GAX75 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (80 votes)
Ibanez: GAX75

Sound — 8
This guitar is fairly versatile. I mostly play melodic hard rock like Finger Eleven, Deftones, etc. and it seems to suit that style fairly well. It sounds decent with the treble turned up, with the tone turned down the sound is not that great. I'm using it with an old Pine practice amp, the amp is pretty bad but the guitar doesn't sound that bad. I do plan to replace the pickups eventually though, just to have something better. If you don't need the D-tuner there is the GAX70 which is a simpler version of this guitar for a few dollars cheaper, but for some reason I just felt more comfortable holding this one.

Overall Impression — 10
I've only been playing for a few months, but I'm fairly impressed with it. It's so much easier to play than my hollowbody electric which is about 9 million years old. If it were stolen or lost I would probably not buy another one, simply because I'd put the money towards a more expensive axe like a higher end Ibanez RG (it's a nice axe but you're still going to want more as you get better). I love the colour on this thing, it's a dark metallic silver and the hardware is chrome. It's a beauty to look at and all my friends love it. It's classy and it looks like it can rip some ears out. The D-tuner is kinda neat, awesome for live playing but it doesn't bother me to retune because it won't put me in Drop-C or anything, it just adjusts the low E. I wouldn't buy the guitar just for this, but it's a nice addition. If you are looking for something similar to an Epiphone Les Paul but want a faster neck, I suggest you check out the Ibanez GAX series. This one was cheaper than the Les Paul 100 and I have to say this guitar owns it. I recommend this guitar for anyone fairly new to playing guitar (but not complete newbie and wants a step up from a beginner guitar) who likes rock music, wants a dual humbucker guitar, and is on a fairly tight budget. Oh and do yourself a favour and replace the stock strings on this thing. They buzz horribly, especially if you play in drop tunings frequently.

Features — 8
I do believe the hardware will last quite a while. It seems like a very solid guitar, it's pretty heavy too. The strap buttons are pretty solid, but I normally play it sitting down. I would depend on it, and I wouldn't have a problem using it on a gig without a backup, but although I really do get into it, I don't jump 50 feet in the air and I'm fairly careful with it when I do jump around a little bit (the band I am in doesn't play very many high tempo songs, so I don't go insane or anything). No matter what guitar I had though, I would still find something to use as a backup, because you never know when you're going to break a string or something. I highly doubt anything would happen to the electronics of this axe though.

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    4 pickups? I can only see 2 humbuckers (unless you coil-tap both of them, but I doubt it)
    redisni wrote: 4 pickups? I can only see 2 humbuckers (unless you coil-tap both of them, but I doubt it)
    any humbucking pickup is actually 2 single coils put together, so in technical terms any humbucker is considered "two" pickups. just FYI man.
    It's a great, consistent guitar right out of the box...Lemme guess rock boy? Strat? Never seen that...
    I don't really think it's made in U.S.A... I mean with that price...
    Are you sure it's made in U.S.A????? I don't think that's really a U.S piece (the guys of the review paied it only 230 $....)
    i have one of these. it's made in Indonesia (says so right on the back of the headstock) I think it sounds great for the money. I was playing $400-750 guitars at guitar center, and i came home with this one because it sounded better for half the price. I play popish-metalcore (all that remains, killswtich, etc) Gripes: -sustain is wack... which it would hold out a little longer. i think it's mostly the pickups, not the body. emg 81/85's in there would be killer i think, and it's on my list to do. -playing standing, it's like a SG... the neck is heavier than the body based on the strap pivot point, so it's constantly falling towards the floor. Makes it a real pain to have to hold it up as your flying around the fret board. I should have known this before i bought it though, as i had an SG in the past, and its pretty much the same body design. -after two years of owning it, i still pick it up over most my other guitars (including a lespaul studio, and an old bcrich warlord) but i would NEVER use this guitar at a live show/gig due to the strap design. i'm looking into a xiphos for my next axe.