GRX20 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (267 votes)
Ibanez: GRX20

Price paid: $ 120

Purchased from: Music and Arts

Sound — 10
Ibanez has always been the go to guitar for metal, or so I had been told, I've played a few before and have been impressed. For a budget guitar like this it sounds for lack of better words f--king awesome. I was going to use it for a drop D guitar but it ended up in Drop C so I could play our originals. Now whatever the pick ups are on it make it squeal like a pig. It also has a nice clean sound to it as well, just as long as the gain or Drive is down a good bit cause I've noticed it gives a little bit of an extra crunch to the clean channel, but that can be a good thing to.

Overall Impression — 10
Ibanez= metal. Perfect for me even though I like to sneak some blues in every once and a while. In all my 3.5 years of playing I have never come across a better deal for a name brand yes that's right name brand guitar that was so cheap and sounded like a god touched it. Now the more upscale Ibanez models sound better but I don't have 400 bucks to throw around. Now I did get cheated out of a whammy bar but I really don't think it needs one, I'd rather get a Floyd Rose installed for that, but I don't plan on that. If this got stolen I would be chopping some heads off but I always have it in my sights so no one would try stealing it from me. I guess the only thing to hate about it is the damn frets need to be sanded down but as I said its not a big deal. I love metal and I love Ibanez and am very impressed with this guitar, just don't ask me to go either LTD or Ibanez cause I'm still trying to tell which one is better. I can strongly recomend going and getting a budget Ibanez over anything else, parents get your kids the Ibanez starter pack and not the squire one, they will thank you for it later.

Reliability & Durability — 10
I haven't got the chance to play live with this one but from what I've read it will hold up on its own and I don't plan on throwing it across the room any time soon (give me a few months on that one). I have recorded with it and it pulls through alright. The strap sometimes falls off but the strap I have sucks so strap locks will be my next investment

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
Ibanez can make a freaking thin neck and they know it. If there is one flaw with my guitar is that the frets stick out but that can be sanded down and it doesn't bother me anymore. The action is pretty decent but when I find my Alan wrench I might lower it just a hair.

Features — 9
I have found myself the deal of the year. I came across this bad boy while messing around in town. I ran it through a Line 6 spider 4 (the exact same thing I have at home) and the massive sound I got out of this guitar blew me away. As soon as I got paid I went back and got it. Its a nice double cut away body with a 3 way pick up selector with humbuckers. 22 frets and a fixed bridge pure simplicity for the budget metal head. And the black finish gives it a metal look and feel.

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    k10 wrote: Hi all... I felt in love with this guitar... But i've read that this guitar get out of tune.... How can i prevent this...or is it a better solution to buy a strat bullet
    this guitar is better then any fender ever made the only way it goes out of tune is if you don't bend properly, i have never had a problem with it going out of tune, i still need to sand the frets though. but trust me and you can read my review, its worth the buy.
    got this guitar bout 2 years ago and fell in love. the stock pickups sounded amazing on my line 6 spider III amp and i recently took out the stock bridge pickup and replaced it with a seymore duncan invader and the sound just became amazing. sometimes comes out of tune but never from bending just from sitting for a long time without playing it. not to mention its a tank when it comes to durabilty. i get mad and toss my guitar on the ground or across my room and the worst damage it has is a little tiny chip of wood off the head of it. i love this guitar