GSA60 review by Ibanez

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (322 votes)
Ibanez: GSA60

Purchased from: Sam Ash

Sound — 9
This thing actually surprises me every time I pick it up. I'm using it with a Peavey XXX Super 40, and it sounds pretty good. It's less noisy than my S470, but it gets really noisy when using the single coils with any type of gain. Pretty versatile. On cleans, has a nice range of tones, the mid and neck pickups combine for an almost acoustic sound. I wish the singles were more quiet, and the bridge pickup a little brighter.

Overall Impression — 9
I play hard rock, with some classic rock and metal here and there. It does it fine. I've been playing for two years, and I prefer this axe over my S470 as a matter of fact. I have no regrets at all. If it were stolen, I would probably just put the money towards a higher end guitar. I love the not-to-bright bridge pickup, the low action, the non-locking bridge, the size of the body, and the smoothness of the neck. I dislike the noisy single coils and the tuning stability.

Reliability & Durability — 9
I've beat up this guitar immensely. A bunch of dings, scratches, chips, and it's still in good playing condition. I would depend on it for a live show, not like it's any different from standing in my room and playing it. I would recommend strap locks, just to be safe.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
I was a novice when I bought the guitar, so I don't really remember. It has really nice action, super super low without any buzz. The guitar itself has good frets, everything was clean and working. No dead frets. The guitar itself is a dream to play. I usually learn new stuff on this guitar first.

Features — 8
It was made in 04/05. 22 medium frets. Agathis body, maple neck. Strat-esque body type. Vintage Strat-style bridge. Passive electronics. 5-way switch with volume and tone knobs. H/S/S pickups. Pretty versatile guitar feature-wise, good choice for a beginner looking to play it all. I wish it had better tuning stability with the bridge, or rather a tune-o-matic or string-thru system.

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    Wtf, this guitar is not shit. I've been playing for 4 years i know quiet a bit about guitars and this guitar is awesome. Sure the pickups aren't that great. But the Bridge humbuckers sound brilliant. Well worth the price!
    Hmm.. I just ordered this for 220.. Really looking forward to trying it after reading all these reviews.. I think it will be awesome, just like the other Ibanez junk I've tried
    I got this guitar as a gift from my wife. I appreciated the thought but was upset by the fact that it was a beginners guitar. From an initial glance the guitar had a good look to it, and seemed like it was put together well. After playing it I knew what kind of tweaking was necessary to make it better. First off I adjusted the action to my liking. Next was strap locks. After that it was time to work on the tone. I had been thinking of EMG's or a DIMEBUCKER for the bridge. I decided on the DIMEBUCKER. Installation was easy. Then I played it. It sounded amazing, better than many guitars I had played selling for over 500$. Last was new machine heads/ tuning keys. Got them in black along with knobs. After about 175$ in upgrades the guitar transformed from a blue light special the a seriously bad ass axe. Out of the box its probably one of the best entry guitars on the market. After some adjustments and upgrades its more then suitable for even the seasoned pro. My only complaint was the trem because it almost automatically sends the guitar out of tune. If you dont dive bomb a lot its great. I would have to give the guitar at stock specs a 7 and after modified a 8.5
    after looking around on the net, i chose this guitar based on feedback others had. i just went to guitar center today and brought one home. it was $199 + tax. first thing ill say was that i was lucky enough to get one new in the box. the contents of the box includes the guitar of course, but also the tremelo bar, which just pushes in, its not a screw type. it also came with a guitar cord, which suprised me. its really nice of ibanez to include that. the cord is about a 10' and kind of thin. straight plug at one end and a "L" at the amp end. the cord doesnt look heavy duty, and eventually you will want to replace it with a better one, but its one of those "cool, this will work for now" things if you dont have one. it also came with two allen keys, for setting up the action. i would not have bought a seperate cord for $15 if i had known there was one in the box. also, the floor model did not have the tremelo bar. im sure it was either never installed and lost, or someone pocketed it, but either way, had i been stuck with the floor model, im sure i would have ended up having to buy the tremelo bar seperatly. kudos to ibanez for including these things. probably a $40 value which does make a difference when your on a $200 guitar budget. whether you get them included with your guitar or not depends on who your buying it from though, so buyer beware. i chose the black one. you cant really see it in the internet pics but mine has some flecks of pearly type stuff in it. its not mega sparkly, just you can see it in the right angle of light. i probably would have preferred a gloss black with no pearl but its a personal preference i guess. i do not dislike the color though either. im not complaining about it at all. the first thing i noticed about the guitar is the comfort of it. i wanted it because i assumed the sculpted body would be more ergonomic and feel better. IT SURE IS! its a little thinner than my 1st guitar and the countouring on the back makes it really fit well to my chest. i had read that starting with a beginer/intermediate guitar, and modifying it can produce great results and save hundreds over buying something else. just get something you like the body of, the feel and the look. i think this is going to be a great guitar for that. the guitar was tuned out of the box, but like any new strigs they will need to be broken in a bit before they hold a tune well im sure. as for the sound, well its hard for me to say. soon after getting my 1st guitar i got a digitech pro multi effects processor. so i am kind of spoiled. with that thing i could make my basic beginner guitar sound like anything i wanted. i could rock out any style and when i played songs, not just the melody was familiar but the sound of the song. that processor is long gone so i am running without any effects right now. i had forgotten how plain guitars sounds to me without any kinds of distortion, reverb, phasers, etc... so to me and my "ruined" ears, it doesnt really matter where i put the selector. i am also playing through a extremly basic crate amp that i scored for free, and im sure its worth every penny. all in all ill say im very happy with the guitar. had something like this not been available i probably would have gotten a basic $129 beginer thing or looked around in pawn shops. this guitar is well worth the extra money. PROS: -very comfortable, ergonomic, not heavy. cant stress enough how good this guitar feels to hold and play. -the scuplted body looks every bit as good as it feels. -comes with tremelo bar, cord and allen keys (from ibanez anyways.) CONS: -basic sound, but who rocks without effects anyways? i dont believe in individual pedals, but its worth it to get a multi effects processor. i cant wait to rock on this guitar plugged into one of those... -price. dont get me wrong, its worth every penny, and more, but there are good guitars out there for less. maybe not "as" good. but good. my 1st guitar was a peavy raptor II, and it was $129 new, i got mine used at a guitar center for like $90. i have no complaints about that guitar i can remember except i didnt like the look or the brand name. i cannot say that this gsa60 is twice the guitar for twice the price, though it is definatly better...if your a beginner and really not sure how involved your going to get in playing, and money is tight, getting something cheaper would not be a bad idea. -knobs. it comes with chrome knobs which i wanted, but i dont like the look of them. they have like slots around the edge, and would prefer solid smooth ones. i will probably be ocd about it and replace them. yes i am nit-picking but cant think of anything else bad to say about it.
    I have this guitar unless their is some way to fiix it the thing is complete usless. For one it does not say in tune for s**t so if you like tuning your guitar after every song then this the guitar for you. The single coil at the bridge is horrible the tremlo is another problem too. its like ibanez took the cheapest parts they could find and slap them together and called it a guitar. Now i could have a bad guitar but from what every one that i know who has played it its a peice of s**t.
    Just a note... - This guitar does not Kick Ass. - Is not really fit for a concert since does not really stay in tune that well. BUT: + it costs about 200 euro's (cheapest Gibson LP is about 1199/1299) + its nice enough for beginner/those who do not really have one style and need to figure out what their style is + Sounds good enough for your own house 10/10 for beginners 7/10 the somewhat more advanced persons and lets not talk about the people that play in bands because they should buy an other guitar
    This is alot of guitar for 200 $. Looks good, like the neck, great guitar for beginners and jamming in the basement. I'm happy about it though, using it with some cheap ass distortion pedal and a peavey bandit, sounds good to me :p would be my nr. 1 choise of guitar, but preeeetty high up there =)