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manufacturer: Godin date: 12/17/2007 category: Electric Guitars
Godin: LG
Mahogany neck, Rosewood Fingerboard, 16" fingerboard radius, 24 3/4" Scale, 1 11/16" nut width, Mahogany body, Seymour Duncan SP-90 pickups, 3-Way, Volume, Tone
 Sound: 7.7
 Overall Impression: 8.7
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 8.7
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overall: 8.8
LG Reviewed by: dandyhandy17, on december 17, 2007
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Purchased from: The Arts

Features: Assembled in USA using Canadian parts. 24 Jumbo frets. The body and neck is a wood grain of mahogany, and I think it looks good with the black finish. Has a cutaway that makes an easy stretch to get to the 24th fret. The guitar has one tone, and a volume knob. Has a 3-way switch and a 2 Seymour Duncan P90 pickup. It comes with a comfortable bag for the guitar. // 9

Sound: My guitar suits my playing style well. I play the genres of classical rock, rock, and some hardcore. Right now, I'm using the "Spider III" amp and the clean sounds very good even though the amp isn't a good one. In overdrive and distortion, it's much louder. When I have at 4 or 5, I can play with my band. The tremolo and reverb sounds great too, although the chorus flange has a sound that not's my style. It has a very full sound. The sound obviously tells that it goes suits my style. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: My guitar only had 2 flaws for the year I had it: a wire was unconnected making the volume unable to work and the switch fell off once. Other than that, it was fine. A good thing is that the pickups are recessed so you don't hit them which is something I often do to my friend's guitar. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar does withstand for live playing but the strap buttons are a bit loose so sometimes it can hit the ground hard. But it has lasted from that and hitting hard objects, and other guitars. The black finish hasn't worn off yet so it's probably a good thing. // 9

Overall Impression: I have been playing this guitar for almost a year now and I also own a Canglewood acoustic and this is the best guitar I own. I play a genre of classic or rock and that genre suits my guitar well. If it was lost, which would be impossible, I would buy it again. If stolen, I would find the thief and slit his throat and take it back. My favourite feature would be the recessed pickups. I hate that whe it's too loud, it gets staticy or fuzzy and I love how the guitar goes with how I play, and the black finish. I wish that this guitar had come with better strings. I compared it to some Epiphones and some Jacksons, but I chose this and I'm glad. Overall, it's a great guitar and it's great for beginners to advanced players. // 9

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overall: 8
LG Reviewed by: eadgbe77, on may 11, 2004
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Price paid: $ 394.826

Purchased from: Steve's Music Store

Features: Godin guitar is a canadian company. The head office is at about 5km from my home. So i decided to by something of national interest. I don't regret. The body is made of mahogany as well for the neck. there's 2 seymour duncan p90 single coil. A gain knob and a tone general knob. It has a 3way selector. It's all cover with a nice smooth finish that's very nice to my skin when I play naked. It's has a Gibson LP style but flat and nicer. It shows the natural color of the mahogany wich is very nice. The wood grain of mahogany looks like something between oak and lauan. beautiful piece of art. I sleep with her every night and I'm always pleased to wake up next to her. This guitar came with a very comfortable bag. // 8

Sound: It has a jazzy very warm sound. It nice to hear her sing while I touch her.I'm using a Line6 Duoverb for now without any effects except those on my amp. I love doiing weird sounds on this guitar like multitone feedback. I fell that the sound that comes out of that guitar is directly manage by myself and that I'm totaly in control. I would not use this guitar if I was a crazy big metal and screaming machine fan. I like agressive sounds and this guitar can do it but it will never sound like the electric shavers used in metal music. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: Wow... It's all I could say. It didn't made any setup on this guitar since I bought it about 4 months ago but the harmonics should be checked up. I love her finish it is totaly flawless... well when it was in the store because I ... well my room is a mess and she have been too many times on the dirty ground ans got some scratches on her back. I'm sorry Laura (The guitar's name is Laura Godin.. for LG) It is a nice building, it's a nice open museum, it's a piece of art. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I have been very hard to this guitar. It will be good all my life long. Maybe I'll have to change the electronics iin few years but I'm totaly sure I'll never leave her alone. Strap button solid???? No but hey it's 5 $ or take some out of your old crapy guitar don't resist buying that guitar because of the strap buttons! I will never go to a show without a backup guitar. first because I love playing with mny different guitars and second because my backup always end up in fire at the end of the night. // 8

Overall Impression: I play something between rock funk like red hot chili peppers bssm and agressive music like at the dirve in with a lots of major7 chords. I decided to start play guitar last night but I live with a guitar since 4 years and a piano in front of me since 12 years. If it was stolen I would probably commit suicide or maybe I would just get away and try to get her back. But seriously I would not buy this guitar again. I'm happy to have it now but it's nice to do some changes. If your playing on a Squire since 2 years a Godin LG is your next step well if you live in Canada because I heard that those guitars were double the price in the States. I will probably buy an old tele soon this summer but not because I don't like Laura but a tele would get all I cant get from Laura while this mahogany beauty would give me warmth. Any comments anfs_z@hotmail.com and don't forget to visit Godin's website at www.lasido.com / you'll find your true love // 8

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overall: 9
LG Reviewed by: peterella, on october 31, 2005
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Purchased from: Long and McQuade

Features: Assembled in the USA form parts made in Canada. 24 jumbo frets. The glossy black finish is very nice. Cutaway makes it easy to reach the 24th fret. It has a string thru-body. One volume and one tone knob. 2 Seymour Duncan P90 pickups and a 3-way Switch. Comes with an awesome gig bag. It is simple but still cool. // 9

Sound: This suits my stlye of music very well. I play mainly classic rock and blues and metal. The pickups give awesome classic rock distortion and also very crunchy didtortion for metal. I use it with a Marshal MG30 and this amp makes it sound amazing, even though it is not a great amp. fairly noisy when distorion is on or when it is loud. It has a very full sound. Easily suits many styles of playing. I also used this on a rental Traynor YCV40WR and it sounds amazing, but makes tons of noise when volume is over about 2. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: I like how the pickups are recessed into the body so you dont hit them while you're playing (even though I still do). I haven't found any flaws on this guitar in the 2 years I've owned it, exept for having to replace the pot in the volume control because it got something in it from the wires. The knob cover comes off sometimes too. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar feels very very solid and has survived falling sideways on hard floor, and being smacked into walls and other guitars. The finish has lasted very well and I would depend on it for mostly anything. // 10

Overall Impression: I have been playing for 2 years and I also own a Washburn EA16 acoustic. This guitar is my favourite out or many guitars I have played. Perfect match for classic rock playing. If it were stolen I would definetly buy a new one, but probably would get the humbucker version. I love how easy it is to play but I dont liek how it makes so much fuzz when the volume is turned up. I compared it to some Epiphones and cheap Fenders, and this blew them away. I chose this for the simplicity of it, making it easy to play and maintain, and for the sound and feel. Overall, this is a great guitar for beginner to experts. // 9

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