GRG270DX review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.6 Good
  • Users' score: 6.5 (150 votes)
Ibanez: GRG270DX

Purchased from: Bentley Music

Sound — 6
I play loads of music styles, mainly heavy rock, classic rock, alternative, heavy metal, blues, contemporary christian, modern stuf, oldies, almost everything. I use this guitar through a Roland Cube-30, and it has worked pretty fine so far. I don't use much effects, the only thing I run this through is a delay pedal and that's bout it. The guitar has too much treble, which is really horible if you're bad at getting your EQ settings right, I had to spend a lot of time getting the right settings I wanted. The neck humbucker generally is good when clean, when distorted is also fine, but not top class, it's good if your playin purely lead guitar and clean strumming. The single coil is really dull, not that good, maybe if you're using some acoustic simulator it'll work okay. The bridge humbucker is really good when distorted, nice leads and riffing, not bad when clean, depends on what your playin, if you're into those maiden type clean stuff, it'll go well. Harmonics work fine, but without a doubt I could get better harmonics with the guitar turned off, this shows the pickups are quite weak. All this is provided you have a good EQ setting and a decent amp. it's best if you could get separate EQ settings when distorted and when playin clean, use some multi-effects pedal which has this kind of function. Only then you could get some decent sound. But other than that they work okay. it's a really versatile guitar, partly thanks to the amp.

Overall Impression — 7
This guitar works well for what I play. I've been playing guitar for 5 years, acoustic and electric and bass as well. I've played this guitar for about 3 years and finally decided to give a review on it. I wouldn't cry so much if it were stolen, I would just get a better Ibanez, that's all. I tell you honestly, this guitar has served me very well, I love it and it loves me. For the price your paying, you get what you pay for. The bad thing is only the pickups if I had to choose. If I had enough money, I'll definately change the pickups, they're really quite dull.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I have done a number of gigs, with my band and and for some christian conventions and camps, usually with auiences ranging from 50 to about a few hundred people. I play lead, and sometimes i'm the only guitarist. So it has worked fine SO FAR. Although i would definately recommend a backup guitar. I've jumped with the guitar, knocked it here and there, droped it a couple of times and it has lasted my abuse for about 3 years now. Only my bottom strap button have become loose so far. The hardware looks like it can last long, but with care by the user of course. The guitar collects dust and fingerprints superbly well, so i polish it once a week and every time i restring the guitar.

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The factory set-up was horrible, realy really horrible. I had to do loads of stuff to get it properly set up. I lowered the action, adjusted all the pickup heights, tightened down the bar which pushes down the strings(the bar above the locking nuts) and adjusted the spring cavity cause it wasn't holding the guitar in tune very well at first after restringing. After doing all this, only then did the guitar fit Ibanez standards, hehe. The bridge actually holds the tuning really well, and I do use the whammy bar a lot, mostly for divebombs and slap harmonics (like what kristofer dahl taught over here at UG). I play the guitar for a couple of days without retuning, only slight adjustments which can be done with the fine tuners on the bridge. The colour and finish of the guitar is really cool. Mine had no flaws in it, so that's a good thing.

Features — 8
I'm not sure when mine was made, but it's made in China, as most GIO's are. It has 24 medium frets, uses the GRG neck which is maple, the fretboard is rosewood. It's a solid top, has a basswood body, mine is a kinda like sunburst finish, but it's called blue burst (I think, I can't remember). The body style is a double cutaway, as most of the RG and GRG models are. Uses an Ibanez ILT1 bridge (License Floyd Rose) and has passive electronics. It has one volume and one tone knob plus a 5-way pickup selector. The pickup configuration is H/S/H, and are just some Standard pickups from Ibanez. Has a locking nut and the included accessories were a cable and 3 hex wrench, that's all.

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    GRG's certainly look great. the thing i hate though is the tough-to-dive floyd. i had my muscles built up with it