G5135 Corvette review by Gretsch

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (15 votes)
Gretsch: G5135 Corvette

Price paid: $ 440

Purchased from: Guitars ect

Sound — 9
I boght this guitar mostly for Indie rock as well as punk and blues. I've tried playing numerous other styles with it and I found only two that it doesn't do wel in Metal(the pickups generate too much noise and have too much midrange) and Jazz (pickups are overly twangy) but when your buying a Gretsch your buying it for that Gretsch sound which is one of a kind. The bridge pickup has plenty of twang for country afficianados and I found that the neck pickup has plenty of meat for most rock playing. The magic setting though is right in the middle where you get the best of both worlds. I put this in to the crunch channel of my Bugera and was amazed. Normally with my SG I hate that channel but this guitar makes it rock

Overall Impression — 9
I'm in love with this guitar I'll be honest I get a joy playing it. Its unique it plays great I've had no real trouble with it if it were stolen I would hunt down and destroy whoever the hell took it then buy another anyway. In all seriousness though this is a great guitar for any one to have in their aresenal.

Reliability & Durability — 8
I haven't had this guitar too long just under a year but beyond the initial needing for the bigsby to be resecured I've had no problems with it. The strap locks on this are very solid although with the bigsby I wouldn't reccomend doing anything crazy with it. I've had no problems with the finish. Also the tuners despite being non locking stay in tune very well despite the bigsby. Its only when I do extreme bar dives that I get any trouble. I always gig with a back up guitar in case of string breaks but I wouldn't be at all nervous playing with just this.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
I got this guitar set up almost as soon as I got it but according to the tech who did it he barely had to do anything. The ony problem was that the bigsby needed to be re secured and that the pickguard doesn't quite fit. I'm going to chalk these up as flukes though. One thing I must mention in this section though is how comfortable this guitar is its incredibly light and is contoured so that it fitts very nicely to my body where I have it adjusted.

Features — 9
These are the features stright from Musicians friend Solid mahogany body Mahogany neck (24.6" scale) Rosewood fingerboard 21 medium jumbo frets Bone nut (1-11/16" wide) Vintage style machine heads Dual Mega'Tron pickups 1 tone 2 Volume G-arrow knobs Anchored Adjusto-matic bridge Bigsby B50 vibrato tailpiece Gretsch knurled strap knobs Chrome hardware

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    These are beautiful guitars, even though they don't go down my alley of music (Mostly metal and whatnot). Though I do own an Ibanez AGS-73, which for a semihollow, can do all kinds of music very well. It can even stand high-gain stuff. Anyways. Not bad review.
    Unknown_Biskit wrote: I want one of these so bad... They're Patricks Stumps model right?
    patric stump does use a gretsch corvette his doesn't have the bigsby and includes three pickups
    I've always liked the Gibson SG but can't afford a real one. Then I saw the Corvette and thought "Hey, it's basically the same thing (except for pups) only cooler (I think) and rarer. I've now seen two of them in person. On the first one the left middle hole of the headstock was drilled about a full 1/8th of an inch too far towards the edge and the pickguard holes were drilled so far off that it forced the pickguard to bow up away from the body under the strings. The second one had the Bigsby obviously mounted crooked. Another drilling problem. The second one was even a 125th annaversary model! These made it through QC? A luthier friend of mine said, "Man, those guitars probably cost about 40 bucks to make." (although he is a VERY critical person) So, I love the look and everyone else seems to rave about them but I'm confused. I don't want to spend hundreds for cheap Chinese garbage. No one else has encountered build issues with these? Do I really want one? Thoughts?
    I have a 2007 G5135, and of my three electrics this is my favorite. Great range of tones, and plenty of spank from the Mega'Tron pups. Lightweight, and perfectly balanced, no neck dive at all. I've upgraded the bridge to a Wilkinson Roller, and replace the nut with a Graphtech Tusq nut. I may upgrade the pups to TV Jones eventually. This is a fantastic guitar for the money.
    I have a Gretsch Corvette, and I have been playing it over my other dozen or so electric guitars since I got it. Adjust those Megatron pole pieces! The pups were designed to be very responsive to even slight adjustments in the pole height and overall pup height. I have the neck pup sounding great for blues and the bridge can do near Tele bright and near LP Special sounds. The Corvettes are incredible players - great neck, tone, Bigsby and they look cool as hell. I don't believe there is a more versatile guitar in its price class.
    This is one of the few guitars I bought new, I get a great Queen sound out of it and Stones as well. Far from a one trick pony. All bases are covered. Yes, I like it.
    J'ai cette guitare depuis plus d'un ans et je doit dire quel et totalement trrible avec c'est qualit et c'est dfault payer 510 car elle part en dstockage , Je luis donne 9 , car elle est polivalente mais a un mauvais retour du big :/
    I was looking in to a used Taylor And this G5135. Reading te reviews I am not buying a used Taylor. The Taylor is $700.00 and nice. But i know little about them. Ou all were very exact and clear in your points and cleared things up. Thanks Kevinpaul
    So, I got my new CVT a few days ago. I broadly afgree with this review. I also had to re-secure the trem arm so it might be quite common to be undersecurted from the factory. no big deal though. Also my pick guard is still quite sticky - the glue they use to secure the plastic protection is a bit stubborn. I'll have to take the strings off to clean it properly with some sdort of anti-adhesive. Other than that, I couldn't be happier. It's great for punk, blues, rock and that sort of stuff. I'd agree that it wouldn't suit metal very well; at least not shredder lead stuff.
    There's 4 CVT models - the cherry red one mentioned is the original one and is broadly based on the 60's model. It's probably the one to go for if you're after one of these. I just ordered mine There's also a green G. Love sig model which looks pretty sweet too. It's also got 2 pickups and seems almost identical to the red one apart from the colour. Well, it's got go-faster stripes... The silver is the Patrick Stump one. It looks nice and has a hard (non trem) bridge. It's called the stumpomatic, which is the best name for any guitar ever. Gretsch have also just released a lower end version available in red or black. They have cheaper components but seem like a pretty nice version too.
    I know that you can do kinda early rock 'n' roll stuff on it like Eddie Cochran, Elvis, stuff like that. And surf stuff, like Ventures, or? British invasion, like Beatles, Stones, or? But will it do kinda early hard rock, like Faces? Or glam rock, like T. Rex?
    I have had my G5135 for about 3 months. I cant put it down it just feels so good. Very comfortable and easy to play. Great sound too. Definately the favourite guitar Ive owned in the 20 yrs ive been playing.
    Rogue Hermit
    @ TheAbsentOne: Okay. Just thought I would check. I guess I haven't spent much time around PRS guitars then. Seems like kind of a weak joint though?
    @ Rogue Hermit It's like a usual set-neck. It's more like a PRS type joint though, rather than Epiphone or Gibson.
    @Unkown_Biskit Patrick Stump's comes in like 3 different color patterns, with a bunch of fancy switches and tonal options. Also known as the STUMP-O-MATIC.
    Unknown_Biskit wrote: I want one of these so bad... They're Patricks Stumps model right?
    His model is a corvette, but this isn't it. His is green with a white racing stripe.
    Oh balls..a gibson and now this..another on the wish list.....
    i have this guitar, its a couple years old now and im debating on whether or not i should replace the bridge pickup. the neck output is much greater than the bridge... i think i got a dud... but im torn on what to do. as far a sexiness, this guitar is a perfect 10