the frets. Comes with two factory Standard passive humbuckers. Standard Les Paul features; solid body, heavy, 22 frets, 3 way selector switch, 2 tone and 2 volume controls for the pickups. Brilliant black cherry burst finish. As I've said I have had this guitar for around 4 years and I can still see my face in it. Non-locking tuners. Bridge similar to Gibson Les Paul models, probably another knockoff. Surprisingly fast neck for a Les Paul - I play mostly metal, and I can play faster on this thing than the Strat I own. Very good action. No fret buzz after getting set up.

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    the picture is wrong, UG decided to peg it with the wrong one. i have a picture on my profile if you really want to take the time to look.
    Hey, I was wondering how much you paid for the new pick-ups? I have the same guitar in a gold finish, and play mostly metal as well, so when you say all you need are new pick-ups to get a heavy sound I think I should buy new pick-ups too. Btw I play on a Carvin sx200 combo amp.
    Did you put the 81 in the bridge and the 85 in the neck? My buddy has one and is considering that pickup combo.
    Kenneth19 wrote: Ugly....
    Well, looks like a standard Les Paul to me and I don't find LPs ugly. Maybe they have changed the picture after your post?