ARX140 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.7 (24 votes)
Ibanez: ARX140

Price paid: £ 209

Purchased from: ExpressMusic

Sound — 9
When I got this guitar I was looking for a good rythum guitar, and this guitar delivers. The humbuckers work really well with each other and on there own. It feels and sounds really versitile, and with the tone and pick up selector alone I can change my style from a gental chord progression to a phat solo. I was suprised by the qulity of the clean tone, really warm with a bit of an edge; excellent for fingerpicking or light strumming. This being an Ibanez you would expect it to deliver in the rock and metal tones, and it truly does. Great for power chords and rythum. Humbuckers are pretty silent and don't really suffer from any buzz or noise. For the price paid this guitar is amazing sound wise, it blows anything else in the price range out of the water.

Overall Impression — 9
I like mainly chunky rythum parts and this guitar is perfectly suited with its dual humbuckers and nice round tone. This is my second guitar, my first was a squire Strat and this blows that away. I really like the simplicty of this guitar, it feels very durable. However I do with it came in more exciting colours... like red. I was really suprised by the amount of different tones and noises this guitar could make just by changing the tone and pickup switch.

Reliability & Durability — 8
As I have explained earlier the strap buttons feel very secure and feel like they could withstand a live beating. The jack socket is very secure, and the cable does not wobble in it reducing anoying buzz. The guitar feels very durable, I can imagine it would survive a short drop and stil be playable.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
When I first got this guitar it had a little fret buzz, but that went away after a week of playing. It feels pretty well set up, action is nice a smooth. The finish was good, no flaws. The back of the neck is really nice a smooth, meaning you can slide all over the place with minimum friction.

Features — 9
This is a fantastic guitar, made in 2007 in China. The guitar has 22 medium frets on a very nice rosewood fingerboard. Body is made from mahogony and it pretty light, has a glued in neck. Comes in a solid white or black finish. It sports a very nice prs style double cut away witch is useful for reaching all those high notes. It has Ibanez's Gibraltar III bridge, its like a tune-o-matic but its easier to change the strings. Includes a very nice set of passive humbuckers (Neck:ACH1-S Bridge: ACH2-S). 2 Volume dials (1 for each humbucker) and a tone one. Also has a 3 way pickup selector, you can switch between bridge, bridge and neck and neck. Tuners are of good qulity and stay in tune for a good length. Strap buttons are Mega stable and the jack for the cable stays in and takes a good tug to get it out.

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    Need some help, I have this choice guitar, and I am running it through a Boss mt 2 metal zone pedal and Fender half stack. Through the pedal i use gain at 12 and level at 9. Now if i have the level on the stack at 2 or higher i get massive feedback! I've done all the normal things,such as moving away from the amp, no change. Should i change the pickups, or buy a noise gate, or both?
    Just because its cheap doesnt mean its bad. Look at jack white. his electric is way cheap and pretty much plastic but he does amazing things with it.
    I own an ARX 500 which they don't make anymore but i love it its got great tonal qualitys and a wonderfull finish. it sounds great and looks good, what more could you want
    yeah, I was thinking about buying a grg (don't have enough money to buy rg) but ten I saw this guitar.. But it isn't very smart to buy a rock guitar if I want to play metal
    Im not really sure about the death doom stuff... but it can handle alot of gain, I suggest you get an Ibanez RG or an ESP is you want to play much heavier stuff. @ crazysam, I suggest you look at the Ibanez ART120, its got some real nice active pickups in it.
    If it had 24 frets & wasn't made in china, I'd prolly buy it. Though I'd slap some Active pickups in it.
    Casterillo wrote: Kivo69 wrote: I always thought Ibanez had always had 24 frets. Maybe your confusing them with esp
    even a few of those have 22
    TheCrispyCrisp wrote: well, i got it for 209, if your american I think thats like $300. But it was reduced from 265. Artist models don't usally have 24 frets thats more the RG series.
    Lawl, I live in London, dude..
    D. Hero
    i have this guitar, i never see too much on the internet about it though (aside from the Ibanez website of course) it's a pretty decent guitar, not the best, but okay. I've only been playing for a few years now, but I've played all kinds of music on it so it works for me. however i'm in the works for buying a new guitar, i'm loooking at ESP right now, we shall see.
    You should reduce your gain, or u will keep making noise, always check the gain in your amp
    well, i got it for 209, if your american I think thats like $300. But it was reduced from 265. Artist models don't usally have 24 frets thats more the RG series.
    I got this on sale, $180. Excellent guitar, beautiful harmonics and sustain. I also have a fender strat (97 from japan) which I also love but ya know, the Ibanez is much nicer to play. Excellent weight and great feel: solid. They are both fantastic. The Ibanez neck is about 1.5 mm wider (between E to e strings) than the strat. I got the Ibanez set up, I sometimes consider upgrading the pickups but so far haven't needed to.
    Some of them do. The RG series with floating tremolos (like my rg550) has 24 frets.
    I own this guitar! It is amazing. It is very durable. I had a kid drop mine and all that broke was the toggle switch, which I fixed cheap. Great guitar for all types of metal. The sound is better than my Epiphone and has the capability to be a great lead guitar.
    I have the ARX - 320 and it is amazing to play i drop D with a bucket of drive an a ton of distortion... if this one is just sligtly like it, its perfekt for everything from rock to deepest trashmetal