II Professional review by Hondo

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (13 votes)

Sound — 10
I love the sound I get from this guitar! Originaly, it was not wired right, I found a Telecaster circut diagram online and re-wired it now it sounds just like a real Telecaster! With both pickps on, it has I nice, even, warm sound. With the selector in the front, rhythm position, is has an even warmer sound (thru the champ, I can get a pretty good SRV sound), but the best part is swithching it into the rear or lead setting, this gives you a nice, bright sound but it is not to harsh. The rear pickup is set in a metal plate on the bridge (like a Tele) I think this gives it that bright tone. I think this guitar suits a whole range of music. I play mostly classic rock, it's perfect for that, you can get a nice clean sound an then with a little bit of Drive get the nice cream-esc sound. It also gets a pretty good Hendrix sound (with a fuzz-face). The guitar also by nature, is great for country music in that treble position. I play all of my stuff thru eather my Fender champ, or a Fender Hot-rod Deluxe. I use only the amps overdrive, a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, and a moded fuzz-face that I built from scratch called the "peach fuzz." One other thing I don't like is, it is quite noisey (60 cycle hum) when I'm eather in the lead or rythem position. Overall the sound is great, you can get a wide range from very melow and dark to bright crisp tone and everything in-between.

Overall Impression — 10
As I said before, I play mostly classic rock, some newer stuff, and some folk. As I said before, I have a Vintage Fender Champ, a 2001, Fender Hot-rod Deluxe, and some other random pedals. I also have an Epiphone acoustic that's falling apart. If I ever lost my Hondo, or it got stolen, I would have to have another one, I don't know where I would find one, I can't find another one on the internet (or anywhere else for that mater). I compared it to a Squire Strat but I got this one (very glade I did! A Squire is no compairison to my Hondo). I chose this guitar over something else because I just like the sound, and feel of it. I think that it's always better to buy an older guitar in my opinion they used to make better guitars. And with an old guitar the wood has hade a chance to settle down (less chance of warping). I have had this guitar for about two and a half years, I love it! I play for at least two hours a day (I'm home-schooling). I have had several people look at it, some say it's a very good guitar, some say it's a good starter but get somthing else soon, and some say quote "it is the fisher-price of guitars." I think that to get a guitar of equal quality, you would have to spend at least $700 to $800.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The action when I got it was not bad, but not very good. The neck was right on the money, just a slight curve at the 9th fret. The pickups where straight, I raised the high end of the front pickup to give a uniform volume up the strings. I just re-adjusted the action, now it plays wonderfuly. I also set the intonation, it's perfect. The finish was flawless (I have since put a few nicks and dings in it). The former ownerdid not play it alot most of the time it sat in it's case (the worst thing for a guitar).

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    I Have a hondo II professional, and I just had it fixed and a few broken parts replaced. I was wondering how can a guy figure out how old it is?
    im begining to love hondo my self... just the other day a friend of mine gave me his 197? hondo acustic and after a few hours of tinkering and experimenting, its twice the guitar my $30 harmony acustic will ever be, i know that not saying alot but for a free guitar you cant beat it.
    bought my daughter a Hondo h 76 at a junk store for 40 bucks. won't lie. weighs about double what my start weighs. (swear the body is made out of concrete.) these guitars are so underated. built well, plays decent, dirt damn cheap (think this is a vintage 1986, or so). if you can find one, buy it. even if you use it as a spare for your spare, a diamond in the rough.
    I have a Black Hondo II Pro strat copy, bought in about '85, my first electric guitar. The neck and body make it an amazing guitar. I think the string-through-body bridge really adds to the tone, and the action is perfect. Unfortunately, the pickups are too microphonic to play out on it. I keep thinking some day I'll splurge for pickups as good as this guitar.
    I have a 1980 hondo formula one warlock body. It does play great..can't find anyone to buy it though.
    One of my friends own one, it sounds good but it doesnt deserve a 10 out of 10, I gave it 7
    I've got a 70's Hondo professional II strat copy. It sat unused for a number of years before I dragged it out and had it professionally set up at a local music store. The body was stripped down to the natural wood by a friend of mine. It's a really nice looking guitar-no plywood here! After I had the guitar set up it played absolutely like a dream. The neck is solid maple-no rosewood fretboard, just polished maple. The guy who set it up for me told me the factory that made this guitar eventually churned out Charvels. Since I can't find any information online about the guitar and its provenance, I can't verify this. Recently I put a set of emg (David Gilmour signature) pickups in it. It sounds and plays better than my USA strat.
    I own 3 Hondo's from the late 70's, Gibson Les Paul copies, all in the same ebony finish. One of them is mint, plays very well and has a very good crunchy rock'n'roll tone, has a faster neck than the Gibson standards (slim taper), The other two I bought very cheap because they're faulty, I'm going to get them fixed up when I have the cash and experiment on them (extra nobs, new humbuckers etc) If you can find a good one they're well worth it and among the best copies you can find.
    i own two hondos myself and i love them, one is a gibson explorer copy that i bought for 50 bucks, though it was taken apart i bought new electronics and slapped two esp humbuckers i had lying around and it is better than a gibson, my other is part of their fame series which have the same paint job as evh and a mirror pickgaurd with a s-s-h pu configuration wonderful guitars i bought it at a pawn for 80 bucks so im happy
    I Have a Hondo II professional P-bass and it is an amazing sounding bass but I wanna know more about it and cant find any info or even another one of these basses. can someone help me out???
    they do not suck...i have an old hondo les paul copy that sounds pretty good...the dimarzio pick ups make it the way it is....even though i just use it for visitors... (it keeps their paws off of my les paul custom)... anywayz i still play it once in awhile
    Amen to those of you who realize what these are. The Professional models are incredible players, and my Strat copy is in near-mint condition. I have a really rare one, as it's the only one I've seen with a pickguard that covers most of the top part of the guitar as well as below the strings. It's absolutely original to the guitar, though, and it's the only one I've seen like it. Plays nearly as well as a Fender American Standard Strat I have my eye on, for $1000 less. I had a similar one with an HSS configuration that I picked up for $80, unfortunately I lost it to a pawn shop years ago. the one I have now was $200, but worth every penny. It's an HH config, though. Beautiful guitar. Also, just to mention, while many of the original Hondo (not II or Pro) guitars were crap, there are plenty of the Les Paul copies out there that might as well be a Gibson. A few other companies made them just as good in the late 70's (maybe Cort, Aria, etc.). The thing is, if the LP copy was made in Japan and has the headstock that looks almost identical to Gibson's, it's usually a decent, if not excellent guitar. They call them "lawsuit" guitars, but there never really was a lawsuit. The Hondo Pro models are almost guaranteed to be sweet playing guitars, even the Fender Lead and Lead II copies. Used to see em in pawn shops all the time, but they've all been snapped up!