Super Swede review by Hagstrom

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (106 votes)
Hagstrom: Super Swede

Price paid: $ 540

Purchased from: Local Dealer

Sound — 9
Bridge pickup sounded solid when mixed with distortion, the neck pickup is very determined to play jazz or blues type of music. Superswede has its own character when it compared to other types of lespaul guitars.I use a Vox ac15, I think they are a matching pair.

Overall Impression — 10
I have been playing music since 20 years ago, I play various types of music such as jazz, hard rock and reegae. This guitar can play all kinds of my music style.I have a Epiphone Les Paul Custom and Fender Telecaster highway one. I don't like to compared of my guitars but this one has a different class.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar seems pretty reliable. It definitely will withstand live playing without backup, but for the absolute certainty you might have another instrument. The strap buttons are solid. The finish is also solid. The hardware was made to serve forever. Everything is sturdy and very well constructed.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
It was set-up really good, the action was perfect. But it gets a little buzzy sounding with low strings on low frets, I return to the store to re-setting, after resetting the problem disappeared and you can play it as you like.The action, fit, and finish were outstanding for the price, and which is why I gave the guitar rating a 8

Features — 10
It's china made I think?. The neck's very comfortable rather than my epi lp custom. Fretboard wow sing like an ebony but it's not an ebony I don't know what kind of wood they use. The body wow this is a tank it's havier than my other guitars not recommended for thin people.

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    Never owned one myself, but I ended up gigging with one that belonged to my friend when the Epiphone Plus Top I had planned to play had output jack problems. They're fantastic instruments; I remember thinking to myself "I'm stealing this guitar". I tried to make him a trade for it but he wouldn't take anything I had to offer. In my opinion, Hagstrom is leagues above Epiphone and even rivals the deluxe LTD Eclipses' in terms of build quality and stylization. One of the better guitars in it's respective price range.
    I was on vacation in Florida 4 years ago and came across a second hand Super Swede in a small guitar shop in Sarasota. After trying it for half an hour I fell in love with it and seriously considered purchasing it to bring back to the UK with me. The whole of the holiday I procrastinated over buying the Swede but in the end went home without it. Now 4 years on I see an listing on a local guitar buy/sell group on Facebook and what do you know.... There is a Super Swede being sold for 200 GBP ($259) omg I freak out and get onto messenger and ask the buyer what his best price is. He comes back to me with 170 GBP ($220). I bit the guys hand off and 2 hours later the guitar is mine! Jesus it's better than what I remembered..... What a bargain..... It's flawless in every way.
    to stay objective I will say Ive owned 4 hagstroms and currently still have the viking and super swede. and I am quite happy with them, been playing for over 45 yrs and buy sell trade guitars as a sideline so I have had more than 400 guitars in my possession at one time or another.. the fact that I still have a Viking and the super swede in my collection should speak volumes.
    Gogs Guitar
    Hagstrom Super Swede I am a UK based pro musician with 30 years experience I bought my Super Swede guitar as an end of shop sell off for 350 which was a real bargain. Ive been gigging the guitar since March 2010 and have had a fair bit of time to find out where it fits best with the wide variety of styles of music I play. The Pick ups are dfferent to anything else doing the rounds and that makes it immediately interesting. The finish is stunning,with a wow factor for any player mates of mine that have first time viewed it. Workmanship:- cant fault anything on it. These pick ups when wound up via a valve amp or clean then added to with my Line 6 distortion pedal , Marshall Bluesbreaker or Guvnor or one of my other similar pedals ,is capable of knocking holes through walls at gig volume.The power and sustain is awesome. I use it mainly for 70s era rock numbers and for my Gary Moore numbers. Tuning:- it holds well ( unlike my Strat or Tele ) Downsides there are 2; Its a heavy bugger but well balanced Main downside is access to the upper fret area which negates the extended scale length of the fret board. The cut away has not been designed in a way that allows you to get access to the frets above 17 with normal playing technique and this is frustrating as it requires an adaptation of normal playing style to accomodate it. These guitars are not well stocked in UK shops which is a shame as they offer a play quality way above the mid/low price bracket and are miles ahead of other guitars in the market from China origin. Hagstrom need to get their marketing and distribution together to spread the word more effectively in UK.
    I love it. About the only flaws I still have are: - E string breaks too often. (can be fixed though) - A little hard to reach the highest frets. (cannot be fixed, I think) - The neck pup is somewhat muddy on chords. (can be fixed) Other than that, it's a perfect guitar, and an inexpensive one at that! I'd recommend getting a setup when you get it out of the box, however.
    Bought a Select Super Swede a month or 2 ago. When looking I was comparing it with a Super Swede, Epiphone LP Custom, Epiphone LP Standard, Vintage AV1, Vintage V100, AXL Badwater 1216/USA, and PRS SE Singlecut. All were real nice however the Select Super Swede really stood out with the tones, even a little bit more than the Super Swede. Will do a full review in a year or so after really getting to know the piece but so far real happy.
    I have had a super swede for about a month. I bought it new.The guitar came to me with a good set up. It looks great. It plays ok. It sounds terrible.Seriously, The pups are crap!!I'm playing through a blackstar ht40 and a fender vibro champ xd. Decent amps. I want to like it sooo bad. Man, if low end means lifeless pups, then they nailed it!I read a lot of comparisons to les paul's. Thats a joke.It doesn't do anybody who is thinking about buying one, any good. I have a Gibson V with a classic 57 and a classic 57 plus. Also a Gibson SG special. I would not let this hagstrom wipe their ass. If you are thinking about buying one, my opinion from trying one is,SAVE YOUR MONEY!! There are so many better options, especially used.
    This is a wonderful, versatile guitar. The coil tap means, with my Digitech 155 and my Blackstar amp, I can get those great Pink Floyd tones, and those great AC/DC tones. Only thing I would prefer on my Super Swede is a volute on the neck. That's it. And you're not gonna find a better sounding, better playing guitar in this price range. Or maybe double this price range. It's well-constructed, great playing, great sounding instrument. That is all. Great neck, great tone, great construction. I will say that changing out the crappy stock bridge with a Tonepros locking bridge made a lot of difference in the sustain and attack. But that's the only modification I've made. And damn, it's a beautiful guitar (mine is the amber sunburst). Every time I consider selling it, I play it and it changes my mind.
    I would like to add, I could not try before I bought. No hags were in my area. I wanted one for about 6 months and finally bought one online, based on looks and comments from owners. I have it on CL for trade right now. I cannot wait to get rid of it.
    Anjohl wrote: No, I am sorry, anything amde in china is by default a Sammick. IE, it means you get a decent guitar body, you lose the right to protest losing your job, and you ahve to switch out the pickups. Basically, anything made in China is worth around $300 in terms of a set mahogany neck, since the body is a decent construction for a DIY guitar. Anyone who buys a guitar from China who is, or even thinks they are, a serious musician needs to get their head checked. ----- Why bother trying to convince anyone to change thier opinion...I own a gibson LP Classic and a LP Studio Faded brown as well as the Hagstom Super Swede...Each of them inspired me to buy them because they inspired me to play/write... they all sound very diferent from each other but all are very easy to play and pleasing to my ears and are built very mater where their built or even price ...if it meets the I love this guitar personal standard...then there are no problems FYI a serious musician can make a real crappy guitar sound good Nino