ADX120 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (55 votes)
Ibanez: ADX120

Purchased from: Skaha Sound

Sound — 10
It has the nicest tone with the pick-ups on it. It works perfectly for the type of music I play (metal, hardcore, metalcore). I am using a Kustom Quad Jr. Half Stack at the moment with a Danelectro Fab Metal pedal and when my band throws it into a hardcore break-down nothing can beat this guitar. It is only noisy when you stop playing abbruptly then it Echoes for about a second you can notice it but it's bareky anything. Maybe just my cheap distortion pedal. It has a really rich sound when put to the neck pickup but a really shredding kind of tone when put on the bridge pick-up. This guitar is perfect for a player Who plays metal hardcore or rock (maybe Even blues), looks just stop this guitar from being a jazz or blues style guitar (not that it wouldn't sound good for either if you had the right set-up on it).

Overall Impression — 10
I play metalcore and this guitar is perfect for it. I've been playing for about 4 years and this guitar sounds really nice with my rig (Kustom Half-stack run through a Danelectro Metal pedal and when I throw it into a death metal style break-down this thing kicks theliving shit out of my old Cort X-6. If it was stolen I'd hunt the f--ker down who stole it and I would beat HIM down and take my guitar back. If he broke it I would break him and take $400 from him. The things I love about it are the looks, the feel, the style, and the fact that I finally have an Ibanez! My favourite feature on it is probably the pickups. They look badass and they sound incredible. They had the Standard Ibanez Iceman and I played it but I like this one much better. Nicer feel I don't hit my hand on the pickup selector when thrashing heavy licks and doing up strokes. and it ways a bit less. Nicer fretboard. Those are the differences that are the reasons that I bought this one. And the fact the realy Iceman was twice the price and I liked this one much better. I can only think of one thing I wish it had, either locking tuners or a Floyd Rose speedloader fixed bridge with the locking nut. Overall this guitar is awesome, it's a special edition go buy one before they are all gone! Then maybe in 20-40 years time sell it for a hell of a profit if you like.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar would withstand playing Live as long as you aren't abusing it (like any other guitar). The hardware is really nicely finished and it doesn't seem that it will wear away in any parts but only time will tell. The strap buttons are excellent and since I bought a really good strap and the buttons are big after struglling to get the strap on and finally getting it I don't think that the strap will be falling off. I have strap locks but I won't put them on until the strap falls off these buttons. Why bother when they aren't needed? The finish on the guitar is excellent. Has a body and neck/head binding really spiffy looking and I highly doubt it will fade (maybe the neck someday because of years of shredding).

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
It was really well set up in the factory. The action is easy to adjust at the bridge. Everything is set high because no pick-guard just gloss balck finish but the neck the pick-ups and the bridge were set high so it doesn't feel different at all. The nut needed to be filed for the strings I use and that was the only major thing. And the chord input on the guitar's cover that holds it on the edge of the body that gets screwed into the guitar was striped on one side but carpenters glue and a toothpick tip fixed that. That was the only flaw I came across.

Features — 10
It is a 2007, Japaneese made I'm pretty sure. It has 22 medium sized frets. Normal sized scale 24 3/4 inch scale. I don't kno the type of wood because it is completely painted black all over the guitar (even the neck) and it has a really nice body and neck binding. It is a gloss black finish really really nice feel and easy to maintain. It has a string through body bridge. It is an Ibanez Iceman style body really sick looking guitar. I am pretty sure it has passive electronics really nice tone in the pick-ups (V-tone). It has a single volume and a tone knob and a les paul style pick-upn swich with 3 different options (neck pickup, bridge pickup, or both). The tuners are non-locking Standard tuners (not sure of the brand). With the guitar I got Brand New Zakk Wylde Signature GHS strings.010-.060 really awesome strings perfect for the Drop C# I play in (they had to file down the nut to fit these heavy duty Heavy bottom skininy top strings). I bought a Levi checkered strap with it and another set of Zakk Wylde Signature GHS strings.

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    I played it in a guitar shop today, not too shabby. The sound was vicious in C, though I think the huge amp I played it out of was more a factor in it. It's not as light as I thought it'd be, and the neck not as thin, but it was nice enough that I might consider buying it.
    Im looking for a replacement for my Fullerton Fender. It's not a real Metal guitar which is a large chunk of what I play. My VOX Valvetronix amp kinda makes up for that, but I'm looking for something between around 200 and 400 USD. So how much did you get this axe for??? I NEED to know man!
    Burnie Gates
    I bought this guitar. I'm picking it up today! I'm really exited, and I'm sure it will serve it's purpose when I'm shredding with my friends.
    i got this guitar, as my first guitar... i see no problems with it... the guitarist in my band loves it... in his opinion its to good for my skill level... in australia the rrp is like $695... i obviously didn't pay that...