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manufacturer: Ibanez date: 05/11/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Ibanez: Apex2
24 jumbo fret 25.5" scale 5 pc bolt on Wizard ll neck. If you are a big fan of Korn and you love nu-metal I totally recommend this beast to you.
 Sound: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
 Reliability & Durability: 9.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 10
 Features: 10
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overall: 9.8
Apex2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 12, 2009
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Price paid: € 685

Purchased from: muziker.sk

Features: 24 jumbo fret 25.5" scale 5 pc bolt on Wizard ll neck. 2 DiMarzio PAF 7 humbuckers, 3-way blade, volume pot, no fret markers on rosewood board, flat green mahogany body, Tone-Pros locking string-thru bridge. Ibanez turners. Pretty much exactly what I would want in a custom guitar except I would get an ebony board, stainless frets and toss the Standard tuners. Really top quality wood and components (less the tuners), unfortunately the Indonesian assemblers can use more training. I got this git on clearance from Guitar Center. Nobody wanted it so they marked it down to $440. I snatched it up. It is easily worth that and more. Like I said, feature wise it is perfect for me, some might miss the tone pot or other do-dads. Einstein said things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. I think this guitar fit's that description perfectly. And fortunately for me, that's how I like it. // 10

Sound: One word. Fantastic. This is the second best sounding guitar that I have ever had, in my life. Number one was a Parker, and this Ibby just nudged a 2003 Malmsteen Strat out of the number 2 spot. You would never guess at this guitars origins by the sounds and versatility it has, no offense Munky. In fact now would be a good time to thank you. This is really the perfect guitar for me, with some tweaking. It can be warm, hot, cool or blue. I am very impressed. Sound will be even better, hopefully, after the wiring is done properly. Thanks to the reviewer below. I opened her up and found the same mess, though mine sounds ok. No noises or strangeness, in fact it is dead quite and totally hiss-less. You can see bare wire twisted together with some tape on it, but then they took the time to put a nice plastic twist-tie to hold the wires in place. I think that Ibanez has the process down, but needs to turn the screws to their new vendors a bit. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar itself just screams quality. The way it sounds to the way it feels, now. When I got it home, every screw less the neck bolts were loose. Every one. It was almost a kit guitar. Nut wasn't cut very well and the rosewood just drank lemon oil. Every note rings clear but one. The first string on the first fret farts out. That is the only dead spot. I will take care of that though. All frets are polished very well. That being said, it did get molested in Guitar Center for the better part of a year, so other than the screwy wiring, I can't really say it was from the assemblers. This guitar also took the second longest of any I had ever brought home to get it to my standards. A good 3 hours. A $189 Kramer I bought for my daughter took an entire afternoon. Had I paid the full seven Bennies for this I would be much more tiffed. But seeing as though Ibanez basically paid me almost $90/hr to work on my own guitar, not so tiffed. But I am a Mfg Engineer to pay the bills and can tell where production takes precedence over quality. And as I said earlier, the guitar itself is worth the $700, Ibanez is making it's money on where it is assembled. But you will notice that if you choose to buy one. Look at the 7321. That's' $360. A couple of DiMarzios and the Tone Pros and you can add an easy $200. Making the 7321 almost $600. Don't forget Munky's cut. I would probably still buy one at $700, but I would make the store I got it from go over it. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I can't really rate this either, but seeing as though I practically took this thing a part and put it back together, I know it pretty well. I don't see anything coming apart now, unless the wood wasn't cured properly or the adhesives are not up to par. Other than the wiring, the tuners are it's only weak spot and those will be the only thing to be replaced on this guitar. And that is whenever they start to give out. On the plus side, I noticed a full size pot for the volume and it feels fantastic when using it. Even that exudes quality. // 9

Overall Impression: Well, I really am elated with this guitar. I have been playing since the '70s and my first electric guitar was an Ibanez. The Les Paul 'law suit' model. I just gave that one away a few years ago to my cousin. Oddly enough this is my second Ibanez in 30+ years and I have no idea why. I know for a long time it was because you couldn't find an Ibanez without a locking trem on it anywhere. That's not my gig, so I guess I just stopped looking. I'll tell you what, if they have more guitars like this, even with the assembly issues, I will be purchasing more. I have a feeling that this is one of those rare finds though. I could be wrong. I have made many wrong gear purchases over the last 3 decades. This certainly isn't one of them. This guitar didn't get chosen because Munky plays one, or someone I know has one or I wanted to jump on the 7 string band wagon, albeit a decade late. This guitar chose me. Those are usually the ones that work out. // 10

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overall: 10
Apex2 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 11, 2012
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Price paid: $ 1200

Purchased from: Music Shop

Features: My Ibanez Apex2 was made in Korea. The body is made out of mahogany, the neck is a 5 Piece Maple/Walnut and a rosewood fingerboard. The neck features 24 jumbo frets with the Apex logo/inlay on the 12th fret. The pickups are DiMarzio PAF-7 which I think are the most brilliant things that I could test and finally use when I bought the guitar. The guitar itself is made so perfectly that is very hard for me to find a good reason to blame the people who made it lol. Seriously the guitar plays itself and I don't find a reason to change or replace any part of the guitar like the pickups with some EMG-s or Duncans whatsoever its sound excellent just like it is, good job Munky and co! Anyways the rest of the controls are 1 volume knob and a 3 way toggle switch, that's all what you need! Also, I love the fact that its Munky's signature guitar which made me buy this guitar instead of a Schecter Blackjack ATX-C7, cause we all love Munky's dreads lol. // 10

Sound: It fits my music style like my boot! I play progressive or nu-metal stuff like Korn, Fellsilent, Keith Merrow, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Gojira, Kryn, Sepultura, Fearedse, etc but you can play whatever falls in your crazy mind. I can get any sound I want and in the end it cames out perfectly! I'm using a Line 6 POD Studio UX2 soundcard and a Laney LX35R which is a low budget but nevertheless good and loud practice amp that I will change in the future, I'm also using a Boss MD-2 pedal. The sound is rich and has its own charm and it isn't noisy at all which plays a big part for me! // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: As I said before the guitar was made like a V-2 rocket. The action from the first to the last fret is perfect! And yeah peps you'll get used to the wider neck cause obviously, its a freaking sevenstringer. The guitar came without any flaws just the way everybody wished it was made and the material that is used for it makes an amazing deal. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I never played live but if it can survive a nuclear attack then it can withstand some dancing. The strap locks are solid like a rock and they didn't failed me, when you hook your strap up, you'll need a good time to take it down. The finish is great, I mean the guitar is made for playing not for some fashion model catwalk so it isn't a matter for me how the guitar looks like from the outside but how it plays from its mechanic heart lol. The olive kind green reminds me on Munky's old Ibanez model that he used in the late 90s. // 10

Overall Impression: I play nu metal inspired by Korn, that's the reason why I bought the guitar in the first place, I had a rough time deciding between a new 6 string and a new 7 stringer, obviously as time passed I wanted something new so I bought this beauty. I can't hate this guitar its just overused by me that I could hate it. If it was stolen I would find the bastard and kill him in a cold-blood Michael Myers style, just kidding I would make the same thing to his girlfriend too. If you are a big fan of Korn and you love nu-metal I totally recommend this beast to you, it blows to much $#"% up and it will be your long lasting companion as long you take care of it and show some respect to this instrument cause it is more then just that. // 10

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