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manufacturer: Godin date: 08/17/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Godin: Progression Boutique
This guitar is a great alternative to a Fender Stratocaster, especially at its price range. It has the single coil sounds that we know and love, yet doesn't make it muddy.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8
 Features: 10
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overall: 9.2
Progression Boutique Reviewed by: idma, on august 17, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 900

Purchased from: Long and Mcquade

Features: - Rock Maple neck - Rosewood Fingerboard (can come in Maple) - 12" fingerboard radius - 25 1/2" Scale - 1 11/16" nut width - Silver Leaf Maple body with poplar wings - 2 x Godin GS-2 single coil pickups - 1 x Godin Custom Humbucker in bridge - 1/4" & USB output for direct computer access - Controls: 5-way switch, 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone, - 1 x Godin High-Definition Revoicer (H.D.R.) - Colors: Natural Quilt HG & Trans Black Quilt HG - Comes with Godin Brand Gig bag USB Interface Dude, I didn't even know this was on this guitar! Its essentially a direct input from your computer to the guitar. So you can record everything from the guitar to your computer WITHOUT the need for an audio interface like an M-Box or similar (that could have been approx $300 extra spending right there). I haven't bothered to test this out because this guitar sounds so great anyway. However, I hear that this interface is not compatible with all audio programs. But I'm sure if you have Pro Tools (or Pro Tools Lite) it'll work fine because it's a common program. // 10

Sound: This guitar is a great alternative to a Fender Stratocaster, especially at its price range. It has the single coil sounds that we know and love, yet doesn't make it muddy. In fact, its very clear and has a lot of output. Even the humbucker isn't muddy at all. It can be bright if you want it to be. Mine has a rosewood fingerboard. I got that because I wanted more versatility, but the Maple fingerboard is even better for a strat, Stevie Ray Vaughn, bright, single coil, sound (too bright for my tastes). Now, there are always those older, Vintage Fender Strats (like a 67' Strat) that are definitely better in sound (a tiny bit), but hey, that's over $2000 right there. And its used! This guitar is $1000 max, and its sounds just as good as a $2000 Fender Strat. The greatest feature on this guitar that I find keeps on giving is the High Definition Revoicer. This little switch technically turns your passive pickups to active ones (though I'm sure its more technical than that). Essentially what that does it increase the output of the pickups, and lets you hear the intricacies of the guitar more. To me, I call this the "MORE" switch. Lets say I am playing a rhythm and distortion already then I come to the course, which is naturally louder or more busier. You know, you gotta make a distinction between the two otherwise the song becomes boring. So instead of increasing the volume, I hit the HDR and everything sounds louder and harder hitting, but..its not actually louder. Your Tech guys at the sound room will love you for this cause they don't have to scramble to fix you all the time. A quick rundown on how it can sound: 1st position: Humbucker Lead, solo, rock, crunch. Throw on the HDR and you can get good, fat, sounds for playing metal (its okay at this but that's not what this guitar is made for. If you want metal, go buy a Jackson or an ESP). Turn down the tone knob and you have nice soft sounds for playing jazz. 2nd position: Humbucker + middle single coil don't use this one too much other than for funk or for just straight up rhythm/strumming. 3rd Position: all three pickups: For the single coil sound but not too much. I use this for picking single notes on clean. 4th position: My 3rd favorite position to the 1st and 5th. I use this for funk as well and strumming, but a little less brightness. 5th position: Everybody's favorite. They say this is the most important pickup for all strats. This is where you do most of your soloing, and even entire songs on this the way Stevie Ray Vaughn does. As always, if you're doing a solo and you wanna kick it up a notch mid solo, press the HDR switch and it's as if you have another guitar (and your sound guys don't have to contend with a sudden increase of volume). I do wish this guitar was even more clearer. But that's why we get $3000 Vintage guitars. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: Beautiful guitar. Mine is the Trans Black quilted with. There is a quilted orangey version. Personally I think that's ugly, but to each their own. I do wish it looked better that doesn't matter. Other than the looks, the guitar is smoooottthhh. Nothing is rough. Everything feels like its built with care. No nicks or sharpe edges to get your hands caught in. The neck feels great. Its not too thick, not too thin. And the knobs are very durable. And parts are metal, not plastic. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This thing is a rock. Its got a nice weight and balance to it. None of the parts jitter and feel lose like a cheap made-in-china product. It stays in tune just as well as any guitar (I find electrics will ALWAYS go out of tune). This guitar doesn't have locking tuners or any fancy tuner things. As I said before, parts are metal, not plastic. And not cheap metal. Good metal. Plus, woods are from northern Quebec (Canada, for those who don't know). So the woods are naturally very resistant to the stretching and warping of dry/winter to humid/summer conditions. // 9

Overall Impression: I'm impressed by this guitar every time I discover something. From the HDR switch to the price (and soon, the USB interface which I haven't tested yet). To compare it to the Fender Strats of the same price (American Standard, Deluxe, Road Worn, etc.) I would say the Godin Progression (Boutique or regular) is much better. Its clearer, better craftsmanship, has more bite, and can have more output. If you're looking for a Strat (HSS or SSS config) get this guitar. There is no better at this price range. Don't go cheap and buy the Session (which is similar to the Progression but only $500). Its just as good as a $1000 Fender. Sure there are REALLY good strats out there. But those are used, old, and cost more than $3000, with no extras. PLUS. Do you really want to be that dude who has, yet, another Fender Stratocaster? Boooorrrriiinnnnggg. On a side note, I actually got this guitar specially for playing in worship teams at church because its so versatile. And since it can be so clear, rather than being simply LOUD (which distorts the sound) it cuts through all the noise and you can really Shine through the band. For those who don't know, playing electric on a worship team requires you to play very little, yet each note needs to count. So people HAVE to be able to distinctly hear it without cringing from how loud it is. // 9

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