AV3 review by Greg Bennett

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (30 votes)
Greg Bennett: AV3

Price paid: $ 375

Purchased from: pro concert tupelo mississippi

Sound — 10
I play all kinds of music, from rockabilly, to clean rock like red hot chilli peppers, to heavily distorted metal like slayer, and metallica. I am using a small Ibanez amp like a 20 watt or something. It has a very deep, warm, rich tone. Love the deep heavy sound with metal. When you put it on rythm, and turn the gain up, and hit a low power chord it makes a really rich deep sound it is just great. You would have to hear it. Overall the sound is great for anything, but I really appreciate the rich metal crunch most of all. Compared to most guitars I have heard it is at the top. My dad has an 82 ibanez, which cost about $500 back in the day and it is just about even with this. When clean it sounds like it would be a heavenly blues guitar, but I'm not 100% sure because I don't play blues. I have a trained ear, and I would say it is one of the best sounding I have ever played. This guitar sounds great for mostly any music.

Overall Impression — 10
It fits all the styles I play which is usually clean or distorted. I hav been playing for about a year. I play my dads ibanez, and my sg, and my Fender acoustic/electric. My only regret is not spending another 100 for a hard case, because the finish is beautiful, and I want it to stay that way. If it were stolen I would buy it again, depending on how much money I was willing to spend. The thing I love about it is the les paul body style, when I walked in the store I thought it was a les paul, and almost didn't look at it because I assumed it would cost 1000 dollars. Also the thing I love is the sound. It sounds great and I was very impressed when I played it in the store. I comper it to my dads Ibanez which is an amazing sounding guitar, they have different sounds, but they are of equal quality. The only thing I wish it had was neck through construction, but a set neck is still pretty good, and in my opinion is better than a bolt on.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I have only had it for a week so I can tell much yet, but I did hit the head stock against a metal edge on a fold out bed. It has a tiny nic that you can just feel with your finger, but the finish stayed intact. The hardware feels very solid, and I expect it to last. I usually play sitting down so I don't know if the strap buttons are good but the look sturdy. The finish seems somewhat thick and durable. I haven't had it long enough to be 100% on durability, but it seems very solid for now.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The finish is a brown with a slight red tint. It has a flamed maple top, which I love. The action is low which I like, but my high e string buzzes a little against the first fret, but nowhere else. I might say the nut is a little low, but think this can be fixed with a small ajustment, and shouldn't be a problem. The 3 way toggle, is very firm, and feels well constructed. The knobs are good as well. The brigh is a tunomatic, and looks identical to the ones on les pauls. It works great. The grover tuners are firm as well, and it stays in tune well, and I have it in Standard or drop d most of the time. Pickups were also good.

Features — 8
I bought this in 2010, I don't know when it was made. 22 frets with rosewood fretboard, mahogany body, flamed maple top, tunomatic bridge, 2 humbucker pickups, 2 tone and 2 volume knobs, 3 way toggle, set neck, crown inlays, and grover tuners. It has a les paul body style, and has pretty much all the same stuff, like pickups, bridge, ect.

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    I have a Greg Bennett that is modeled after a Fender, and for the price I paid, it might as well have been. Until I can afford a high end guitar, Greg Bennett is where I'm staying. He's designed a very high end "cheap-o" (price-wise). These guitars feel anything but cheep. They are built to last and last they will. Great tone too.
    Joy Mouse Pad
    ii have had this guitar for a couple months now and i think it is great compared to all other guitars i have played(even my friends strat) and i would give the guitar and 8.5. it is a pretty good guitar.
    slipknot_420 is a stupid little bitch. i could kick your ass. and your ****ing ibanez prestige models are overpriced.
    I'd just like to say that I have had one of these guitars for about 2/3 years now. It isnt ment to be a awesome sounding guitar but it is however (for its price) of better build quiality and sounds better than my friends Epiphone special II or squire strat which all cost around the same.
    No wonder he thinks it's amazing, he plays a fender a/e. I'm not sold on this guitar, ive heard bad things about the cheap pups. Any decent guitar will sound fine through a good amp, maybe your used to hearing a terrible guitar through an ok amp? Not worth 375 for sure. And trained ear? trained for what? I'm sorry, il take this reveiw with a grain of salt, since you have no idea what amp your using....
    yeah i was a little excited about it being new, but i still dont think its a bad guitar.
    Glenn Guitar
    'It has a les paul body style, and has pretty much all the same stuff, like pickups, bridge, ect.' That doesn't make it a les paul though. ?? That introduction doesnt make sense. And generally went on to a confusing review. This doesn't look like it should have got what it god. just saying.
    Lol. After 1 year with a crappy Ibanez amp he said he has a "trained ear". Also, you don't use the neck pickup for metal chuggery. That's just retarded.
    if you want to spend the money change the pickups. they dont sound like shit, but you dont get a whole lot of tone. the chrome humbuckers arent bad, but i've heard its badass with better pickups.
    Single Foo
    I've been playing for about 2 years now...This was my frst guitar, umm i do not like the nut, but everything else is pretty solid
    Seref wrote: That's one of the ugliest headstocks I've ever seen.
    I actually kind of like the headstock. But it looks terrible with the body. The body looks bad in general, IMO.
    Sorry bud but you can't give this guitar all 8's and 10's. Wait a while to review the guitar so you calm down about it.
    You should wait a few months and your new guitar buzz will be worn off and you can do an actual review. Also you said i have a trained ear? After 1 year of playing i dont think so, if your ear was trained for tone youd ditch the 20 watt or something ibanez amp! Sorry to sound harsh but ive had reviews rejected before that far exceeded this and im sure others have too.
    imo this is not a great guitar, the pickups suck bigtime. They are not clear or balanced.