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manufacturer: Hondo date: 05/18/2005 category: Electric Guitars
Turns out Hondo had some good years and some bad ones. The early '80s were really great years.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8
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overall: 9.3
II Professional Reviewed by: BassDude2737, on may 18, 2005
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Sound: I love the sound I get from this guitar! Originaly, it was not wired right, I found a Telecaster circut diagram online and re-wired it now it sounds just like a real Telecaster! With both pickps on, it has I nice, even, warm sound. With the selector in the front, rhythm position, is has an even warmer sound (thru the champ, I can get a pretty good SRV sound), but the best part is swithching it into the rear or lead setting, this gives you a nice, bright sound but it is not to harsh. The rear pickup is set in a metal plate on the bridge (like a Tele) I think this gives it that bright tone. I think this guitar suits a whole range of music. I play mostly classic rock, it's perfect for that, you can get a nice clean sound an then with a little bit of Drive get the nice cream-esc sound. It also gets a pretty good Hendrix sound (with a fuzz-face). The guitar also by nature, is great for country music in that treble position. I play all of my stuff thru eather my Fender champ, or a Fender Hot-rod Deluxe. I use only the amps overdrive, a Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive, and a moded fuzz-face that I built from scratch called the "peach fuzz." One other thing I don't like is, it is quite noisey (60 cycle hum) when I'm eather in the lead or rythem position. Overall the sound is great, you can get a wide range from very melow and dark to bright crisp tone and everything in-between. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The action when I got it was not bad, but not very good. The neck was right on the money, just a slight curve at the 9th fret. The pickups where straight, I raised the high end of the front pickup to give a uniform volume up the strings. I just re-adjusted the action, now it plays wonderfuly. I also set the intonation, it's perfect. The finish was flawless (I have since put a few nicks and dings in it). The former ownerdid not play it alot most of the time it sat in it's case (the worst thing for a guitar). // 8

Overall Impression: As I said before, I play mostly classic rock, some newer stuff, and some folk. As I said before, I have a Vintage Fender Champ, a 2001, Fender Hot-rod Deluxe, and some other random pedals. I also have an Epiphone acoustic that's falling apart. If I ever lost my Hondo, or it got stolen, I would have to have another one, I don't know where I would find one, I can't find another one on the internet (or anywhere else for that mater). I compared it to a Squire Strat but I got this one (very glade I did! A Squire is no compairison to my Hondo). I chose this guitar over something else because I just like the sound, and feel of it. I think that it's always better to buy an older guitar in my opinion they used to make better guitars. And with an old guitar the wood has hade a chance to settle down (less chance of warping). I have had this guitar for about two and a half years, I love it! I play for at least two hours a day (I'm home-schooling). I have had several people look at it, some say it's a very good guitar, some say it's a good starter but get somthing else soon, and some say quote "it is the fisher-price of guitars." I think that to get a guitar of equal quality, you would have to spend at least $700 to $800. // 10

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