Blazer 1982 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (57 votes)
Ibanez: Blazer 1982

Sound — 10
I love this guitar. If it was a woman I'd marry it, or if it was a Man and I was a Woman, I'd marry it, or if I was a guitar and I found a minister who performed guitar/guitar weddings, I'd marry it. It has all the crunch of a metal guitar cleverly fused with the bridgy 'bling' of a les paul. It has the mellowed out sound with a gritty edge which I can't explain.

Overall Impression — 10
I've been playing for 4 years now, mostly acoustic but this wasn't my first electric. I've played my friends gibsons and les pauls and even a burns Brian May more times than I can count, and I wouldnt trade them all for my Blazer. This bad boy will be my childrens inheritance unless, with modern technology, they could make a test tube baby from me and the Blazer, so we can rock forever.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I'd play it live, play it in a recording and bum it if I could. I will die before I see another mortal touching it. I know it was meant as a practice guitar, but I think the japanese guy who made this one tried extra hard. Yes its dinged but most things do with too much love.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
Well I cant complain, new strings and I was away, stick it through my Zoom 505 and my shitty amp and it flys. Even makes me forget about the amp. This guitar (fair enough is a copy of a Strat) but is miles better. Looks the same but with little classy touches like the body coloured head-stock and the gold hardware. This guitar was born to win.

Features — 8
1982 Ibanez Blazer, made in Japan, 21 Frets, 3 single coil deep lead Ibanez pickups. Bought second hand so nothing came with it. Finished in sky blue with more dings than a mo-fo.

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    I also have light blue 82 blazer with the humbucker pickups. Through the years I've bought and sold many guitars but the blazer is a keeper. The best guitar I've ever played.
    Hi ! Which modern Guitar can reach the Ibanez BL 470SB in the feeling or in some similarity ?This is so important for me because i had this guitar in these days & i need to have the same feeling with a new guitar or with the same if i can find it !! Thank you a lot ! Daniel
    I can only agree with whats been said. I own a red blazer, bought it new in 1982 and immediatly sold the strat my dear mom and aunt had bought me, but hell the blazer was everthing i wanted. still used every gig every week and has satisfied every demand for 20 years from country through rock funk disco and ballroom dancing. What a versitile guitar. Recently added a 1985 axestar to my equipment, looks like a black blazer with a humbucker at the bridge and excellent bridge. Dave Birmingham England
    4/20/06 Hello, I bought my blazer new in 82. that light blue with the humbucker pickups...ive got a wall full of guitars nowadays and my blazer is still my first pick when i reach for a guitar. thru all the years together i never sold her or was tempeted to take her to a hock shop. its got a great action and a slim enough neck to fit very comfortably in my hands, a real bright tone and a great growl when i crank the marshall stack up or stomp the tube screamer.... like a old trusted friend, a well worn pair of shoes or your favorite jeans. shes never let me down and id never sell her. ive been watching copys selling on ebay for a few hundred dollars and wonder why they havnt aprecieated up in value over the years...i paid almost $300 back in 82 and id be hard pressed to sell mine for that today. Rock on!!!
    Hi Had one new since 1982. I wanted a strat however the older lead guitarist talked to me about Ibanez. Went to Manchester with him came away with Ibanez. I am so glad I listened as at that time strats were not the best. Mine is a red one with no modifications. Will never get rid of this beautiful guitar. But who would I leave it to? Kieth Richards is getting on now. Any ideas Cheers Fleety
    '81 blazer BL170, HH, True Violin, MIJ, paid $200 new in 1982 (old stock). Gig w/ this guitar, record, etc. Wouldn't trade it for anything... well, maybe for maybe a 3 record deal with Bloodshot Records. It'd have to be a good contract!
    The special thing with the blazer is that they were made in Japan where the quality control for these lovely guitars was extremely high, much better than most modern fenders or Gibson where they literally just bash them out, the curve in the neck is the right place and let some be honest they just look badass as hell, easily best The best guitar oven owned and only bough it for 200 quid ! Bargin conaidering the instrument you get. Perfect for pros who love to noodle. Moral of the story is the japs know their shit!
    I've got a wine red '82 Blazer and I Love it! It was my first real guitar and is always my go to guitar in my collection of 9 (I also have a PRS, an Epiphone Flying V, a bunch of strats, and an ovation acoustic)
    Nicolini109 wrote: I just got one of these babies second hand. It's a '81 with the natural ash finish. It came with three seymour duncan single coils but it has no coil tap/phase switch like all the others I have seen. Does anyone know why this model doesn't have those switches??
    The BL-550RB and the BL-500FR are the only ones with the tap and phaser switch.I could be wrong, but I think i'm right. The low end ones had no Whammy or switches. Mid end had a Whammy, no switches. Obviously the high end have all the neat stuff. The low ends are still excellent guitars though! 6.jpg 4.jpg This is the OG catalog. It's split, but you can still see the guitars and info.
    I bought a BL-550 RB (the metallic blue one) for $180 at my local music store. Most of the hardware is original. Pots, Switches, and wiring has been re-done, but there is still a lot of brass on it. It's a great guitar. It's styled to be a vintage sounding guitar, but it's AWESOME for metal as well.
    I just got one of these babies second hand. It's a '81 with the natural ash finish. It came with three seymour duncan single coils but it has no coil tap/phase switch like all the others I have seen. Does anyone know why this model doesn't have those switches??
    I got this guitar years ago and I barely play it anymore, its a shame, its still hanging on the wall, i guess im an idiot cause this thing is/was heavenly
    This guitar is amazing, It's great for just about anything. I own an 82' model upgraded with dual single coil humbuckers, and lock tuning. It's amazing for metal, but when I want clean it still sounds amazing. I love this guitar
    ♥☼O♥ (Chris) wrote: are they still making these? how much are they? where can i get one?
    not that i know of not a whole lot ebay or a pawn shop (assuming ur an american and you call it that)