SD review by Godin

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.4 Good
  • Users' score: 7.8 (96 votes)
Godin: SD

Price paid: C$ 250

Purchased from: Avenue Guitars

Sound — 7
The sound on the guitar is decent. This is not a professional instrument so there is no sense in comparing it to any. I bought the guitar as a first instrument, and it has seen me through untill today. I have played it through several smaller Rolands, a Randall 2X12 and more recently a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I stick mostly to rock, blues and punk, though I've played metal in the past and I am playing some jazz now. The guitar has been good over time, though it has rarely been Stellar. The bridge pickup is pleasant enough, offering enough power to handle distortion without being terrible with clean tones. Its nothing special, but it works. The single coils, they definately leave something to be desired. They are a little weak, but mostly suffer from being made out of cheap materials. The tone is just overly "fake": a strange nasal and somewhat unpleasant tone that I don't really know how to describe other than "cheap". The tone control doesn't really see much use, as I am a fan of wide open playing (it was later converted into a kill knob). Overall though, the tone this guitar produces is commendable, far better than any other budget guitar out there.

Overall Impression — 9
Like I stated earlier, I bought this as a first guitar years ago. It has seen me from not playing at all, through the emo years (we wont go into those) and into the realm of professional playing. It has never had a steller sound, but nobody really expects that at this price. It has, however, never produced a bad tone. It has a good nutral tone that lends itself to any style and I use it as a backup with almost any type of gig. The playability of the guitar is really top notch too, making this a guitar that you want to play. I probably wouldn't by another one now, given that my ability is a little beyond begginer now, but it would suck if the guitar was no longer in my collection. I would highly recommend anybody new to guitar or wanting to try out electric guitar to at least try one of these, they really are rahter good for the money.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This guitar has withstood years upon years of abuse with no problems whatsoever. The electronics have worked without a hitch and all the hardware is still working and has not tarnished at all. The frets are wearing quite evenly, though they appear to be coming to the end of their life. Like stated above, the durability of the finish is pathetic. This, however, is a good thing as it provides an excuse to learn how to paint a guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
This is a budget guitar, and it shows. The trem never really did work all that well, so I had it blocked (so that it no longer moves) and the sound of the guitar is much improved. Furthermore, dropping the action of the guitar results in the bridge screws being higher than the bridge and digging into your hand. Not too pleasant... Also, the factory nut was cut far too high, but a quick file down solved that. The tuners are okay, doing a resonable job keeping the guitar in tune, though they are hampered by the flexible string trees (swapped out for graphite ones). Otherwise, the hardware does its job adequately and nothing more. The fret work on the guitar is excellent, far better than most any other guitar I have played. The finish on the frets is consistently good and there are no sharp edges despite an unboud fingerboard. The finish is the single biggest letdown on this guitar: it is a thick, heavy, ugly black enamel-looking coat that chips very easily and surely affects the tone of the guitar in a very negative mannor.

Features — 7
My particular guitar was made some time in 2003 and it was my first guitar. The guitar is Godin's entry level solid body electric, and unlike almost any other guitar under $750, it is made in the USA (out of Canadian parts). The guitar features a shorter than Fender 24 and 3/4 inch scale. It also features a Godin bridge humbucker and Godin single coil pickups in the middle and neck positions. The bringe is a Fender-style Godin tremolo unit, with 3 springs in the back (take one out if you plan on using the trem). All the hardware is generic plated steel, but it seems to work well. The controls on the guitar include a 5-way selector switch, one tone and one volume control. The guitar itself appears to be made out of maple, though I'm not 100% on that one as I am merely checking where the finish has been damaged (there were several other woods offered for a period, though in very limited quantities). The neck is made out of rock maple and features a very nice maple fingerboard and is mounted to the body via four bolts (and no neckplate). The guitar came with a generic Godin gig-bag, a nice touch at the price.

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