Freeway Floyd review by Godin

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (47 votes)
Godin: Freeway Floyd

Price paid: $ 454.25

Purchased from: Long and McQuade

Sound — 10
I play a large variety of music. From Beck to Nightwish, this guitar packs a ton of versatility perfect for any style. I'm playing it with a Crate GX60D double speaker amp. When played clean, the sound is rich and very deep with a really warm tone. In general, the sound is very consistent, especially for bass notes that just seem to sound absolutly perfect. The high end of the sound is also very full and bright sounding as it's very satisfying to play a high solo. When played dirty, this guitar can sound really evil! This is really apparent when using the bridge or neck pickup. Lots of sustain in the notes and it sounds really heavy while still maintaining the clarity of the note. The tone knob really does an effective job of producing any kind of sound you might want in combination with your amp. The Floyd Rose is set up great, huge dive bombs (which sound really cool) are possible without the tuning changing at all. Overall, there is a ridiculous variety of sounds possible, but because of the nature of the Floyd Rose, alternate tunings can take a long time to set up. This is something important to consider if you play using many different tuning styles because everytime you adjust the tension on one string, the rest go out of tune.

Overall Impression — 10
This guitar is simply awesome. Really good for any kind of music, although probably best for rock and the heavier stuff. I've been playing about a year, although this is my first electric guitar. I started out on a Tanglewood acoustic, when I wanted to try electric I spent about a month going to guitar shops and trying out every guitar I could get my hands on. At this price range nothing came close in any regard to the Freeway Floyd. If this guitar was stolen, I would kill the person that took it and hope it didn't get scratch on it. The real strengths of this guitar is its sheer versatility, awesome sound, downright sexy looks and playabilty. The rock maple neck is incredibly smooth and makes playing a joy. I also find that this guitar stays in tune really well once you've set it up correctly, and of course the Floyd Rose is really cool. Of course this guitar is not perfect. The initial tuning can be really difficult especially with new strings as they stretch. If your hoping to be able to quickly switch to a drop d tuning or similar you'll be out of luck, expect to spend at least 10-15 mins to get it tuned a certain way. This guitar is somewhat high maintenance in that regard. Also some might be partial to the Godin pickups, although I quite like them and am pleased with their sound. Overall I'm in love with this guitar. It plays smooth as silk, sounds wicked any way you want it and looks like it should be put on display somewhere. I'm really pleased with this purchase.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar is built like a rock. It's a little on the heavy side, but not overly so. The hardware (especially the Floyd Rose) seems really firmly placed and not likely to break. The strap buttons won't move a millimeter, they seem cemented to the guitar. The beautiful finish on this guitar still retains its original luster after a couple months of playing. Suprisingly it does not scratch easily and with a wipedown after playing and the occasional clean/polish this finish should last forever. Again, this guitar is like a tank, I would depend on it. However, I would not play it without a backup at a gig, especially with the Floyd Rose. If one sting where to break then the whole guitar goes out of tune. Restringing is a pretty lengthy process so it would be smart to bring a backup just in case.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar was set-up perfectly when I bought it. It had never been played at the store and looked pristine in it's bag. It even came with a "quality control" tag on the neck with initials of all the workers that set up each part of the guitar! Really cool! As this guitar is handcrafted with such high standards, there was not a flaw to be found. The pickups are tight, the tremolo bar fits perfectly, tuning pegs move properly. Not a visual defect to be found, absolutly perfect.

Features — 10
The Freeway Floyd like all Godin guitars use select wood from Canada and are then assembled in the USA. It features 22 medium-jombo frets on rosewood with a rock maple neck. The body is made of solid Silverleaf Maple and Poplar wings. The finish is absolutly stunning, it's a shiny black pearl color with a slight metallic finish; really sexy looking. The body looks like a Fender Strat, although with longer wings and slightly curvier for a really sleek look. It's also got a matching headstock which is nice. The Freeway Floyd features a low-profile liscenced Floyd Rose bridge. This complements two Godin humbucker pickups on the neck and brige and a single coil pickup inbetween. The humbuckers are NHN2 and NHB2 models and the coil is a NSM2 model. These are controled by a five-way selector and a single volume and tone knob that do not hamper the sleek look of the guitar. Tuning is via Godin tuners with nut locking. This guitar came with a gig bag, three allen wrenches for fine tuning and a detachable tremelo bar. Overall, the guitar is packed with features and comes with all the basics you'll need.

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    I always thought that he used an ibanez (rg style) but they look very similar so it could be a godin.
    no vai used a kramer on crossroads, this guitar looks lush though im considering this or the ibanez rg1570 i think that the pickups on this are better but im not sure about the neck and floyd what are they like?
    WHY AREN'T THESE BEING MANUFACTURED ANYMORE? Seriously, all I find are SA Freeways or Freeway Classics. Are they trying to make me buy one of those new Redlines?