H7 Headless Baritone review by Hufschmid

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  • Features: 10
  • Sound: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.1 (12 votes)
Hufschmid: H7 Headless Baritone

Features — 10
I'm a 25 year old musician and bedroom music producer from Sweden. Music and playing guitar has been my passion for as long as I can remember and throughout the years I have been playing on a large variety of brand guitars. From my first electric guitar, a cheap Samick Stratocaster to Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Schechter, Washburn and Jackson to name a few. But I've always felt that these guitars have been missing something in one aspect or another. Having had long standing problems with neck and back pain I need a guitar that is light while still retaining all the tone and sustain as well as being versatile enough to handle a large variety of different music genres, from mellow jazz notes to pop music and on to high-gain riffs at demand.

I first discovered Patrick and his work in, I believe it was 2010 and I was immediately impressed. Not only by the beautiful and high quality woods he is working with, or the fact that I've always been a fan of "mahogany" guitars and that I find the overall visual design of Patrick's guitars very appealing, but with the amazing tonal properties and clear character the sound of his guitars seem to possess. I was however hesitant to contact Patrick at first. Not only because as a college music student a Hufschmid guitar was quite far above my budget, but also because I know that YouTube clips and Soundcloud snippets are not always the best way to determine what a guitar actually sounds like. Then there is also the trap of GAS, the Gear Acquisition Syndrome that I've always been mindful not to fall into. But I did finally make up my mind and I contacted Patrick in June 2014, and man I am glad I did.

"I have been suffering from back problems almost my entire life and as such I'd begun to explore different design possibilities in order to build a guitar that was as light as possible while still retaining all the tone, practicality and character of my flagship range of guitars, and with this design I believe I have achieved it. " - Patrick Hufschmid on the H7 Headless.

As it happens this is exactly what I've been looking for. Even though I didn't really like the the headless guitar designs at first, I have to admit that they've kinda grown on me over the years, and Patrick's take on them tipped the scales in favour of a headless guitar. And as I've now found out during our e-mail correspondence, Patrick and I seem to suffer from very similar back problems.

Sound — 10
This H7 Headless traveled over the mountains in Switzerland and through a rather large forest fire to get to my doorstep here in Sweden, and the guitar was apart from a such a minimal adjustment in tuning that it's not even funny, and probably not even worth to mention here, in perfect playing condition. This guitar is built rock solid, and if you take care of it properly it's most likely going to take a smaller nuclear apocalypse to make the wood move. Also the HufGlow fret marker side-inlays have an amazing glow in the dark. Just saying.

The first thing you are going to notice when you hold a Hufschmid Headless guitar in your hands for the first time, apart from it's stunning beauty and masterful craftsmanship, is the weight. It weighs almost nothing.

I've been standing with the guitar around my neck during several hour long rehearsals and if i wasn't playing on it, I'd probably forget it was hanging there. Having a guitar hanging around my neck for an hour, let alone two hours is not something I've been able to do before without having to suffer a lumbago or two afterwards. Secondly, the pickups. The pickups are hand wound by Kent Armstrong and they are amazing! Whatever style of music I want to play, these pickups bring their A-game. I can play a high-gain riff and when I turn the volume down the sound becomes more mellow without loosing any sound quality at all. I can not praise these pickups enough!

Thirdly. The sustain. The sustain man! It's incredible! I've heard some people say that headless guitars have less sustain because, well... "the head part of the guitar is missing, including a cut out in the body to fit the Hipshot bridge and lower the weight down a bit further." These people have never played on a Hufschmid Headless, let me tell you. The sustain is second to none and I dare say it's better than many if not the majority of the big brand guitars on the market today.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
If this guitar was beer, It'd be the Swiss chocolate of beer: the neck is fitted perfectly to my hand, and the guitar stays in tune even though I'm alternating between a couple of completely different tunings with regular intervals. I tune it, and it stays tuned. Period. This is due to the amazing bridge and nut from hipshot which, as Patrick explained to me, is only there to separate the strings and not slide them into a headstock. This eliminates string friction and in conjunction with the solid Sapeli Mahogany wood in the neck and body, and the way Patrick selects the timber and puts it together into a rock solid instrument means that the wood will not move.

So after almost two months of playing this beautiful work of art pretty much daily, there's not really any other way to say it. This is the most amazing guitar I have ever had the opportunity and privilege to play on. Both in terms of the comfort while playing the instrument, the quality of woods and hardware used in the building process and the amazing sounds it produces.

Reliability & Durability — 10
The Hufschmid Experience: once you have agreed to work with Patrick, sent the down payment and an outlining of your hand for him to form the neck after, the process begins. There is a constant stream of communication and I received daily updates with pictures, videos and information about the progress of the guitar. I went along completely with Patrick's recommendations, and if I ever had ideas of my own Patrick already had the same idea. It's apparently not only the back problems we have in common, haha.

Overall Impression — 10
Patrick is very easy to communicate with, and very professional when it comes to answering any questions you might have about the building process in a timely manner. There was not a single moment when I didn't know what was going on, and there is indeed something very special about being able to follow the process of transforming a beautiful piece of wood into a playable work of art.

Patrick is a masterful luthier and artisan and it is obvious that he puts a lot of love and passion into building these guitars. You'll see it in his work and you'll feel it when you play his instruments. Buying a Hufschmid guitar is not just about buying a guitar, it's a personal experience and a journey.

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    "Users rating of 6, 5 votes" And I bet none of those five voters have even played this guitar.
    Hi Reviewer rating: 10 Users rating: 4.6 Did users down vote it because of my poor review skills or because they actually played on my guitar when i wasn't looking? lol I have no idea who posted my review here. Not that I mind As stated on http://hufschmidguitars.com/ the starting price is 2800 swiss franc, which is 2321.66 Euro, or 2929.87 US Dollars at current currency rates. Obviously adding a top, and HufGlow inlays to the fretboard will increase the price due to the extra material costs and extra work Patrick has to put in. It's well worth it though, and my only regret is that I currently don't have enough money to buy a 6-string sister guitar to this one. smiles or gtfo <3
    No, we downvoted it because it's a ****ing fake review. Patrick, don't you learn your lesson when you got banned from SSO for saying the same thing?
    Are you people mentally ill? I copy and pasted one of Patrick's customers reviews in the review section of this website, the real customer Jonas Söderqvist just posted a reply to you and here is the original review I copy pasted. I own several of his picks and thought this would be a good idea: https://www.facebook.com/PatrickHufschmi...
    Dear helldunkel1976, it's allowed to post only your own review, not to copypaste articles made by other people. So username was changed to original writer's - jsoderqvist03.
    So this review is by "Helldunkel1976". Helldunkel is the name of a Hufschmid guitar. The user registered 3 days ago. This screams fake review. Hi Patrick, how are you? Still like that ban from Sevenstring?
    Anybody commenting shit and downvoting this have never made any transaction with Patrick and obviously never played one of his guitars...
    That price seems to be in line. I've had three custom guitars made for 2k or less each. I wanted an 8-string, but the price was about 1k higher than what Carvin wanted (went with Carvin). Thanks for the info.
    I don't know about his customer service to be honest. When I had commented on Facebook after viewing one of his videos politely asking him on how one of his guitars would perform in something more along the lines of stuff like Rise to Remain's solos (Solos with quite a bit of harmonics and bends) he instantly removed my comment and insulted me for no apparent reason. I'm not trying to be negative or put anyone off, but when I'm just trying to find out more about your products, removing a comment about an honest question doesn't do much to warm me up to your products. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I'm sure he has to deal with a lot of people just trying to annoy the crap out of him with dumb questions. I'm sure he becomes a lot nicer to you once you pay him for the guitar.
    Huf is known to be kind of a douchecanoe. Got permabanned from SSO for that.
    On Facebook, on a close up photo of the pickups in one of his guitars somebody asked "Nice, are they active or passive?" To which he replied " Or, check the website?" Doesn't scream good customer service to me. I know mundane questions about pickups are pretty dull, but nonetheless, it would take less physical effort to reply "Active." or "Passive.", or to simply not reply at all, than to get arsey with someone asking a simple question. The fact he took the extra time just to be a sarcy dick really irks me to be honest. Either that, or he just doesn't know what pickups he's putting in his guitars. Which is another major concern altogether...
    That's not at all what he was banned for, not even close. You may recall, the issue started because the third owner on as many continents of one of his guitars; 1.) popped the fretboard off and had his "luthier" replace and refret with new ones. 2.) Replaced the truss rod he snapped the nut off. 3.) Swapped out all the electronics, installed actives wired to passive pots. 4.) Took a hacksaw to the headstock because he "didn't like the shape". 5.) Swapped out all the hardware. And then went on SSO blasting Patrick when he refused to uphold the warranty. So yeah, shove that shit right back to SSO where is came from.
    Never had a single issue and was speaking to him for years before a build even came up.
    WOW. Some REAL morons in this thread. 1.) The owner of this guitar posted this review a while back. 2.) None of you have ANY idea why he was banned from SSO, while you are learning, you might ask them about banning the Blackmachine guys permanently for answering a question on build time for a B6. 3.) Anyone saying Patrick Hufschmid has poor customer service has never truly dealt with him. I have owned one of his guitars and many of his picks, and if ANYTHING, He communicates better than nearly any luthier which I have come in contact with. Bottom line? I have a ton of experience with him, in addition to MOST luthiers, and I will tell you straight up. If you are full of shit or wasting his time? Patrick will have NONE of that, and for good reason. Plenty of others are stoked and know better than to waste time with what 15 year old forumites say with zero experience. Do us all a favor and don't waste his time so some of our build slots come up soon. These are some of the best guitars ever made.
    Wow... that's 4 x the cost of my Carvin. I'm not knocking it, but I would love to play an instrument that costs that much for comparison purposes. My Satriani JS2400 plays like a dream at $1700.
    I do not know where Vrstone87 is getting his prices from but he is definitely WAY above any Hufschmid Guitars prices. What about contacting Patrick and simply requesting his .pdf pricelist? BTW, his first price is also mentioned on his website contact page (2'800CHF, that is less than 3'000$ for a completely handmade guitar). And just for the records, Patrick is one of the most simple, easy going and kindest person you will ever get to meet, his work speaks for himself, do not read all internet comments, some people enjoy spreading false rumours, glorious internet