F200 review by Hagstrom

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (18 votes)
Hagstrom: F200

Price paid: € 349

Purchased from: Internet Store

Sound — 9
I have to say it sounds just amazing! (honestly) I played it through a Roland Cube 30 and my old Behringer valve amp with and without Boss ds-2 distortion pedal. The sound is so much better than anything I got out of my Jagmaster or my best friend's Epiphone SG 400! You don't have to use the equalizer at all. Just set everything middle and plug in! It rocks like hell! The clean sound is warm and smooth in neck position, jazzy and bright in middle and amazingly clear and percussive in bridge position! Just like it should be! This guitar has the best sustain I ever experienced! You can play Thunderstruck in the clean channel and it sounds like a Western guitar but works! The distorted tone is beasty and fat! If you like Airbourne or so...it sounds just like that! Full and rich metal style in neck and very Angus Young in bridge position. The notes don't destroy each other and every single one sounds clear but rocks! I always had problems with the other mentioned guitars because they sounded so "pasty". Forget about this! Altogehter 9 because with an additional tone control you could alternate a bit more...I don't care.

Overall Impression — 10
I play different styles and this guitar suits almost everything! I mentioned my Squier Jagmaster, that's a good guitar but forget about it if you have the chance to buy the F-200! My friend always had much difficulties with the neck of his Epiphone SG 400 because it's too heavy and will bump down all the time. The F-200 is very well-balanced in contrast! The tone is brighter and sounds so much better and clear! The fingerboard is fast as hell and you can play it twice better than the other two guitars ("Resinator Wood" as I mentioned (go to Hagstrom webpage, it's explained there)). My favourite feature is the full, bright and clear tone! I would definitely buy it again because it's worth every single of the 350 I paid for it! I chose it because the features looked good and I liked how the guitar looks! If you search for a quality instrument that most ordinary people can afford but doesn't look like everybody's guitar, get a Hagstrom! You don't only pay for the brand name on this one and as I said, I experienced both a Squier and an Epiphone guitar! The F-200 overtakes them easily!

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar seems to be very stable altough I didn't smash it at anything until now and I also don't want to try... It holds the tune very well and I had to tune it only once after delivery! I would definitely play this one without a backup! The bridge is made of self-lubricating graphite so the strings wont give up early I guess.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
I've seen only one tiny (2 mm or so) bump on the upper pick up cover but Who cares... you don't even really see it... The pickups and everything were checked at the store but I thing the set it up just right...nothing to improve on this. The finish is just beautiful. I wont give this guitar to anyone Who can't play it and eventually scratches it! It's too good for that! 9 because of the bump mentioned.

Features — 10
Hi everyone! I just got this guitar not long ago and in my opinion it's a secret tip for everyone Who wants to have some quality work done for the money! The F-200 is part of the (european?) Hagstrom Vintage series and I suppose it's china made. (Which model under 800 or so is not?) It features 22 frets on a "Resinator Wood fingerboard" and has a rather short scale (628 mm). The neck is very much D-shaped which suits me perfect and feels awesomely comfortable. It's a full body mahagony guitar with a mahagony set neck (SG style you may call it) with a transparent Cherry finish that is amazing. You can see the wooden surface on every inch and it reflects like a looking-glass! The body is a sort of a mixture between SG and Strat that looks independent and altogether very nice. The bridge is a Hagstrom patent I think and it delivers the greatest clean tone I ever heard when playing a guitar. It doesn't feature a whammy bar but I got one on my Jagmaster so it doesn't matter at all. You got one Volume and one Tone knob that go very smooth and easy and (guess what! XD) a 3-way toggle-Switch. The output is Strat-like which I prefer... The pickups are "custom" Hagstrom Alnico 60 Humbuckers in neck and bridge position. They have a huge output but sound clear and bright. Tuners and headstock are also custom Hagstrom style which I like a lot. It just looks good!

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    *gasp, an almost all tens review by an unregistered user! theres no was this was put up by an employee...
    the guitar looks like an imbred fake from a company that cant decide which classic shape to choose from so decides to combine them. its horrid
    i don't think a semi-legendary brand like Hagstrom needs to post fake reviews. these are great guitars for the money, especially when it comes to the tones from the stock pickups. i don't care much for the looks of this one, but my LP-style ultralux is sweet.
    It's not a fake review... Have any of you ever tried a Hagstrom and realized the greatest deal in the guitar world right now?
    Yeah Hagstroms are a steal, absolutely amazing. Besides, what makes you think a hagstrom employee can't make an account then post a review?
    Riddle me this: If they're such shit, how come dweezil zappa uses hagstroms? Frank did too... Ya know, Cause you all evidently know more than them, at least when it comes to high quality guitars and all... I already own a super swede and am gunning for a viking or F-300 next, I doubt I'll ever drop money on a different brand till I'm out of college and working... Really though? go play one before you bitch about it just for how it looks, I mean Keith richards used to use an old vox shaped like a peice of scrap wood, so that must be a shitty guitar. And hagstrom's got an evil advertising scheme to make you all buy shit so they can take all ur munnies and donate them to anonymous and 4chan so you'll inadvertently be supporting terrorism, destruction of scientology, and pedobear raping over nine thousand children! WTF ARE WE EVER GOING TO DO? ALL OUR BASES ARE BELONG TO THEM! (O.o) Grow up
    hey guys! i've written this review and i don't know why tf my user name is not there! I'm a new member but i used to get all my tabs and info from ultimate-guitar.com for years, so when i got this new guitar i decided to make a review! The reviews on u-g.com always helped me a lot... I've been playing for some years and I am definitely no Hagstrom employee xD I just like this guitar and think it's worth the price...
    I actutally own a F200P mine looks different than this one though check out my profile pic its the one on the left. Its my favorite guitar, I really do not think there is a faster smoother more comfortable neck out here, at least for me. And it comes with a self lubircating graphite nut, what a steal for $210. I think mine originally had p-90s on it and the guy i bought it of off (ebay) had it converted to humbuckers. Put 4 coil springs on the trem, add new humbuckers with split coils, locking tuners, a good 5 ways switch, and an emg afterburner knob, you have a beast of a guitar for cheap. It definitely worth the price. They also do make these in other colors. After reading up on Hags and seeing the raves about the necks I had to have one, and now im like a big Hagstrom junkie. But there's not a lot of leftys. If only I could find an F300P id be happy like a homo in jail.
    the bad guy
    nicko, psycho, avernus, and especially you windy, if you dont know about the reputation of this company's instruments, you are clearly noobs. a lot of professional players use these guitars, and have for decades. kids these days.....
    I own a F200P myself and really love the guitar. I got rid of the tremolo bar and fixed the bridge, had a technician do a little bit of set up and install 011 strings. These mods just fit my playing style, but I think this guitar is really really versatile and comfortable to play. The P90s are quite hot, and I love the middle position which combines bridge and neck. The neck is really great too, full and deep. I am not too fond of the bridge pickup alone for some reason, the sound reminds me more of a jazzmaster than of a gibson p90s. I gotta get my hands on a gibson p90 when I can and try to see how it feels swapping the bridge pickup. But hey- this guitar is like the best kept secret ever, definitely my fav guitar. I too wasnt too fond of the looks but it grows on you when you start loving the sound :-D