GRG270B review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (278 votes)
Ibanez: GRG270B

Purchased from: local store

Sound — 9
This sounds great with loads of distortion for metal and sounds great if you play classic rock. It also sounds really nice on clean settings. I suggest you use the middle pickup for clean. I play metal, rock, classic rock, punk, jazz, funk, chill out music like chilis and ska music. It sounds great for all of these. I play this through mainly through Marshall amps. It sounds great, not noisy but you can get some great feedback and stuff if you need that. No buzzing. I think it sounds great. If I'm playing concerts or just practising at home I run it through a Zoom G2.1u effect unit which realy makes it sing.

Overall Impression — 9
This guitar is perfect for all the styles of music I play. I have been playing for about 2 and a half years and I have never come across anything as goog as this, and believe me I've looked. The only guitars better than this one are ridiculously over-priced. If this was lost or stolen I would definately get a new one or at leat buy another guitar from the Ibanez RG range. I would recommend this guitar to anyone, beginners or experienced players. my favourite features of this guitar are the weight, the low action and the neck. I could play it for hours. This guitar would be perfect of it had seperate tone controls for each of the pickups, but that doesn't really bother me too much.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I am going to be playing a gig soon and I'm definately gonna use this guitar. I won't be taking a second guitar. Everything seems solid on this guitar. I haven't had any trouble with it all. The finish has lasted well so far and I don't think lots of playing will affect it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar was set up almost perfectly from the factory. The most trouble I had was getting all that annoying see through packaging stuff of it teehee. After a coule of weeks I adjust the angle of the bridge slightly. But that doesn't really matter, in fact, I only did it because I was bored.

Features — 8
This guitar was made in indonesia. It's got 24 frets and they're about the normal scale. It's rosewood and it's quite thin. Really nice to play. I think the body is basswood but I'm not entirely sure, the finish has got kind of a glossy look to it. It's got a licensed Floyd Rose that isn't that much different to the original. Again I'm not sure but I think they are passive pickups. It has one volume and one tone with a 5 way selector. The pickups are double/single/double humbuckers. This guitar would be perfect if it was a set neck. I can't really find anything wrong with this apart from fingerprints show up really badly, so you need to clean it quite often. You may want to block off the bridge so it doesn't come forward because it's a bit of a pain when you bend a string because the rest go flat, so you can't really play 2 strings at the same time if your bending one, if you know what I mean.

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    i did the 5th review. i didnt have an account then though. ace guitar. any ibanez worth 200 or more will be a great guitar. the moment i picked this up in the store i had to get it, it was a lot more affordable than any other guitars i had been looking for. in fact, i hadnt even looked at an ibanez until i picked this one up. im probably gonna stick to the ibanez rg range from now on, unless i want a guitar without a floyd rose trem. =)
    i can't find any reviews for GRG220DX Hey, GRG's are very good for beginners. They look very pretty for a price, but factory settings DOES SUCK. I had to adjust my GRG220DX's truss rod, tremolo.. and a more. but GRG's are decent guitars for its price. of course RG's are superior in terms of tone and action.
    im thinking of getting this, but is it any good for blues and jazz as well as rock?
    thejazzman wrote: im thinking of getting this, but is it any good for blues and jazz as well as rock?
    Yeah, It works very well for blues, and I play it in my schools big band (that play jazz and swing). Could do with a little less bottom end for jazz, but if you just miss the bottom strings, your fine
    RHCPROCK! wrote: ive been looking at this guitar and the GRG170DX, is the only difference between them the bridge? please help!
    No, this one sounds better, has better strap buttons and I think it's lighter
    i would recomend this one cause i have one and they are great
    I am looking to buy this guitar ever since I tested it out in a music store. Great for rock, hard rock, metal and stuff. I'm loving it! By the end of January I will have this guitar, so by then I will post my comments
    I've had it for more than 6 months now and I can give you this little advice: Do not buy a guitar with floyd rose if that isn't what you really need. It takes far to long to tune. The floyd rose stall transmitt vibrations so that you have to mute all other strings to get a clean tone.
    Just bought the guitar the day before yesterday and I had to tune it, because the tone was off when I left the store. And yeah .. it's a bitch tuning that thing! Jesus christ, tune strings, return to low E, retune, fine tune, fine tune, rtetune, tightening the springs, retune, finetune, jesus, finetune retune finetine, loosening the springs, retune, bridge out of balance ... it never stops!!!!!
    the only problem i faced was the screw the belt was attached came out one day....i dnt knw if anyone else has faced the same problem..