Californian 27 Fret Review

manufacturer: Hamer date: 02/03/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Hamer: Californian 27 Fret
Korean made in early 90s. Smaller Strat type body, 27 jumbo frets 25.5 scale, Fender style bound neck, boomerang neck inlays. I tell ya 27 frets are cool! You can downtune to D and still hit a standard high note on a solo.
 Sound: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 9
 Features: 9
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overall: 9
Californian 27 Fret Reviewed by: danvwman, on february 03, 2012
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Price paid: $ 175

Purchased from: Pawn America

Features: Korean made in early 90s. Smaller Strat type body, 27 jumbo frets 25.5 scale, thick a-s bolt on Fender style bound neck, boomerang neck inlays, Duncan Designed single coil neck pickup humbucker bridge pickup, three way selector one volume knob and a cool recessed upside down output jack. Licensed Floyd rose, black finish, unknown wood. // 9

Sound: Odd but versatile guitar, the single coil neck and humbucker bridge coil are neat. It is mainly a hair metal guitar but the single coil neck pup would be good for country... Very twangy and clucky. It is a very thin sounding guitar stock so I replaced the original Duncan Designed humbucker with a Duncan Distortion SH-6. That beefed up the tone considerably, I now think Floyds suck tone out of the low end so if you have a light guitar you need a darker pickup to compensate for it. I tell ya 27 frets are cool! You can downtune to D and still hit a standard high note on a solo... Very cool I have used it with many amps/rigs, A 65 Fender Bandmaster, Peavey XXX, Marshall AVT 150H, works well with all and is relatively quiet for not having a shielded cavity. My before the SH-6 rating would have been a 5 but since I added the pickup this thing rips! Does the "metal" sound very well. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Bought it at a pawn shop in dismal condition, talked them down from their asking price. It was my first Floyd rose guitar... They are a pain to set up if somebody else has effed with it. But after a 2hour first setup and months of playing and a few tweeks. It is an awesome player. I think most people would need to pay for a pro setup. These were one step down from the Elite ($1200 neck thru) at a price of $500 when they were new and it plays quite well, and looks nice even if the binding and inlays are just plastic type and not abalone like an Elite model, the neck is a little thick for my liking but after a while of playing you don't notice it. As far as finish this thing is almost 20 years old and looks very much like a new guitar, it has some wear on the black hardware but overall decent shape. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Live playing... Yes. With the locking nut it stays in tune under heavy playing, I pick very hard. Hard divebombs you sometimes have to tap the arm to get it back to zero position, but otherwise stays in tune well. Good original hardware... YES. Strap buttons were oversized and very sturdy but I am a paranoid freak (it only takes one strap mishap) and replaced them with locking strap hooks. Live playing without them is foolish. Play without a backup... NO. Would not Recommend that with any Floyd set up... Too long to restring. 20 years old and looks like it is fairly new. // 9

Overall Impression: I love it I have many guitars all do something another one does not. I have been playing since 1983. I almost got a Schecter that was sitting next to this but the wife said "you already have Schecters what about that Hamer?" I am glad I did. I didn't know anything about this guitar when I first saw it and lucky for me the pawn shop didn't either. Went home and googled it and decided to buy it. This is a way under rated guitar not made any more. If you find one get it... If you can haggle on the price. Mine was a superb deal since it is almost mint, to me easily worth 3 times what I paid for it. I love the boomerangs and the upsidedown jack, hate nothing except the original humbucker. If it was stolen, broken etc I would be SOL since it is not made anymore. // 9

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