GRG170DX review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (754 votes)
Ibanez: GRG170DX

Price paid: $ 256.2

Purchased from: Cowley Rd

Sound — 8
I mostly play Metal, and this guitar suites me perfectly. Just tune to drop C, put the amp into R-Fier, select bridge pickup and, there you go, perfect Killswitch Engage sound everytime. It doesnt't quite have the same low-end bite that caparisons have, but that's a bad comparison really. Basically any rhythm metal with distortion is great. Moving on to the single-coil, I never really use it, it hums FAR too much, it's just there to get in the way of my picking. The neck pu is abit trickier, don't use it for rhythm, espescially when downtuned. But then, when the leads come, it's just, well, boring. It doesn't scream, tis abit flat, you do get some occasional high points, nothing to shout about though.

Overall Impression — 9
For the style of music I play, and the level that I am at, this guitar is perfect for me. I love it to bits. It is way better than any Strat copy, and lps just feel clumsy and difficult to play after that wicked thin neck. If it were stolen, I would get an RG, because of the FR tremelo and pickups ect, and I'm a bit more of an experienced player now. If you are a beginner, in a guitar shop looking for your first guitar and see one of these, buy it.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I think this axe could easily withstand gigging, only trouble is, I don't have a band. It's made like a tank. The strap buttons are huge, but it has fallen from me a few more times than I'd like it to, luckily I was quick enough to catch it. I have taken this thing with me everywhere, and it's still got a lot left in it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
The action, pickup height and bridge where all perfect, although I did lower the middle pu a little. I also blocked the bridge 1. So I don't have to worry about it bottoming out when I downtune and 2. sustain was improved slightly. A small thing that irritates me sometimes is the jack socket, it seems no matter how hard I tighten it, it always manages to unscrew itself. The finish WILL attract your fingerprints. You have been warned.

Features — 8
I got the axe January this year, as a present for by birthday. It's Jewel Blue with a black headstock and chrome hardware, bolt-on neck, and 24 jumbo frets. A PSND1 pickup is in the neck position, a PSNDS in the middle and a PSND2 in the bridge. A five-way selector Switch gives you a few variations on the 'Bucker or Single sound. The bridge is a pretty crappy FAT10, but it does the job. It also has some pretty mean inlays, which are like Jacksons' only cooler. I also got a Roland microcube in the deal (so in all 220), aswell as a load of picks, electronic tuner and gigbag.

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    First off the guitar has 24 frets, I know because my friend got one. Secondly the bridge (even though it says its not) is a floating one. Therefore tuning is a bitch because when you tune one string the rest of the guitar tunes to itself. Thirdly the wood of the guitar had nothing to do with its tone . You could put the same pickups in dog shit and it will sound the same. If the pickups suck, buy better ones, like EMGs, Dimarzio's, or Seymor Duncan's. They are good. Other than that this guitar is ok.'re a ****ing idiot
    Insane Esp wrote: im with Sithian476 this guitar peice of shit. You can get an Esp KH 202 for $489 that comes with Emg H-Z pickups, actual Floyd Rose double locking tremolo, a rosewood fretboard and its an Esp. That owns this guitar and it costs the price of this guitar plus only Emg's. Id go with Esp KH 202
    what are you, and idiot? this guitar: $300, you have simply stated a guitar $200 more! this is obviousyl not going to be as good! I swear, no offence to the people on this site willing to make a good contribution, but are teh people here getting thicker? seriously, if $300 is your budget, take the time to read the reviews, adn not retarded comments some people leave! your hardly gonne think "right, i got $300, lets go find a $500 guitar!" god, i swear.
    nikhil101 wrote: Logan_B wrote: by they way.... i looked on this product search site for Ibanez and this guitar started in 2004 and production ends 2011, mine's an '06 yeah mans fairly new too i got it in december 2006 and it was made in September 2006
    I got mine a coupla days before Xmas
    I have a GRG170DX. I use it with my Boss DS-1 and it sounds kickass. The main problem i have with it is that it doesnt have sharktooth inlays, it has pearlaroid dots. TOTALLY BUMMED!!!
    i lov this guitar bcos i have one xD!... the sound is amazing and the style of guitar...:o
    i also bought it for 300 dollars. i bought this guitar here in the philippines so, they have to pay for the import tax on the product, plus the VAT
    I own this guitar, I like it. I personally think the pickups could be a little better, but it's whatever. But yeah, good guitar for not a big price. Keeps its tuning relatively well, it's not too heavy, and the strap knob doesn't just come out of the guitar like I've seen on other guitars.
    i got it and if you change this strings its a ****in ****... it pulls the bridge right down and you have to get something rebalanced... i dont know much but now it sounds like shit and the strings are further out from the fretboard and it is way harder to play than it should be and it comes with pretty soft strings...
    Ur Guitar Hero
    Yea, I own this guitar. It`s a pretty good guitar. 2 problems with it though 1. It doesnt stay in tune good, if you use Standard E or Drop D, then it`s alright. But if you switch around tunings alot like mabye to Drop C then a little later you want Standard Tuning, have at least 30 - 45 mins on your hands to get it into and to stay in that tuning. 2. Ive had to tighten the out put jack ring things repeated times, and also had to go in and re-sauder the output wires in the guitar, nothing to big, but it`s a real pain having to do it often. aside from all that, it`s a good guitar. Mine has held up and is in great shape after 2 years. and the body is nice and hard, and doesnt dent or chip too easy so thats a plus. but yea over all it`s a good guitar.
    I got this guitar yesterday for $200 USD. I THINK IS GREAT, but the problem is that I bought it without researching too much about it. Mine does not have the white plastic frame around the NECK. made in China 2007. want to know if anybody has the same model or if this is a ripoff. it's brand new w/ warranty. Any help will be trully apreciated... 10x!
    well it seems like a wonderful beuatiful guitar its just how well u take care of it if u take care of it its probably a really really good guitar. great reviews, but people dont listen if they say they had to tighten or anything like that its probably the condition they had it it, after reading these im 90% sure now that i will buy one, thanks UG!
    When I bought this guitar I loved it imediately just to find that I'd been ripped off. The filter in the output jackin my guitar was kinda broken so I fixed it but the negatives and positives were touching eachother resulting in a crackling noise whenever I hooked my guitar up to an amp. After a while I finally sold it for a better guitar that actually worked. Other than the fact I had been ripped off this is a lovely guitar.
    Hi, I use a RG370DX and the locking trem really annoys me (i only use fixed bridge ibanez's now) - its really difficult to get to the tuneing i like (Eb). Seeing as this is a floating trem it it easier to slightly detune; by that i mean will the action etc die if you go down half a step? I know it won't stay in tune but im mostly only gonna use it in studio. MVL.
    In my opinion its pretty good as an entry level guitar. I was changing the pickups on it for my friend and played it - must say that it has a decent sound...
    zhungyi have u actually got a grg170 if so have a good look at it and count the frets. then have a look at the bridge. Then hopefully youll realise that it has a fat 10 bridge and 24 frets
    ^ then it most definitely ISN'T a GRG170DX. GRG 150s have dots.