GIO review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 1
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reliability & Durability: 2
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 2
  • Features: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 5.8 (73 votes)
Ibanez: GIO

Purchased from: Guitar Center

Sound — 1
This guitar doesn't suit ANY style of music, unless you've developed a new style specifically for the tone deaf. It doesn't stay in tune. The intonation will not set properly and the pickups are TERRIBLE. I've worked this thing over really good on a Line 6 Spider 4 with every conceivable effect and I haven't heard anything good enough that would warrant trying it on a REAL set up. The cheap wood, shoddy hardware and WEAK pickups leave this "instrument" sounding flat, with little sustain or tonal character.

Overall Impression — 2
I've been playing for 15 years and I play everything from jazz, blues, rock, punk, and metal to classical guitar music. I currently own three Gibsons, a Fender, a Gretsch, and a Schecter. I practice at home on a Line 6 Spider 4 and I play out on Marshal, Blackstar, and Orange set ups, using a variety of pedals and stomp boxes. I have literally played 100s of guitars and this is among the worst of them. I wouldn't even recommend this piece of garbage to a beginner, as for another $100 you can get a FAR superior instrument. Granted, you just aren't going to find a REALLY GREAT quality new guitar for less than 5 or 6 hundred dollars, but you can easily find one WAY better than the GIO or $250-$350. If you have a spoiled teenager who won't stop whining about getting a guitar but lacks the attention span to ever learn how to play well, this is the perfect guitar to waste on them. Other than that, I cannot in good conscience recommend this over sized tooth pick for anything other than perhaps smashing to pieces as a stage prop. It might also make an effective doorstop as well. The Ibanez GIO is the bottom of the barrel in an already mediocre line of guitars.

Reliability & Durability — 2
I can't imagine trying to gig this highly polished piece of firewood. Between the loosey goosey tuners, non locking nut, bolt on neck, and bottom of the line floating bridge, it WILL NOT stay in tune through an entire song. And even if it did, it sounds terrible. This is NOT a guitar for a serious musician or anyone Who has full use of their auditory perception, for that matter. It is shoddily made out of substandard materials and if you have the patience to play this thing on a daily basis, it will eventually fall apart on you. I'm sure the finish is durable enough, but after everything else, that point is moot.

Action, Fit & Finish — 2
The action was fairly decent right out of the box, but I did make minor adjustments to the truss rod. The intonation was WAY off and virtually impossible to set properly. The adjustment of the pickups is irrelevant as it sounds like garbage regardless of their position. There really weren't any flaws in it's construction. Everything seems to fit together as it was intended, but it is an I'll conceived design which performs very badly.

Features — 3
This guitar was given to me by a friend who was himself, re gifting it. I would never in a million years have paid money for it. This 2007 Chinese made guitar has 22 frets on a rosewood fretboard w/dot inlays, affixed to a thin maple neck which is bolted onto a Deep Purple basswood body which is cut in a style similar to a Strat. It has two passive electronic humbucking pickups, one volume control knob, one tone control knob, and one 3 way selector Switch which are all set on a black pickguard. It has a chrome Floyd Rose inspired tremolo bridge(NOT AN ACTUAL Floyd Rose BRIDGE). I'm not sure Who makes the tuners, but they and the nut are NON locking.

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    RaziBoy wrote: By the way, this thing has no pick guard. Weird eh ?
    see that big white section on the body? ...that's the pickguard..
    How can you give to a cheap guitar 9,6/10 with only a year practice? For 325 there are better alternatives.
    I have a GIO pruduct too and i'm impressed with it i can play any styles with it and its very comfortable you can easily reach the upper part of the neck. I'f someone would steal it i would be crying for a day or more cos this guitar was with me on my first ever gig where i played on guitar. i'm sure i'll get a telecaster later but till this will do the job. Never happened anything with it at the gigs. i love it
    I don't get it: one review if positive and does a good job to describe how good the guitar is, and the other review sounds like a complete different guitar? A bit strange to me really. I got a GI0 for my birthday 2 years ago. I still play it, no problem. Yes, the high E string does seem to break often, but its normal if you play a lot? maybe a need better strings. The action seems a bit low, but the position of the strings seems perfect (harmonics are great). 24 frets are fun. It is a good guitar to start on and get really far with, I think its a good buy for the price///
    You got banned?! Wow, I thought for sure I was. Hey man... I really am sorry about all that. Maybe you did rate it too high, but whatever. It's what you've got. Just focus on the playing. You'll get the guitar you want one day. I got my first guitar when I was 15 and it was HORRIBLE. I played shitty guitars for 10 years before I could afford to buy a nice one. In fact, I'm pretty sure your guitar is WAY better than the first one I had.
    I own a gio myself, it's not the best guitar in the world certainly; but I find it to be surprisingly durable, and relatively easy to play. Don't know what the E-string bit is about. I've had mine for five years and it's never happened to me. I would however agree that any serious guitarist should save up for a better guitar, if i wasn't flat ass broke i would do so myself.
    I have an ibanez gio, haven't broken a string on it as of yet (even with bending the strings), and i've had it nearly a year as my first guitar,(minus my dads old fender bullet and an acoustic)and it does me just fine, its a nice little thing to play. Sure, not the best thing in the world, but its really not that bad.
    i had an older model and the neck suddenly developed a twist. I had an old EKO M33 Short-Gun and modified the body to take the EKO's neck, nice little combo now!!!
    instal locking nuts and it will stay in tune...and don't mess around with the termolo that much so you don't have to buy new strings every week...
    That 30-day ban gave me time to think. I actually rated that guitar too high.
    Hey Razi... sorry about getting you so wound up over that GIO. Just keep doing what you're doing. If you can make that GIO sound good, then just think of how you'll make a better guitar scream one day when you have the cash to invest in it. Cheers!
    I wish I had my own job and money, then I'd buy something better than what people think is a hunk of firewood.
    I bought one for 175 for my own first guitar about a year ago and it does me fine. I'm fairly low on money and i play through a Line 6 Spider3 (15w). For a first guitar it is very good i think.
    Paid or not, your censorship skills are quite impressive. You know Razi and I have this great idea for a reality based show, "Guitar Idol". I'll be bitterly honest with the contestants. He'll tell everyone how awesome they are. And we'll have a fat talentless guy who just sits there being fat a and talentless while saying things like "Yo Dawg!" and "Yeah!!!!" If it takes off, I'm sure we'll need an editor/censor/content Nazi. Interested? Think about it.
    Shae \m/
    I own a Gio, but a better quality one than this. It's a GRG170DX, and it's pretty sweet.
    i have a black one with the gio logo on the head stock with a star on the i. does this mean anything? also it is excellent with great action and a nice bridge, anbd everything else is great. my dad even says its better than his SG...
    If You really Need a Pickguard on your Guitar..Your not that good of a player! I still have my old Gio..from years back..and all in all..its a pretty fair Guitar!
    I got a GIO for my bday about two years ago. Its a dog to keep in tune, sounds average and snaps the E string every other week.
    lol, I don't mind tuning it but you're actually right. I broke my High E string twice because I wanted to do a full bend on it. I broke two strings in 30 minutes !
    everjump wrote: How can you give to a cheap guitar 9,6/10 with only a year practice? For 325 there are better alternatives.
    Yeah I agree, with one year experience people shouldn't review any guitar due to not playing very many types and styles of guitars. A good guitar as an alternative would be the Squier Vintage Modified Stratocaster. I bought one as a back up to the Fender US Strat I use to have. Since then I have sold both Strats and I have a PRS SC250, PRS Tremonti, and an Ibanez RG350DX which for an extra $75 added to the $325 Ibanez Gio price tag will get someone a nice RG350DX. The stock pickup are good but I upgraded to a DiMarzio PAF pro and a DiMarzio X2N in the neck and bridge, but kept the stock middle because I like it's tone. After 10 years of playing I have a great guitar collection.
    AlexHaase wrote: RaziBoy wrote: By the way, this thing has no pick guard. Weird eh ? see that big white section on the body? ...that's the pickguard..
    Umm, the actual Ibanex Gio has no pickguard....
    JAM SAXON wrote: i have a black one with the gio logo on the head stock with a star on the i. does this mean anything? also it is excellent with great action and a nice bridge, anbd everything else is great. my dad even says its better than his SG...
    Gio means that it's a cheap Ibanez guitar. Gio is their cheapest series and there are many Gios there. It just means that the guitar costs something like under $300.
    2 of my friends have the GIO, one of them has the original that doesn't have a pickgaurd. That's actually a nice guitar. The other has the one with the pickguard and its crap. You can't play half a song without it tuning out and the action on it sucks. I have an Ibanez SA260, an AWESOME guitar, that only cost me R600 more (about the price of a BOSS overdriven-distortion pedal), and it was worth it...