GRG270B review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 7
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (279 votes)
Ibanez: GRG270B

Price paid: $ 327.6

Purchased from: Sergio Tomassone

Sound — 10
I used to play punk on it but now I play metal, and the guitar has always suited perfectly. I use this guitar with a 30watt Marshall amplifier and I succeed in getting a heavy sound even if I don't use any effect. It's quite noisy but it depends on the position of the pickup selector and the tone control. I personally don't like its clean sound. With its five pickups you can reach any type of distortion, even the heaviest.

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar is suitable for any kind of music, but it isn't perfect for hard rock and blues. It's my first guitar and I couldn't live without it. I've been playing it for a year and two months and I have never thought about buying another one so far. I love it because it has got 24 frets and its pickups are positioned in the best place. It's also very comfortable to play both sitting and standing (more than a Jackson for example). I hate it because I can't tune it from G to D. I think I would buy it again if it breaks down or if someone steals it. I advise everyone to try or better to buy it 'cause it's such a great guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 8
This guitar withstands well all live playings. It wasn't necessary to tune it during live playing so far. If you tune it from G to D the strings touch the bridge so you can't play bands like COB or Death, and that's a pity.

Action, Fit & Finish — 7
This guitar is fitted quite well. It has only got a problem with the frets: I had to distance the strings from the neck because the 13th fret is higher than the 12th. The neck has got a little hole on the top and the pickup selector is quite noisy.

Features — 9
This guitar was made in indonesia in 2004. It's blue, it has got a thin 24 fret neck with white dot inlays. It has got tone and volume controls and a 5-way pickup selector. it has got two double pickups and one single. It has also got a floyd rose bridge with a tremlo bar and locking tuners. Any accessories were included.

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    I WANT THIS GUITAR FUCKIN BAD!!! its got everythin i want on it an from the reviews it sounds ****in gr8 argh I NEED IT!!!!!
    I've already ordered mine for 185 from GAC. I played one and it was fantastic! But I am concerned about not being able to tune it to drop-D very easily, as im a bit of a power-chord ***** Still, It played Dream Theater perfectly, so 2-Thumbs up!
    How hard is it to change tuning? Can't you just drop D? It seems like a good guitar but i like Nu-metal and if you can't tune this guitar very easy i don't know if i'll get it....
    i hav one it is a good guitar but it's an awkward shape, i can't be bothered with the whammy bar or tuneing locks and it has broken down alot but apart from that it is a decent guitar
    is there such a big difference between the grg and the rg models? because according to what you say this is surely a good guitar!
    ive had mine for about a year and the only trouble i've had with it is that the strap buttons become loose very easily and i am forever tightening after each time of playing it. is therer anyway u can stop it or is it just because the cutaway makes the spike very thin and doesnt have alot to grip to. i dont know.
    24-fret thin, flat and fast Wizard II necks. Thru-necks on the RGT42 models. Pickups and pickup placement provide the hard-edge cutting tone need for metal and hard rock. Fixed bridge and synchronized standard trems as well as Ibanez's famous double-locking systems.
    What is this guy chattin, it doesnt have most of the things you say e.g neck thru, fixed bridge, wizard II neck. Anyway great guitar for beginers, im savin up for a more expensie model now, better pickups, neck, inlay, wood. But ive had it for a while now love it.
    this guitar is brilliant. i've had it a few months. my whammy bar fell off some how but its still mint. the metal sound u can get with it is sweet sweet sweet.
    Once you get over the fact that you can't change tuning without enduring much pain and frustration, the 270b becomes a great guitar for the likes of metal, hard rock etc. The only ever serious issue i've had with this guitar is, i dropped it once and the bridge jumped out of place. To this day im not sure what exactly happened, as the second i touched it, it jumped back into place. The only other problem with the 270b is the whammy bar. The nut used to hold it in place becoms very slack very quickly therefore the bar becomes loose. I have since removed it. I never used it anyway
    ooder the cow
    I purchased one a while ago, and I'm lovin' it. the only thing is its a bum to change tunings on it, but oh well, its worth it
    I've played both the GRG170DX and the GRG270B. The biggest difference between them is the locking tremelo system, the 170dx has no locking nuts, what makes it impossible to use the whammy without get out of tune, and the floyd rose of the 270b seems to me to be much better. The neck and the pickups are the same, but the 270b just has dot inlays.
    ive been looking at this guitar and the GRG170DX, is the only difference between them the bridge? please help!
    The diference between this guitar and my old Squier Bullet is _HUGE_. The wood feels worth the money and that it will last, the strings are more held in place, I mean, are more still (can't explain it very well), the neck is much more easier to bend, and the bridge is awesome. Also the pickups really capture a metal hardcore sound =). Great Guitar
    The only problem is tunning, cant switch tunning easly cos if the locking system
    i have one & its a nice guitar, tuning to drop D is not so hard, you can just turn the bolt things on the bridge however if you wanna put the tuning to half a step down then its a lot of hassle due to the tremolo. dont think im ever gonna get another guitar with a floyd-rose tremolo again.