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manufacturer: Ibanez date: 10/25/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Ibanez: AX120
With the Ibanez AX120 guitar, you've got everything you need for heavy-duty modern rhythm and lead playing: a thick, one-piece maple neck, two humbuckers, a three-way switch and a mahogany body.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.8
 Reliability & Durability: 9.4
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.3
 Features: 9
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overall: 8.8
AX120 Reviewed by: OldSkool, on december 27, 2004
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Price paid: $ 315.21

Purchased from: Steve's Music, Ottawa

Features: - AX neck - Maple neck material - Mahogany body - 22/large frets - Bound rosewood fingerboard - Fixed bridge - IBZ AH3 (H) neck pu - IBZ AH4 (H) bridge pu -Pearl dot inlay - CH :hardware color - Made in Korea All that means one thing: kickass guitar. The AX neck has a great feel, but I have big hands and fingers, so you might want to feel it for yourself (unless your buying online, which I don't recommend, but even if you do it's not that of a big deal, I'm just kind of picky.) There's a Switch to choose from the two humbuckers, 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs. They work pretty well you really make differents sounds with basic features. // 10

Sound: I play ska, punk, heavy, rock, reggea. You know I play pretty much of everything, works well with everything. It sounds good even with my cheesy little Crate amp, 15 watt people! But it sounds even better on better amps. It has a very powerful sound, I was surprised when I first tryed it, but still a very rich sound for the price. Like I said before, you can do a lot of different sounds with the knobs. Good for ska to heavy, although sometimes I tend to be disapointed on the sound with a distortion, and it's not because of the pedal. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The buttons for the strap tend to get loose sometimes, but thats no big deal, maybe it's just mine. Everything else was pretty well set. The only thing that disapointed me was the strings. Those are cheap strings, but you can just buy a pack of D'Addarios and yor back in business, so I'll overlook that. // 8

Reliability & Durability: Totally reliable. The strap buttons are solid, but they get loose after a while, but that's not big deal. This guitar's been through rough conditions and the scratch doesn't show, it still looks mint conditions, totally durable, the finish is great, I don't think it'll wear of anytime soon. // 10

Overall Impression: It looks great, and it matches for any style of music. It works great with Boss' MT-2. It's not a whammy bar guitar so it doesnt get out of tune easily. If I'd lose this guitar, I'd probably get a little more expensive guitar, probably an Ibanez in the AX (like this one) or GAX series, but for now, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I sounds, looks, feels and plays great. I compared it to a Gibson, I don't remember the name, which is a shame because it matched it and it was a 1000$ guitar, and I payed only 399$ for it. One thing though; it's pretty rare, so if you're planning on buying this guitar, make sure it's the AX120, and not another from the AX or GAX family. Although even if you DO get another one, you can't really go wrong because all the AX/GAX are pretty good. // 8

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overall: 8.7
AX120 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 22, 2005
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Sound: I play rough punk and metal. Lots of suff from the Ramones and The Sex Pistols to Steppenwolf and Iron Maiden. You can squeeze losts of sounds out of this guitar on a tiny Fender Frontman reverb 38w amp. The distortion is pretty good if you put it through a nice amp. I like to plug it into my Line 6 Guitar Pod. I plugged it into my buddies (I think it was 100w) Mesa Boogie and it sounded unreal! If you're not careful it can sound pretty crappy wiht a lot of effects. This guitar is made for minimum additions. So I reccomend guitar to amp wiht no crap in beetween. The thing I dont like about this guitar is the pickups. They are hollow and flat sounding. I will probably see if I can find somthing else to put in there. But I can totaly live with what its got now. I really hate small skinny strings. I like to put big ones on this guitar. It gives it a much fuller sound somhow. So if you get one of these, I suggest getting some nice srings and a nice amp or preamp. And possibly changing the pickups if you want. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: When I bought it, I brought it home and started playing it right away. I didn't have to make any adjustments other than the starp buttons which can get pretty loose if you jump around alot when you play. The tuning pegs had to be adjusted a couple times in the first week but thats about all that I and to do to it. All the knobs are great and the selector is pretty silent. // 10

Overall Impression: I don't think I could find a guitar that is more suited to the way I play. It's very primitive and rough sound is great for punk and bluesy rock styles. While is bright squeal helps me accomplish spine tingling Iron Maiden style solos. And the amount I paid for it is unimaginably low for the quality of the instrument. I have been playing for six years. I only ever own two guitars at a time latley. one acoustic (maple Seagull stage guitar) and an electric (my Ibanez). This is because I really don't have the money to have more. Whenever I want a new guitar I have to sell one to be able to afford it. I'm not a technical musician. so if it sounds good and plays good, I like it. I loved the fact that you pay very little to get a guitar that is comparable to a Gibson SG. I hated the hollow sound of the pickups. I would reccomend this guitar to people just starting out or seasoned pros who want something that's great playing and good sounding. // 10

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overall: 9
AX120 Reviewed by: hippytom, on december 22, 2007
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Price paid: $ 162.87

Purchased from:

Features: This guitar has 22 frets, that are fat enough for my chubby fingers. It has a mahogany body, and one piece bound maple neck.It has a lovely style that makes it look and feel like an Ibanez. When I first got it, I thought it looked a bit like the Gio GAX30. However, this guitar plays better than the GAX30 that belonged to an ex girlfriend of mine. It has a fixed bridge, passive electronics, a three way selector controlling the IBZ AH3 and IBZ AH4 pickups. Mine came with silver hardware, but I've seen them around with black hardware. This guitar came with a cheap gig bag and strap, both of which I have replaced // 10

Sound: I play mainly blues, and this guitar can do exactly what I want. Whether it's simple rhythm work, or a belting solo, it delivers a quality sound. It sounds awesome through my Marshall MG100HDFX head and MG412B 4X12" cab. For the price, I expected something mediocre that probably needed some work to make it perform, but as soon as I plugged it in and turned up the volume, I realised that this guitar was amazing value for money. It blew my socks off! I love the sound of this guitar when I play it through my Crybaby. I haven't played this guitar through my effects board yet, but from what I've read here and elsewhere, it suffers when effects are stacked up on it. Other than that I cannot think of anything to really point out as terrible. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guy who I bought this guitar from had made a right cock up of setting it up. Had to adjust the action and raise the pickups a fair bit. Other than this, the only flaw with it was the fact the idiot had decided to carve a bloody star into the wood, and action I cannot forgive him for. // 7

Reliability & Durability: I feel this guitar is tough. It looks as if it may have taken a beating from the abusive childish hands of it's previous owner, but it still sounds awesome. The strap buttons are solid, and don't show any sign of falling out. I'd say this guitar is dependable, though due to recently buying a Telecaster, this will become my backup guitar, and rightly so. I would rely on this guitar to help me out of a bad position. The finish is lovely, apart from the previous owner's attempt at art I the form of a crudely carved star just above the knobs, but as this doesn't affect the way it plays, it isn't really too much of an issue. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar seems to play anything you throw at it. As I said earlier, I play a lot of blues, and this guitar screams when it's let loose through the MG100HDFX. I've been playing for about 3/4 years now and this guitar can hold its own. It stays in tune relatively well, mostly due to the fixed bridge. It is very lightweight as well, especially compared to my old Westfield LP copy. It sounds great when played through my Crybaby. What with having bought a new tele, if it were lost/stolen, I would probably not replace it. This guitar as a good all rounder, and would suit anyone, from beginner to expert. // 9

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overall: 9.2
AX120 Reviewed by: RHCPman202, on april 29, 2008
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Purchased from: Facebook

Features: I bought this guitar thinking it was a slightly cheap, intermediate guitar for junking around and what not. I was absolutely blown away when I played it for the first time. It has a mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, one piece neck, and a 3 position Switch. To me, the bridge pickup doesn't sound too good so I just stick to the neck, but I am buying new pickups anyway. The finish was amazingly tough. I've dropped it so many times and there is not a scratch on the thing. but recently I stripped off the finish because I'm customizing it (it's that good) and that took forever because the finish is so awesome. I really like the shape of the body, it's a double cutaway, and quite comparable to an SG. // 9

Sound: the sound was actually quite good for what I have expected. It's great for metal, punk, and alternative (crazy I know). I'm only using a peavy blazer for this thing but it sounds pretty dang good. The nice solid body produces a great full tone. The only thing I would suggest is to get a new set of pickups, then you could pretty much do anything with this beast. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: When I got this guitar it was in perfect condition. The guy I bought it from had never used it. And because the great durability of this guitar there wasn't a scratch or ANYTHING on it. The tuners were great, the frets were about new, the finish was just perfect. Everything was in order, and it's still that way. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This will stand up to pretty much anything. I would totally play it Live, in fact, this is my main guitar. The strap buttons have gotten loose a few times so I switched with my friends les paul but it's really not that big of a deal. I would even bring this to a gig with out anything to back me up, I have complete Faith in this thing. The finish will most certainly not wear off, unless you're playing 24/7 with sandpaper clothes and gloves on. // 10

Overall Impression: I play mainly metal, punk, and some clean stuff. This thing is so diverse and versitile, it fits all of my styles perfectly! If I had lost this or got it stolen I would most definately buy a new one. I just love this guitar. It looks cool, sounds great, and feels awesome. I would recommend that if you don't have this guitar, get one! // 9

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overall: 7.6
AX120 Reviewed by: jake2411, on july 20, 2010
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Price paid: £ 300

Purchased from: ebay

Features: This review what I'm doing is not for the AX120 instead the AX125 as the website did not have knowledge sorry for disappointment... First of all I got this guitar for my 14th birthday and it arrived in a sturdy cardboard box with bold print on the front and inside a simple guitar with les paul styled body with 22 frets with 2 pick ups 2 volume controls 1 high gain 1 low gain 2 tone controls high, low gain and a pick up switch. This guitar has a matt dark blue shading laminate surface and no pick guard, thin wooden fret board and a black matt laminate head with three pegs parallel and all in the ordinary apart from on the low E string there is a drop D tuner and this comes in handy given the fact you can flip the Switch and your low E will change to D which is a bonus to this guitar given that there is no whammy bar. // 7

Sound: First time I played it the strings sounded weird and tacky and did not make sense to me so I looked online and it said I had to loosen the bridge on the right side and after that it sounded very well and for how much it cost the sound quality is great for what it is and it hardly becomes untuned I tune it once a week and sometimes I don't even have to do that. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The pick ups on this guitar are a little lousy being in stubborn places for me as I normally strum in the middle and both are at the top and bottom. The guitar itself it quite heavy so you will need a strap for ease but the drop D tuner is amazing when it comes to playing gigs and such instead of having to tune your E string. The most disappointing thing when it comes to this guitar is that the pick up Switch it very loose and unscrews itself and the output nut and bolt area also very loose and need tightening every so often but if that was fixed this would be a 8 but it can become very annoying when they fall off. // 7

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is very robust and I accept the fact that I have dropped it a few times before but it is still in good shape with the nuts and bolts keep on coming loose that may actually shorten its life as if you don't keep an eye on it, it will fall off and you may loose it I have already had to buy new nuts and bolts for it but that might just be my faulty guitar seeing as I did buy it from ebay. The strap buttons area also a bit loose but so far I havn't had many problems with them so hopes up. This guitar has lasted two year and still feels brand new. // 8

Overall Impression: My overall impression taking the fact of the loose bolts and the tight bridge this guitar is very good and very much worth buying but probably not off ebay this was my second guitar before hand having a cheap tacky make so this really to me is the best guitar for beginners I do recommend buying it but it may not be your taste and the drop D tuner I would mind having one of those on my next guitar as so far it has proven useful. Sorry that this review says AX120 its the silly website haha I hope this has helped. // 8

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overall: 8.8
AX120 Reviewed by: bmikev, on october 25, 2011
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Price paid: $ 349.99

Purchased from: Local music store

Features: Neck Type: Bolt on AX style (Maple with rosewood fretboard, 12 inch radius) Body: Mahogany Fret: Medium Bridge: Fixed Neck Pickup: AH-1 Bridge Pickup: AH-2 I have replaced the bridge pup with a DiMarzio Evolution. // 9

Sound: This guitar is the most versatile axe I have ever owned. With the stock pups it goes from jazz and blues to fat hard rock. However the b ridge pup was not HOT enough for metal so I replaced it with a DiMarzio Evolution. I have run the guitar into many different amps. It sounds amazing in a Vintage 1970 Fender Twin Reverb and the local blues and jazz jams. I ran it into a Fender Princeton Chorus for 3 years and loved every sound it made. I plug into a Marshal JCM900 and WOW did it scream. The only guitar I have owned that I liked more was my 1979 Ibanez Artist, which according to Ibanez the AX line was supposed to be a clone of (they kinda got it right). // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was nice from the start. The body and neck wood is nicely matched and they resonate with an almost perfect 5th on an E. The sustain is great even when you don't plug in it sounds good. The neck plays really nice and the electronics have never failed. The only problem I have had is with the output jack which tends to come lose from time to time. // 8

Reliability & Durability: This is my primary axe. It is amazing and very durable. I have played this guitar since 2001 when I purchased it new, I can't count the number of gigs it has been on and it has never let me down live. The silver finish is THICK. In the few places with dings were the finish came off (which took a fall off a 5 foot stage onto concrete btw) you can see the finish is at least a millimeter thick. One of the volume knobs has just now started wearing out but just the knob and not the pot. I have had a few issues with the output jack coming lose but it was an easy fix with a new better washer and nut. // 9

Overall Impression: I have been playing professionally since 1992 and in that time I have played many styles of music from rock to blues to jazz, folk to funk... My main band right now is a thrash/power metal group. This guitar is an extension of my arms and if it were lost or stolen I would be heartbroken. Then I would find the thief and brake his arms. Then I would go on eBay and find a replacement. There is really not much about this guitar to hate and everything to love. I am glad I got it the best spent $350 ever. The thing feels and plays like a $1000 guitar... Well at least a $700 one. // 9

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