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manufacturer: Hagstrom date: 08/20/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Hagstrom: Viking
The Hagstrom Viking semi-hollowbody electric guitar covers all genres from blues/rock to jazz/fusion and back again. With an arched semi-hollow maple body, its looks are as sweet as its tone.
 Sound: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 8.7
 Reliability & Durability: 8.3
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.3
 Features: 8.3
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overall: 9.6
Viking Reviewed by: weretarantula, on july 11, 2008
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Price paid: A$ 1100

Purchased from: Classic Sounds

Features: My Hagstrom Viking I'm pretty sure is an '08 or an '07 model, made in China to the original Swedish specifics. It has 22 frets on a 24.75" scale. It has a laminated maple top with a transparent cherry finish. The body is all maple with a Hagstrom resonator fretboard which emulates an ebony fretboard without dry spots. It has a Tune-O-Matic Hagstrom trapeze tailpiece bridge. Two volume and two tone pots and a 3-way switch. The pickups are the stock Hagstrom's (two humbuckers neck and bridge), the only thing that sucks was that it didn't come with a case and that's why I gave it a 9. The tuners are the stock Hagstrom's. // 9

Sound: I play mainly metal but I also play rock and some softer stuff aswell. This guitar isn't really designed for metal but it is absolutely superb for rock. The tone that it comes out with just sears and all chords are nice and fat. I play it through a Line 6 Spider III HD150 Half Stack with some delay, but I have also played it through my dad's Marshall TSL601 and it sounds brilliant on both. It's not as chunky as my Razorback but as I said it's not really aimed for that genre. The pickups are very clear and do not have any noise and even though it is semi acoustic I haven't had a lot of feedback coming out from any amp I've played through. Through a clean channel it sounds great, as all semi acoustics do, very airy sound. I can get some really good pinch harmonics out of it but it's not a shred guitar, as I said (probably like the 4th time) it's great for some fat rocking tone like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. Pretty much everything except heavy metal. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is perfect, incredibly low. The only thing is there is a minor fretbuzz on the low E but it's not major. Everything else with the action and finish and setup is perfect. The finish is nice and doesnt't have any flaws and looks thick enough to not wear through. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I'm pretty sure that this guitar will be very durable and will last me for years on end, it feels very solid even for a semi acoustic. I wouldn't use any guitar at a gig without a backup because if something goes wrong then you're screwed but I think it could stand up to the challenge. // 10

Overall Impression: As I said before I mainly play metal but for everything else this guitar is amazing. It matches me pretty well. I have been playing for about 2 years now and I also have a Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary Edition and a Dean Razorback 255. I would defenitely get this guitar again if it were stolen or lost. I love everything about this guitar, I just wish that it could sound heavier without replacing the pickups because then it would have everything. // 10

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overall: 7.2
Viking Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 09, 2011
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Price paid: £ 400

Features: - Arched semi-hollow maple body. - North American hard maple set neck. - Resinator fretboard. - Hagstrom pearl Dot position marks. - H-Expander truss rod. - Hagstrom 18:1 die-cast tuners. - 24.75-inch scale. - 2 Hagstrom HJ-50 humbuckers. - 3-way toggle pickup selector. - Long-travel tune-o-matic. - Hagstrom trapeze tailpiece. - 2 volume and 2 tone controls. // 8

Sound: I play hard rock, grunge & blues and this fitys the bill. I'm using a Vox Night Train through a Vox cab (Cry Baby>TS9>modded DS1) and it sounds amazing. The guitar can pretty much do any sound you want from jazzy clean through to brutel distortion. Its pretty versitile for a "jazz guitar". No need for an aray of effects. Just crank it and let the tone come through. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: So this is where the problems came. I bought a Swede that was set up perfectly whereas this thing required some major attention which is strange as they're set up by a set of local technicians before being distributed. The action was too high, truss rod needed some adjustments and then there was the issues with the g-string once I'd changed to 11s (it comes with 10s). I got the dead g-string. I changed to a wound g-string which fixed the problem but the saddle worked its way through 2 strings in one pratcice sessions (granted it was a 9 hour stint). So I changed back to unwound and tracked down Hagstrom. They replied instantly suggesting a few things that didn't work and then put me on to the local factory. The local fatcory told me to contact the dealer who would contact them to get another saddle sent out. I'm still waiting which pisses me off as I've had the thing 4 months now. Thankfully the problem isn't as pronounced any more as I guess the wood has settlled down but it grates me I have to carry on chasing for this saddle as I'd like to move to a wound g-string but don't want to have to change one every session. Other than that it looks mint! // 5

Reliability & Durability: Ok so I played with this thing live for the first time the other week and it soudned f--king immense. Its built like a sh1t house but I did have a problem with the toggle Switch (stopped picking up the Bridge pick up) so I guess the hardware isn't top notch. I had to finish the last two songs plugged directly into the amp playing on the neck pick up which was a slight inconvenience. I think from now on I'll use it as a back up but never the lead. // 6

Overall Impression: As I said above this is perfect for my style of play. The issues I've had with it leave a slightly unpleasant taste in the mouth but to be honest I love the thing. I've been playing for 17 years and in terms of asthetics and tone this will do fine. I think if I tweak the toggle Switch it will be fine (if not I'll replace). If lost or stolen I'd definately get another but I'd be more careful this time and rely less on Hagstrom's reputation. I love the sound, I love the feel of it, I love the way it looks and as I said above, I love the tone. It does require some maintenance but most things you love usually do (you should meet my girlfriend!). Anyway if you're intersted check it out on my band's YouTube page. // 7

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overall: 8.4
Viking Reviewed by: TEKarma, on august 20, 2012
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Price paid: C$ 600

Purchased from: Neil Douglas Guitar Shop

Features: This 2011 semi-hollow electric was made in China at a dedicated factory using Hagstrom parts. It's a 335-type of guitar with 2 humbuckers, 2 volume controls and 2 tone controls, and a three-way pickup selector switch. Mine is the red model, with cream binding. The fretboard is what they call 'Resinator'; not wood, but looks kind of like ebony. The body and set neck are maple. The neck has a proprietary truss-rod (H-expander) that is very strong and stable, which allows for a slimmer neck. It has Hagstrom tuners, a tune-o-matic bridge with a trapeze tail-piece. // 8

Sound: I play alternative-punk-rock-blues, and the Viking plays along. It has a nice, rich sound. The pickups have a nice sound to them. They are 59-type humbuckers, good for a classic rock range of sound. I was pleasantly surprised by the pickups: it had crossed my mind that I might have to replace them if they were a weak link, but they sound clear and rich, and don't let the guitar down. The tone controls are very responsive too. The Viking sustains nicely, though like semi-hollows tend to do, it tends to feed back at high gain/volumes. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: There were good and bad things about the Viking's finish, though. The bad was that the fret edges were very rough. They left little micro-scratches on my fingers. Totally inexcusable. Fortunately, the guitar shop fixed them right up under warranty, and cleaned the pickup selector which was dirty and not working all the time. A quick cleaning fixed that too. The wood work was very nice, with no noticeable blemishes of any kind. The action was very low, without any buzzing, and the intonation was spot on. Had it not been for the frets and dirty selector switch I would have given the Viking a 10 on fit and finish. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I owned this guitar nearly a year and it is nice and solid. My two-and-a-half year old nephew plays around with it (supervised) and everything is in perfect shape. I'd have no reservations about gigging with this guitar, if I were still doing that sort of thing. // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years. I own an American Standard Stratocaster and Telecaster, a PRS SE One Korina, and an Epiphone Les Paul Studio. I play through a Traynor Darkhorse head+cab and a Vox AC4TV combo. I would have to describe myself as a minimalist. I love the sound of a guitar plugged into a tube amp, and only use pedals when I must in order to achieve a particular sound. To use a particular example of the Viking's range from my perspective: played clean on a rhythm track I recorded, the Viking was chimey and rich, but when I crank the Dark Horse and played the Viking through a Boss Power Stack pedal to boot, it was a ferocious lead guitar with predictable, controlled feedback. For $600 this thing is killer. I love it. // 9

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