Super Swede review by Hagstrom

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  • Sound: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.9 (106 votes)
Hagstrom: Super Swede

Price paid: € 600

Purchased from: Online store

Sound — 7
Neck pickup is really smooth and warm, but kinda overly bassy. Bridge pickup sings quite nicely and does a really good job when playing overdriven sounds. The coilsplit make for some nice smoout single coil sounds. Not fenderlike nice but nice in its own way. Pickup height/levels were set up very poorly on my guitar from the factory.

Overall Impression — 7
I play everything from classical to hard rock with alittle bit of jazz on the side. I'd say this guitar is more suitable for rockish music than anything. Its build to last, it sounds good overdriven and it a weird but good neck (once you get used to it). Playing high on the fretboard is wierd since the cutaway starts abit early. Once you have done your setup on this guitar it plays just as good as any guitar, and the coiltap is kinda fun to play with. The Bridge pickup is further back on the body which makes it alittle different than your normal guitar also.. I kinda feel like I dig in too deep on the strings by accident all the time cause my arms are just so used to be further up the body. Not the average UG review where everything scores 9.5+ but an honest review on this guitar. I'm not sure I would get a new one if this was stolen. It was just something I bought to try out. Havent resold it you either. Feels different and I kinda like it. Last but not least. The very good things about this guitar. * The price! It's alot of guitar for this kinda money. * Its coolness. Your odd LP cousin-kinda guitar with a unique feel to it. * I dont know how common it is. but its something different to look at then your Standard fender/gibson/xxx guitars onstage. * It will last you an lifetime. * And its helluva cool guitar!

Reliability & Durability — 8
This thing will last an lifetime. No kidding. Its built like an tank. I guess the poly armour will stand the test of time too. At a gig I played with this guitar a drunk sob smashed it with a mic stand as hard as he could. Many other guitars woulda been splinters by this treatment, but the Super Swede is barely dented. This thing will not break. It will forever last and your arm will wear out long before the poly finish will. if this is good or bad I'm not sure about. Pickups are not threaded, so after adjusting the polepieces once too many times the wax just wont hold the screw anylonger and you can easily adjust it with your fingers...

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
Action was super low but came with string noise on 6th fret as a result. The humbuckers were also set up very poor. Too bassy and neck pickup too close to the strings making it unplayable before adjustments. The poly finish feels abit overdone, like unbreakable-kinda-overdone. Especially noticeable near the neckjoint where its severly overdone. Everything else was good. Decent bookmapping on the top.

Features — 7
2009 Hagstrm Super Swede, 21 frets with a super slim neck and coil splittable humbuckers. 2 tone, 2 volume. 2 passive custom pickups with alnico magnets in them. Proprietary design and parts by Hagstrm. Most noteworthy is the Hagstrm stop tail piece I'd say. Came with a really good softcase.

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    I play mostly metal, but those passives wont bother me a bit. (Im on of the few metalheads who cant stand the things lol).
    When i said that i meant who cant stand actives, my bad lol.
    Bought this yesterday, AU$500 S/h, it screams with sustain and tone. Love it, O/d and volume, heavy as can be, but an awesome fast neck, a little fret buzz, but it has never been set up, for factory setup, it's bitchin. Love it, love it, love it. Flaws: 2x small scratches on back, minute crack around pickup bezzle where the dude screwed it in too tight. Three way toggle seems be a bit temperamental on high position. all good for the price. Replacement and new setup costs $60. BARGAIN
    Well, I've played some expensive stuff in my life, I own a Jackson SL-1, a Jackson DXMG and a Gibson Explorer, and I was looking for a decent, well-priced guitar for a friend of mine and I was actually stunned at how well the Swede looked and played. Out of the box, it's not a guitar for everyone, because of the pickups, which are rather weak (in terms of output, not the quality). Thus it's much better for some electric blues, some old-school rock, certainly not for modern hi-gain sound. It's well-made, the tuners are ok, the bridge does its job, sounds pretty nice, overall a great deal for its price.
    With no disrespect to this guitar or its reviewer, but it sure seems from the UG reviews that all guitars in the world, whether they cost $300 or $13,000, at least score a solid 8. In other words: all guitars in the world are decent enough for most of us. So: buy cheap!
    I like Hagstroms. I probably would have pulled the trigger on a Viking if I hadn't gotten a good bargain on an Ibanez Artcore last year. Hell, I might still get one.
    This guitar is very voluptuous, wish I could try one out. To 4949oz: Anjohl obviously has a reputation for being a douchebag (see profile), either just an ignorant kid or merely a troll. Gibson and Epiphone are not the alpha and omega of LP's. They are obviously the pioneers but there are so many great variations on the LP these days that you don't need to fork out +3K in my opinion.
    I've owned a Swede for two years now. The Super Swede is everything my guitar is but turned up to 11.
    I love the ranting ! Sweet guitar. Im gonna have to try one.
    SuperswedeR wrote: I have this guitar too! It is awesome indeed
    Yes it's the best guitar I've ever had. The neck is so thin, which makes this guitar very easy to play!
    4949oz wrote: Anjohl wrote: No, I am sorry, anything amde in china is by default a Sammick. IE, it means you get a decent guitar body, you lose the right to protest losing your job, and you ahve to switch out the pickups. Basically, anything made in China is worth around $300 in terms of a set mahogany neck, since the body is a decent construction for a DIY guitar. Anyone who buys a guitar from China who is, or even thinks they are, a serious musician needs to get their head checked. I'm sorry does being a serious musician constitute having money? I'm sorry I'm a poor college student that can't drop 2000 dollars on a guitar and I need the money for tuition. Anyone that honestly thinks that you have to pay money and get something "not from china" to be considered a musician is just being a f*ckin prick. Imagine if the british said that about Leo Fender's guitars during the blues boom of the 60's? Seriously if you haven't played one just stop commenting because you can't say a damn thing about one until you have played it. You're just a prick that likes to flaunt the fact that he has "musicians instruments" and is too close minded to accept the possibility that anything else could be a good quality instrument other than the one's you've already coughed up money for. And if you haven't heard the pickups STFU, seriously that'd be like me trying to say EMG's sound like cold uninspired crap. I've only ever played Duncan's and DiMarzios, so I can't give it an honest review with my own opinion I haven't even touched it! And from the way you're talking I'll bet you've never even played a Super Swede and you're letting someone else's opinions shape your own. If it's not the case please state specifically unbiasedly in detail the issues you had while playing the guitar as to give possible purchasers reading this a better insight as to
    This could be summed up in a couple sentences; people who buy luxury items are bound to defend them, given that they bought them as status markers in the first place. That should put Gibson fanboys into perspective, no? This guitar looks a good bit interesting, especially for the price. I'd also like to give single coils a try. This certainly looks like a good place to start. The neck is what has me a bit worried though. I'm generally a fan of really thin necks, like the Ibanez Wizard ii. Do you know how the Hagstrom's neck compares to the Ibby (as a frame of reference for me)?
    It's not where the guitar was made or who made it, it's the soul that you put into the guitar while playing, of course I'm excluding any guitar for under $ don't say "ITS A GIBSON RIP OFF, IT SUCKS!!!" it is its own interpretation of a classic. But yeah, it look nice but a bit big... ill stick to a Les Paul until i hit it big time and can buy as many guitars as Jimmy Pages has. lol
    Anjohl wrote: No, I am sorry, anything amde in china is by default a Sammick. IE, it means you get a decent guitar body, you lose the right to protest losing your job, and you ahve to switch out the pickups. Basically, anything made in China is worth around $300 in terms of a set mahogany neck, since the body is a decent construction for a DIY guitar. Anyone who buys a guitar from China who is, or even thinks they are, a serious musician needs to get their head checked.
    Really? How does it affect my employment? Being that I am of British and Irish heritage and now live in Australia? Or should I have played Burns guitars when I was in the UK and should I now focus on Maton, Cole Clark and Red Back guitars? I have played and previously owned Hagstroms (an original from the '70s - long before I was aware of any value attached to it. The new ones are great instruments - the fact they are built in China is irrelevant (I'll be surprised if everything in your home is made in your home country). I have been a gigging and recording musician for years. I have borrowed a friend's Swede a couple of times and would consider buting one if I happened to come across a decent model at a reasonable price. Does that make me any less serious about what I do for additional income and the sheer fun of playing? No. I have played and owned quite a few Gibson and Fender instruments over the years - mainly US built but also Mexican and Japanese. I have found "cheap rebranded guitars" that would easily outplay the aforementioned in tone, sustain, durability, playability and build quality. A "Made in the US" sticker, screen print or engraving doesn't automatically equal quality. Some of the Les Pauls from the late '70s and Fenders of the CBS era are little more than expensive pieces of pretty-looking firewood. Maybe you'd like to compare your collection of guitars and amps to mine some time. Here's a cut and paste from my rig list:
    Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty Gibson SG Special (swamp ash, natural finish) Fender Telecaster (US Standard) Custom-built Telecaster (a work in progress although currently playable) Ibanez JTK1 Yamaha SE500 Danelectro U2 Peavey Patriot (1st guitar, awaiting a rebuild for posterity more than anything else) Taylor 314CE Ibanez electro-acoustic of some sort (AES?) A late 60s dreadnaught, copy of a Gibson from what I can tell with individually adjustable saddles Epiphone acoustic (cheap, bought when backpacking 10 years ago) Amps: Vox AC30 (early 70s reconditioned, leaves the house to go to the studio and thats it) Vadis Extended Range (60s Australian valve combo built like a tank far more resilient than the Vox) Vox AD30VT (needs a new speaker convenient practice amp that can be carried to houses, garages and the like) Orange TH30 Combo Marshall MS2
    You're a troll, and not even a very good one, judging by your profile. Now p1$$ off and play in the traffic - your opinion is worthless. As for the Hagstrom not being suitable for punk? Run it through an AC30 and it'll work a treat - just a little judicious tonal setting and you're away. Incidental fact - Pat Smear (Germs, solo, Foo Fighters, Nirvanan - offered the job in RHCP...) is reported to own the largest collection, stateside of Hagstrom guitars - he seems quite happy playing the new models and endorsing the brand too.
    wow such hate going on here. the dumbass got his *beating* now let him lie damn lol. Ok, this guitar looks pretty bad ass, and from your description sounds great. I play mostly metal, but those passives wont bother me a bit. (Im on of the few metalheads who cant stand the things lol). Its definitly a possibility for my next guitar. Also though, i got to say to that little hater: Have you ever heard a Schecter??? There cheap you know, but personally and according to several famous musicians, they are the best you can get. Zacky Vengeance's AND Synyster Gates's main axes are Schecters. The fact of the matter is, price doesnt make quality at all, that just shows how greedy the company is. Every Gibson I've ever played has needed fairly major setting up. I've even cut my fingers on the frets of one I've played in the local shop. I'm not hating on Gibson, im just stating a fact.
    I wrote the "new" review. I'd say the neck is abit thicker than the wizard II neck at the nut, but widens more closer to the body than the wizard II neck. My first review and I had the following numbers in mind when reviewing this guidar: 1 - crappiest piece of junk 10$ guitar you get in your cerials 5 - your average Epiphone les paul copy 7 - Good midrange guitars, Schecter, Hagstrm, Gibson Studio. Ibanezez etc. 8 - A medium/good Gibson or Fender (or the likes) 9 - A great Gibson/Fender/PRS/etc... the one you find after playing tens or hundreds of guitars just to find the best ones. 10 - The holy graal of guitars - Only a few thousands of these exists worldwide. so.. 7 is a pretty damn good score, especially for its price! Go check it out if you have a chance