DT200 Destroyer review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (75 votes)
Ibanez: DT200 Destroyer

Price paid: $ 400

Purchased from: C&M Music

Sound — 9
The DT200 suits everything I've ever done with it. I am a metal-head at heart, so I play a lot of Iron Maiden, Metallica, and similar things, but now and then the band I'm in gets on a blues and southern rock kick, and the Destroyer takes it all in stride. Using both pickups at the same time gives the sound a wonderful, bluesy, almost single-coil charm. The neck pickup produces an amazing and impressively smooth sound for solos and for clean melodies, it has a shimmery charm about it.

Overall Impression — 10
I've played guitar for seven years now, and I've built one guitar from parts and one from scratch since then. I've spent countless hours and days and weeks of my spare time studying each part of the guitar, how different companies do those parts differently, and what difference that makes. I fancy myself something of a guitar nerd. I was in love with this guitar from the first time I played it. It has a radical shape with a classic style and finesse, and that nearly describes my style. Like a beautiful rose with massive, wicked thorns. If Ambur (that's its name) got stolen, I'd replace it in a heartbeat. I'm even considering buying more of this model anyway, just to have it in different colors. Even if I have to paint the new ones myself.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I've had this guitar for three or four years now, and, aside from my initial strap-button dilemma, I've not had a single problem. The hardware still looks shiny and new and functions just as the day I bought it. I would (and on several occasions did) play gigs using my Destroyer without a backup guitar. It has held up to the years of abuse and doesn't have a single scratch to show for it, which is impressive because I'm not exactly gentle and nor is my cousin Who plays it regularly. He may as well use a hammer as a pick.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
My destroyer did have the infamous stripped out screw hole where the left strap button connected. I also noticed this defect on a destroyer in the shop where I got mine later that year. It's an easy fix, but I was naive and ended up Gorilla gluing the button in. Beyond that, though, the instrument I got was perfectly set up. It was even perfectly intonated.

Features — 10
My Destroyer is a 2004 or 2005 model. 22 medium frets on a rosewood fretboard make this a smooth-as-silk guitar to play. Two Ibanez Infinity series passive humbuckers and mahogany body give this guitar a warm, thick, and punchy sound. The glossy transparent amber finish shows off the figure of the mahogany beautifully. The body is a 3-piece, but the joints are nearly invisible. You'd have have your face half a foot away from the guitar and be looking for them to see them, and still might not! Two volume, one tone control and a Standard three-way Switch. And a very well-placed Switch, I might add. By far, my favorite feature is the Quick Change III tailpiece. It is made with slots in the top of it, over each string. Rather than have to thread your string from tip to tail all the way through it, as you normally would, you can now simply set it in and slide it over. No more nerve-racking screeching from the wound strings when it's time to restring!

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    i have owned this guitar for about 3 years now and have bought other guitars since but i keep going back to this one! i have fitted it with the zakk wylde EMG's and it sounds, and looks, fantastic in both clean and mean The neck is a perfect, smooth style (with no varnish!) and i can find no fault with the fretboard. it is definatly worth its money.
    Teh Skisgaars
    Owned this guitar for 5 years first guitar, had no idea when i brought it more informed now. i play bass drums and trombone. i was so lucky to stumble upon this got it because of maiden. it is a beautiful guitar. i replaced the pickups with Seymour Duncan jazz & JB it now is absolutely perfect, buy this right now
    Teh Skisgaars
    I'd also like to replace the pickups with Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set, but when the stock are that good, would it be a waste of money?
    it is the best decision you'll make with that guitar i did it and it plays jazz metal blues rock everything
    Awesome guitar to the core!!! Love Ibanez's, i got a classical from them. Produce great sound. Is there a great point behind having 2 volume controls??
    I love this guitar shape. I kinda want one, but i want it in red like Adrian Smith's from Maiden!!! Someone please tell how good this axe is. \m/
    Got this in Guitar in Black as a youth, mainly because of looks (You know how naive we can all be when we're younger). Since growing up, was glad I was very lucky to stumble across this, and now fully appreciate the quality sound it gives off, and reliability it's given me over the years!
    I just got one of these today and I am extremely happy with it. The only thing I would change is the neck pickup. I'm not too crazy about the sound but other than that it's just about flawless.
    Damn. So many good reviews. i want this guitar mostly because my glen burton gives me too much feedback and I keep kitting my hand on the body when trying to do solos. This guitar looks awesome and if im not happy with the tone, i can always change the pick up but yeah, this guitar would look sick in all black. Too bad Ibanez stopped making them. I think that was a bad move on their part. Why they would so that when everyone loves it makes very little sense.