GRX70 Review

manufacturer: Ibanez date: 02/02/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Ibanez: GRX70
22 frets, medium frets and Agatis body, 5-way selector, 1 volume and 1 tone knob.
 Sound: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.2
 Reliability & Durability: 7.2
 Action, Fit & Finish: 7.4
 Features: 6.8
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overall: 7.2
GRX70 Reviewed by: jonn_g, on october 22, 2003
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Price paid: $ 308.7

Purchased from: Trimis Music Shop

Features: This is one of the japanese Ibanez models. It has an Agathis body and 22 frets from which, only the 18 are playable to me! The 5 way selector for one single and two humbucker pick-up is good although the sound gets very poor when you are playing with only the single coil and very bass when you are on the upper humbucker! Oh, and the tuners are not locking causing problems with the string tension! // 6

Sound: My style varies among american alternative & grunge-like sounds to manchester brit-pop and Indie like Pixies or Dinosaur Jr. And this guitar was always a great performer when I need heavy sounds or distorted wahs and generally heavy effects (flangers,phasers etc.) But when it comes to clean playing it doesn't feel right to play with it...and doesn't compare to my Mexican Strat. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was quite well set up and forgetting those .10 strings and the distance they had from the fretboard that made barres difficult to play after the 8th fret everything else was really good. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I have used this guitar on a live show, and I can't say it was perfect but it was not bad.I don't know if for this mediocre performance was responsible the amp I used then, a Fender 65W Twin Reverb. I think it's a quite good guitar for beginners and people who know exactly what heavy/distorted sound want to create.The buttons and the body look really well built and solid, but of course improving your playing won't let this guitar last for more than 2-3 years as your main instrument. I have it since January 2001 and I have already bought a Mexican Strat and a Squier Tele as main guitars for live shows and studio. // 6

Overall Impression: In the studio I use it with my Marshall JCM 2000 / TSL 100 with an 100W stereo cabinet and the Korg AX100 digital effects, plus a Boss Digital Delay, a Cry Baby and a Boss Flanger pedal and i turn on the amp's crunch channel it's perfect! Ibanez GRX-70 can give me all this heavy sound I need when playing fast riffs, or distorteed wah solos, fifths. When in the studio, I always use it to record the rhythm guitar parts! But of course it's not a guitar with great features or very bad ones...Ibanez covers all the average needs of a guitar player in a smart way and doesn't promise something more... // 8

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overall: 8
GRX70 Reviewed by: (Sic)ness, on december 30, 2003
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Price paid: $ 219.6

Purchased from: Bought Used

Features: My Guitar was made in 2000 in Indonesia, it has 22 & a 1/2 medium frets. Its a Laminated top with a Jewel Blue finnish. There is a volume control, one tonal control and a 5 way pick up selector. The pickups are Ibanez standard pickups and all electronics are standard. A Maple body with a laquered Jewel Blue finnish. It has Stratocastor stlyle cuttaways and the the bridge is a sting-thru body. The neck is a medium thin neck. // 6

Sound: This Guitar suits Nu-Metal and Metal but can also gives a gritty Grunge sound. I plug this Guitar into a Marshall 30 Watt amp which brings gives this guitar alot of edge. With a distorted sound this Guitar is Heavy. You can't go wrong when playing Metal on this baby. The sound is very full and crunchy but can be smooth when played on a clean channel. I love how this guitar was born to rock, I have had many complaints from neighbors about how loud it is!! // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up nicely in the factory but I have since adjusted the pickups. The bridge was well routed but I have again tightened it. However the tonal control is very loosely fitted and has been repaired on countless occasions and the neck has had to be re-ighted. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I jam with my mates alot with this guitar. I slam it, punch it and scrape it millions with my picks but it stands it. This guitar can take one hell of a beating. The hardware as this is a cheap guitar has lasted but I feel will not last for much longer ut this can be expected of a Guitar which retails at about 200. The finnish is excellent however it is prone to get dirty quickly and thumb and finger prints show easily. It requires polishing everyday to keep it looking pristine. I can depend on this guitar always and all the time. It rulz!! // 10

Overall Impression: I play Rock, Metal, Nu-Metal and Grunge on this Guitar and it matches everyone of them to a tee!! I wish this Guitar had more tonal controls and would sustain notes longer. I also wish that that there where better humbuckers featured on this guitar. I compare this to a Fender Squire Strat as they are both budget guitars. Having played the Strat the Ibanez beats the hell out of it!! If you have the choice between the two choose the Ibanez, At least they are proud of the Guitar and dispay the proper logo instead of calling it a Squire!! // 10

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overall: 8.2
GRX70 Reviewed by: GetThis, on january 18, 2008
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Purchased from: Guitar Base

Features: It is a japanese made guitar with quite a thin neck which is good for my styles of guitar. I have the black version which, in my opinion, is much a better looker than the white version. Even if the brigde is weak it usually holds it's own but will sometimes struggle. It has a pickup set of humbucker-single-humbucker which will be great for metal/punk/heavier stuff but if you Switch to clean it will still be efficient but is not as suited. // 8

Sound: My style is metal/thrash but I sometimes dabble into a bit of Led Zep and Oasis alongside classics such as The Beatles. My loop is made up of DigiTech Deathmetal distortion and a DigiTech Turbo Flanger and this is all fed through the clean setting on a Carlsbro GLX100 with the great little 'crunch' button on which really ups your palm mutes. It can be very noisy but picks up every vibration though the pickups and has a smooth tone, though it can be noisy it can also make a bright clean tone. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: All of my guitar was set up perectly and with a strap, practice amp, picks and case which most of now have been replaced due to the amp only being 15w. For the price it is a very good guitar for the tag value. Very nice. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have used it a lot of times and when the volume is up the sound of the guitar is rich as is it on a lower volume. Its downfall are the crappy strap button the have ruined one of my straps to I now have those little plastic things that lock your strap in place to stop it falling off/killing my strap. None of the finish has scratched so it seems hard as Diamond to me. // 7

Overall Impression: This is a perfect match for me even if it was my first guitar as I have been playing for over 2 years now and haven't done any grades but can play all Slipknot and most Trivium if you wish to judge me like that. If I could have any guitar I would have the Ibanez Mick Thomson singture as it is just equal to a mantalist trapped inside a guitar. Love it. I love the feel of this guitar and I now know that by a fact Flying V's by Stagg are terrible. // 8

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overall: 8
GRX70 Reviewed by: messier_hunter, on june 28, 2010
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Price paid: $ 290

Purchased from: Mashhad, Iran

Features: It came on a jump-start pack but I bought it separately. 2009 China made, 22Frets, HSH pickup configuration, Rosewood fingerboard, Normal Frets, Night black finish (Black with metallic small dots), Shark-tooth inlays,... I don't want to repeat things the others mentioned above. // 8

Sound: I'm a beginner/intermediate player who just enjoy playing. Not exact genres but I guess this axe is suitable for metal/rock/blues. I use it trough Software amp simulators (GR, Amplitube,...) in low/middle Volume levels. Single coil has a lot of noise but humbuckers don't. Pickups aren't good for pros but it's acceptable for players like me. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Action was a bit high and I set it myself. It's quality was awesome for that price. The only thing I hate is tuners! They aren't precise and my G string tuner is hard to rotate. I rather a fixed bridge version with better tuners. But I have one. My RG321mh:D // 8

Reliability & Durability: If you don't have to tune your guitar in live playing there would be no problems. The other hardware are reliable. I recommend using this axe as a backup guitar. Finish is beautiful but your fingerprints stay on it and you must clean it every day. But man, you came to play on a gig, not a fashion show! // 8

Overall Impression: It was my first guitar. I'm playing for 9 months. If it were stolen I wouldn't buy it again and go for another RG321 in same price range. I love it's visual attractiveness and price. I recommend this guitar to beginners who want to start playing on low budget. They could keep it as a backup guitar later. // 8

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overall: 6.2
GRX70 Reviewed by: rockstar256, on february 02, 2012
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Price paid: $ 300

Purchased from:

Features: - Neck Material: Maple - Neck Type: GRX - Body: Basswood body/Quilted ART Grain top - Frets: Medium frets (22) - Fingerboard: Rosewood - Inlay: Pearl dot inlay - Bridge: FAT 6 bridge - Neck Pickup: PSND1 - Middle Pickup: PSND-S - Bridge Pickup: PSND2 - SuperStrat // 6

Sound: When I firstly got it as a JumpStart, I was disappointed with given amplifier. As for beginner it is really good stuff also for the price. Guitar sounds average in my opinion, its really good for playing grunge, rock and soft metal, however it buzzes slightly past 12 fret. It might be annoying when you play solos and get a little buzzing. I think its meant to be the first one when it comes into playing. Player with Ibanez Jump Strat amp, and then Roland Cube 15. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: Well done, solid, nothing really to tell about expect there's need for a new strings since fabric ones doesn't sound, either look good. Nice shiny look, freats are there where they suppose to be. Only thing I had to do when I got it was to lower he strings, they were too high. Not sure why they put a useless single pick up. // 6

Reliability & Durability: As I said, this guitar is for the start, it can be used as long as you wont become better or get much more founds. Its not a model of guitar which you will bring into a concert, maybe small ones. Fully dependable as for basic play styles. Solid one for your first date. // 5

Overall Impression: Can't say I love that guitar, even if I do there's always something that annoyed me. I've been playing this guitar for like year, it gave me a lot of fun and experience. I TOTALLY prefer beginners to get this guitar and Roland amp because it sounds great for a cheap price. This guitar sounds well on E, D, C tunning, if you want to lower tunning I rather not tune it, it might sound a bit dirty. // 7

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